Fast and cheap Google indexing!

Fast and cheap Google indexing! Isn’t that what everyone is looking for? How hard is it? We say not very hard if you know what you are doing. You can waste your money paying so-called “SEO experts” in Calcutta $2 to drop you a hundred spammy back links all over websites nobody ever reads, link exchange pages and other pages with two thousand links on if you want.

Sure, Google will find you eventually, and you might be later shocked to learn that some “expert” in Mumbai has dropped your back links all over Thai porn sites, blacklisted sites and other places of online ill-repute. Your site may even suffer because of being linked from bad neighbourhoods.

What would you say if I told you we can get your site indexed fast with five permanent one way back-links for just £10. (£10 is around US$15)

How many backlinks do you need? Two hundred? Three hundred? Actually, no. In order to get indexed within a few days, you only need technically one link on a site Google crawls often. However, one link is of negligible benefit when considering general SEO and ranking. Five key worded links on decent page rank sites that are indexed often is all you need to start you off. We have had sites reach page one of Google in twenty-four hours quite often by using this method. We cannot guarantee that will happen for you, as different areas have differing levels of competition with keywords, but it certainly is possible.

There are no silver bullets here; none are claimed. What we can confidently say though is that your site will be showing in Google within the week, usually much sooner (often within 48 hours), depending on your niche.

So, what do we do? We are webmasters ourselves so are doing this stuff quite often for our own sites and clients sites. We are just opening up some of what we do for ourselves to the public for a nominal cost. What we do isn’t rocket science actually, nor is it new. But it works; that’s why people keep doing it. It’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it that counts. So here is what we offer:

• Send us one article, a few hundred words long about your niche. Within that article put two different key-worded links, one to your home page, and one to a page within your site. (Not over-doing here it is key also) If this article is newly written, and not published elsewhere, it will be much better for you. Search engines index original content more gleefully. Under no circumstances must you steal your article from the internet. This article will be placed on one of our blogs or small directories that are indexed very often.
• Send us three URL’s and the key-words you want them associated with. (They can be the same if you want, depending on your SEO preferences and opinions.) We will then place three links elsewhere on the internet, either within one of our sites, or in a non spam forum post, incorporate it within a blog post or generally use our judgement to get it in a place Google will find it quickly.
• We will e-mail you back with the URL’s where your article and links can be seen. They will be one-way and permanent. If you prefer to not submit an article and just have us place keyworded links, that is fine too.


Those of you who are webmasters yourself will know that you can pay $1 or $100 for similar services, all depending on the back-links and page rank of the sites used. If you don’t think what we do is worth £10, tell us within 24 hours and we will remove the links and article and refund you without questions. No hoops to jump through! We are based in the United Kingdom and speak native English. Those of you who have dealt with link placers and SEO people in the past may find that a breath of fresh air and worth £10 alone!

Before you hit buy now, we do have a few terms and conditions:

• We do not work with porn sites for a variety of reasons.
• Articles submitted must be grammatically reasonable and spelling must be correct. That means, written by a native English speaker who actually went to school and not a goat herder in Kazakhstan.
• Other sites of general ill repute we may not work with, we will simply refund your payment if you fall into that category. If in doubt, ask us first.

How to get started:

If you are in the UK, we prefer that you use the Nochex button below and use a debit or credit card to make a payment to us. Nochex charge us less than Paypal. If you prefer Paypal, then use the Paypal button instead.

If you are not in the UK you can use the Paypal button below to make a payment to us.

Pay now with Paypal

Having made a payment, send us your article and links as mentioned above to the address below:


Other services we can offer:

• Cheap website construction.
• SEO and optimization on existing HTML sites.
• Discount web hosting.
• Article writing by a published author.
• Advertising banners created from £10.

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