How to be a good eBay buyer – about eBay non, slow and late payers

How to be a good eBay buyer.

Buying from eBay? You need to know how to be a good buyer. This article will tell you how. Maybe you have followed a link here from eBay listing. That would tell you that the seller has had his fair share of bad eBay buyers already and wants to educate potential buyers.

Bad eBay buyers are the bane of the whole endeavour for sellers. They take the fun out of eBay for us sellers.

Top of the list of bad eBayers is slow and late payers. Oh, and non payers.

As a seller, we write a nice listing, try to describe it as honestly as possible, we photograph the item, we calculate what we need for shipping and handling to various places, we pay eBay their listing fees, their final value fees and then – when paid – the Paypal fees. That takes time and effort. You don’t think about it, but all those fees often equate to around 17% of the price you pay.

We sit around for anything from one day to ten days for a listing to end and you are the winning bidder. Great! Congratulations. Now you need to pay.

We wait around a day or two. We send you an invoice; we send you a payment reminder or two. These are all sitting in your email inbox – go and look! Don’t be a deadbeat that pays late or doesn’t pay at all. People eBay for all kinds of reasons. Some people run their businesses this way and some just sell off their old crap and there is every variant in between.

Whatever kind of seller we are, we want to be paid. It doesn’t matter if it is £1 or £1000 – we want to be paid, and pretty quickly please. Within 24 hours will be just fine.

Why do we need to be paid so quickly? If a business, this is our cash flow – cash flow is vital to run a business. If a private seller selling personal stuff we still need to be paid fast. We might need the money in our Paypal account to pay our seller fees, buy our kid a toy we promised him or any number of reasons. Not least, eBay have charged us “final value fees” already as if you had paid. That money is applied to our seller account the very second you win.

Imagine you bought a £10 item from us. “Oh, its only £10 – that’s not much money” you might say. £10 is not much money indeed. But we probably have seven or eight people who are similarly unnecessarily delaying payment at any given time. Suddenly that’s £80 we are waiting for. That’s a thankful of fuel in my car or a basket full of groceries for my family. That’s eight parcels cluttering up our hallway waiting to go to the Post Office. Over the weeks this outstanding money (and those parcels in the hallway) build up.

Paypal takes about a week — in reality — to transfer money to a bank account. That’s a week from the time you pay before we can actually spend your money in the real world. If you take a week to pay, that means two weeks from “sale” to “spend” for us. That is akin to granting credit (credit that costs us 17% in fees).

If you haven’t paid in four days, eBay allows us to file an “unpaid item“ dispute. Then we have to wait around another ten days or so to see if you can be bothered paying. If not, we can apply to get our eBay fees back. After that, we can re-list the item, wait for it to sell again, and then we hope the new winner can be bothered to pay. All this takes weeks and weeks. Then there is another week to sell something and maybe the new winner is a slow/late/non payer too……

The moral of the story is this: If you cannot pay within 24 hours – please don’t bid. Save us all some time and heartache.

We have several accounts on eBay. We are “Powersellers” (for whatever that is worth). We have seen a lot of this. We have heard every excuse for late/slow/non payment in the book. Here are a few examples:

  • My computer was broken
  • My internet was not working
  • I was away for a few days
  • My brother bid on it for me and I didn’t know
  • My cat/mother/brother/neighbour/pet slug [or insert loved one of choice] died
  • I couldn’t access my email account
  • I was waiting for my salary
  • I was waiting to be paid for stuff I was selling on eBay (Now you know how it feels!)
  • Can I send a cheque instead? (More delay!?!?!)
  • I have some questions (Shame – you should have asked them before you bid)
  • My pet alligator ate my keyboard

Well, the last one might be made up, but you get the idea. Really, we are not interested in excuses. We just want to get paid in a timely manner. You bid – that means you entered a contract to purchase. You did not enter a contract for easy terms or credit. If you cannot pay within 24 hours – please do not bid. It’s that simple. Save us all some time and energy.

