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Are you looking for online Dyson spares? Online Dyson parts? Online Dyson accessories? Reconditioned or refurbished Dysons? Or maybe just want to buy new Dyson vacuum cleaners online at the keenest prices?

Now you dont have to live in Manchester to shop at the famous Manchester Vacs. You can live in Birmingham, Essex, London, Brighton, the Scottish Highlands or anywhere at all in fact to shop at Manchester Vacs – the North’s most famous independent Dyson specialists.

Manchester Vacs have opened their online Dyson shop this week! The fastest moving Dyson parts and reconditioned and refurbished Dysons that sell out of their shop are now available to you on the internet. Super secure encrypted online payments and same day shipping are offered.

You can find the shop portal here: Dyson Shop Online

From there, you get the option of choosing three sections of the shop: Reconditioned and refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners. Dyson parts, spares and accessories and new Dysons.

DC01, DC04, DC07, DC14 and DC15 are offered reconditioned, guaranteed and shipped the same or next day with DHL. Forget being ripped off on internet auction sites for Dysons or gambling with dodgy “private” sellers in the small ads in your local paper. Why not buy your reconditioned Dyson from the famous Manchester Vacs online? You get the famous “no quibble” six months guarantee, the well-known Manchester Vacs total strip down and rebuild detailed here: What we do to our Dysons.

In the section of the shop catering to Discounted New Dysons, you get the best online offers from a range of outlets allowing you to choose the best deal on your new Dyson. Manchester Vacs are sales affiliates with Dyson UK, who through the Manchester Vacs site compete with other sellers to offer you the best deals on a new Dyson. Who can better that? Think of it like a Dyson price comparison site.

In the Dyson parts, spares and accessories section of the shop, you are offered the fastest moving parts, tools, accessories and spares that Manchester Vacs sell from their shop counters. Spares to suit DC01, DC04, DC05, DC07, DC08, DC14 and DC15 are offered. Best of all, not being officially tied to Dyson UK, Manchester Vacs can offer you not only genuine Dyson components, but non-genuine pattern parts and filters that are usually HALF THE PRICE or less!

Wait – it gets better…. being Manchester’s biggest Dyson recycler, Manchester Vacs have dismantled THOUSANDS of Dysons to reclaim the usable components. Selected used (and tested) Dyson parts and spares are offered also, from hoses and on/off switches to clutches and power cables (leads). This means that you save not only money but the planet too by recycling! Now you have a reason to be green.

Why are Manchester Vacs so cheap? They are located in the North of England to take advantage of the generally cheaper overheads available there. They are not even located on a main road (to reduce overheads even further) yet people still find them. They do not advertise at all;  instead relying on word of mouth and the power of Google and the internet to find YOU. And it works doesnt it? You are reading this article.

Visit their site here: Manchester Vacs – Dyson Specialists.

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  1. Wotta bargain! I took me mams Dyson DC18 in coz it were buggered and I thought it’d be an arm and a leg fer a new un. Big bloke there said hed sort me out for a good price. He were right! £35 all in.
    Thanks mate!

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