SiteMaster Building – Live Case Study

SiteMaster Building – Live Case Study. 1500 Buildings surveyed on behalf of the German Anglican Church

Following a long and exhaustive selection process our client CleanConsult from Denzlingen has been awarded a contract by the Archdiocese of Freiburg to carry out the building survey on 1500 of their properties by using Gräbert SiteMaster Building.

This project was to generate exact floor plans following DIN 277 standard and collect all attributes including photo based documentation.

Gräbert GmbH trained the CleanConsult Project Team on how to use our software in the field and how to produce near finished CAD drawings of floor plans. This process of training, thanks to the intuitive nature of our software took only a couple of days of learning allowing the team to become very proficient in its use. The project team were then out in the field and delivering their first finished drawings by the end of that week.

SiteMaster Building has been designed to make it an ideal platform for use – In the pilot phase by the church before engagement with us, the building survey collection of room attributes was carried out by two people. Gräbert GMBH development engineers, in consultation with CleanConsult reviewed the exact data collection requirements understanding the requirements and making the necessary changes, we reduced the personnel requirement by 50%. In comparison the other companies that have been appointed by the client are still using two staff to do the same job – as well as having to recreate the plans on an Office based CAD machine from information collected.

Other key challenges, is the flow of data communication between the two offices in Berlin and Denzlingen, equipping the mobile work force with a navigation system to guarantee the fastest and most efficient way of reaching their appointed properties, ensuring that each team member had smooth communication access whether it is voice or email capability! 

For our team of 16 field based surveyors we had to establish a communication system enabling our teams to work effectively even though they were 700 miles away from the Berlin office.

How was this achieved? – We reviewed the mobility solutions for data transfer from several mobile operators. The T-Mobile solution using the AMEO (Mobile Phone-PDA with a data bundle contract from T-Mobile), Gräbert SiteMaster Building CE solution and the Bluetooth Laser Measure from Leica the Disto A6 was the ideal combination. Couple with this the NAVIGONâ software and by using the integrated GPS Modules our field teams became mobilised.

The Leica A6 has proved to be invaluable as reliability, quick response to measure and second function capabilities has ensured that the Bluetooth connectivity to Gräbert software has increased measuring efficiencies and reduced an already quick survey time by minutes per hour. Couple together this and the Ameo with its physical size, screen clarity, touch sensitivity, built in camera and battery life, has proved to be an ideal mobile IT system for the collection of the measurements and attributes of each of the buildings. Typically the tasks carried out with the Leica A6 and the AMEO:

·          CAD-Survey of all buildings with SiteMaster and SiteMaster DIN 277

·          Collection of property attributes through PocketExcel in given property lists (lists were completed on-site)

·          Taking pictures with the integrated 3 Mega Pixel camera of the building facades as well as structural damages

·          Upload of plans, lists and photos onto the project server

·          Receive and Send object related info and survey protocols through Outlook Mobile in connection with the Blackberry-Push-Service from T-Mobile

·          Navigation was in place through an additional installation of NAVIGONâ by using the integrated GPS Modules.

·          Write Reports with Word mobile and the external AMEO keyboard

·          Making calls to the team as well supervisors through the Team-Flat rate by T-Mobile

The data and CAD plans of the surveyed buildings are uploaded via UMTS/ 3G in the field from the AMEO device to the Berlin based project server

This project server allows the client to see the actual project progress and check the uploaded material for correctness.

Collected information is saved into a filing systems and folders representing each single measured and surveyed building. The Berlin based team using SiteMaster Office carry out any additional editing and QA checks of the drawings before placing on the correct drawing sheets in AutoCAD 2006 format. 

The biggest challenge of this project is the evaluation and processing of the data for the FM system. Gräbert SiteMaster has been designed to optimise the room attributes/info through its data export capability. Each room has a list with 112 data fields, and on export, these are given “named columns” the whole process being completed automatically. The exported information is generated in .csv format which can then be read for example in Excel.

Therefore the Anglican Church now receives building data records in a format that it wishes to use.

Siegfried Höfflin, the Managing Director of CleanConsult, is pleased with the progress: “Gräbert has proven with its surveying solution SiteMaster to be a reliable partner  due to its flexibility when new guidelines where issued by the client.

Due to the ease of learning SiteMaster we were able to use our own personnel for the project. Our personnel could not have used SiteMaster for this project without the easy handling, ease of use and competent training of Gräbert GmbH” 

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