Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Fall/Autumn 2009.

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Fall/Autumn 2009.


The RUA Newsletter comes to you today from sunny England. Well, I say sunny……. it would be more accurate to say it has stopped raining for a few hours.

Some e-mail providers (most notably Yahoo) have been known to block our occasional newsletters in the past. Many people didn’t receive them. We are experimenting with this one by using the PM system. Tell us what you think of email versus PM for the newsletter by voting on this topic

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.

The Forum Goes From Strength to Strength!

The forum has been on rocket fuel recently. We remain the busiest Russian women information forum on the net by far, and are well on track to also become the biggest! August was another record month for the forum: More new topics than any month for over a year and a half, third highest post count ever, biggest page views ever and we also smashed our “most on-line” record too!

As RUA continues to grow, so does our membership. We also picked up more new members during August than at any time since April 2007 (the month this board started). Many of them are arriving from another forum that seems to be on the verge of being abandoned due to poor management. So if you have recently joined us from over there – welcome! You are in good company. You will find many people you already know here.

Current Popular Topics

Can Russian Women Cook? Is “Tasty Dishes” a Myth?

Why the Friction Between some Russians and Ukrainians?

Russian Life 101

Healthcare for Foreigners in the FSU

Women 18 and 19 years of age

For the married guys, how long from first meeting to marriage?

Older Men Fathering Children

Prenups … any advice?

RW: go there or look for the ones that have already come here?

Topics With Few Replies (You May Have Missed) Maybe You Can Help?

Best way to get from Vinnitsa to Krivoy Rog

Western-Ukrainian Romance: A travel guide view

Russian marriage agencies from the female perspective

Personal observations, advice, suggestions

Customer Service in the FSU

Marriage Agency in Sumy – – Information Please?

A Complete Guide to Belarusian Travel

Did you use a lawyer for US K-1 process and did you have complications?

Dating Polish Women – Like Russian Women or Not?

What else is going on?

Mostly for the benefit of our newer members, we draw your attention to our Recommended Sites List, a new page featuring reader reviews of the Russian Bride Guide for any new guys still wondering about buying a copy. Our associated site is undergoing a redesign. All women are being verified once more, unpopular or hard-to-reach women are being deleted and new women are being added. It is not finished yet (in fact we only got about 15 done up to now), but the fledgling new gallery page is here. Keep an eye on it if you are seeking a woman. The newer members may not have noticed that we also have a chat room here at RUA. It is busier on the weekends, and can be found here.

Social Media

For those of you savvy with the social media sites, we have made some first steps in that area recently. Our member 2tallBill very kindly runs Our MySpace Page, Ward Cleaver has made a start on Our Facebook Page and we also have a Twitter Page started by Manny. (Looking for a photoshop guy to help with the Twitter background page by the way)

If you are a member of any of those sites, join us. If you can help with any content on those pages, please PM the member who deals with it.

Anything Else?

It is inevitable that sometimes tempers fray on a site like this. People can sometimes be rude in the heat of the moment. We are proud of the light handed, yet effective moderation here. To help us remain a friendly site, we recently published Revised Guidelines for User Conduct. Take a moment to skim over that topic, in order that we all might be on the same page and ensure these forums remain friendly, informative and most of all –  fun.

The Team.

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