Good Australian White Wine Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio

Good Australian White Wine Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio!

Exactly what it says! This must be the most under priced white wine available today. It is marketed amongst the budget ranges in supermarkets mostly. And what a snip! Dont be put off by the arty farty label that looks like a Kangaroo’s skeleton, this stuff is liquid nectar. Nice and zesty, not too acidic, just nice and perfectly light.

Deep dimpled bottle with the contradictory screw cap (it’s the new way you know, even with nice wines). I have paid £15 in restaurants for stuff that doesn’t hold a candle to Yellow Tail. No headaches, no bad after taste, like I said – this stuff is well under priced.

Where to get it? Tesco occasionally do it on offer at £3-99, it pops up in Asda now and again (but not often – Asda shoppers prefer meths), Sainsbury’s sometimes have it at around £4, Morrissons sometimes has it at around £4-50 also. Bargain Booze is doing it at two for £9 at the moment. You will not find a better glug for this money.

When there are no offers, it usually sells at around £5-£6 a bottle, and even at that it is not expensive.  From what I read, this company usually sells red wine, and has a decent reputation (despite being Australian) for that. Watch the other dodgy white wine they also sell, they are not as good. Seek out the Pinot Grigio.

You can sometimes find it at discount internet wine retailers – be sure to seekout the “Pinot Grigio” Yellow Tail. Or you could drag your lazy arse into a supermarket or a Bargain Booze and tell your chick it was £10 a bottle (coz you are not a cheapskate are you?) as recommended by some wine connoisseur dude on the internet who slurps gallons of the stuff.

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