You don’t go to the supermarket and select a pile of groceries and say to them, “OK, I want all this stuff, just bag it and leave it over there and when I can be bothered I will pop by and pay you” do you? Buying on eBay is no different.

If you are an eBay buyer – please absorb what you have just read. You will help to make eBay a nicer place for all of us.

If you are an eBay seller, please link this topic from your eBay listings. Here is how to do it:

When creating a listing, click the tag that says “HTML” and insert the following code using “copy” and “paste”:

<p><b>We welcome good eBay bidders who can pay within 24 hours from auction end. Please help eBay become a better place by not being a <a href= target=blank>late, slow or non paying eBay bidder</a></b></p>

When you flick back to “Standard”, that will look like this: We welcome good eBay bidders who can pay within 24 hours from auction end. Please help eBay become a better place by not being a late, slow or non paying eBay bidder

You are welcome to name and shame eBay slow/late payers and non payers using the comment box below.

How to deal with non paying bidders is covered here: Dealing with eBay non paying bidders

12 Responses to “How to be a good eBay buyer – about eBay non, slow and late payers”

  1. […] an eBay seller, you will have had your fair share of slow, late or non paying eBayers. We get them all the time. This article deals with how to deal with […]

  2. 999tomaustin – non-paying winning bidder, claims fraud (someone else used his account where he admits forgetting to log off after using a public computer) but fails to report it.
    Actually, he used to be my mate and we used to ‘bump bid’ and ‘shield bid’ together to buy expensive stuff for cheap on eBay, but he screwed me over, so I’m returning the favour.
    One of the better ones we did was if the shield bidding failed, and he was left tye winning bidder he’d not contact the seller after auction for a few days, then I’d contact the seller with some bull story on how I missed the auction end and was really interested in a purchase, if the sale falls through, could I make an offer? Then Steve would finally contact the seller and try to wriggle out of completing the purchase w/some bull story, usually account fraud. But he has a way of stringing the whole thing out so and then I get in touch again pushing for an offer. It usually works where we get to buy an item for much less than the final auction sale price, then we sell it on and bump bid it up to get a top class return.
    Also, Steve is his eBay registered name, but not in real life, also he has used a business address as his private address.

  3. […] who can pay within 24 hours from auction end. Please help eBay become a better place by not being a late, slow or non paying eBay bidder Share and […]

  4. Here is one of our non-paying, time wasting, zero feedback idiots from eBay:

    Edel Woods
    17 Conway Place, Donagh
    BT92 5BG

    This one wins an auction (one that this article is linked from I might add) then does the usual non-payment silent stuff…..

    So I send her a nudge to pay, and get this gem back in return:

    Hi i am really sorry but i recived one just after i had won the bid on yours i recived it as a gift sorry for any inconvinice ..

    Oh, so I’ll just get stiffed with the final value fees then? Swell! I’ll wait another week for it to sell to someoen else now shall I? Great.

    Do yourselves a favour and block the name 10delly10 in your UK ebay control panel by clicking this link

  5. It would be good to set up a easy list of non-payers who we could just cut and paste into our ebay preferences.

  6. Right here Pat:

  7. We had a non payer this last week on a listing that clearly had a link to this topic. So he cant be surprised to find out he has ended up here.

    eBay name: 2011vito801

    Harry Newman
    22 The Fridays
    Gilberts Drove
    East Sussex
    BN20 0DH.

    He cited the usual “Paypal problems” so we sent him a link to pay by Nochex with any UK credit/debit card. He didn’t bother as he had no intention of paying.

    Another hobby bidder who got a non payment strike.

    Time wasting bidders beware – if you don’t pay us, we WILL publish your name and address on here.

    If you have followed a link from an eBay listing to this article, and you don’t pay the seller, they are free to post your personal details here.

  8. Ebay user name : lilbeck-2008
    rebecca walz
    57 parkside drive
    springfield Queensland 4300

    Bid and bought two of my items and did not pay, sent two follow up messages and nothing.
    Is also selling stuff too, you would think she would know better, 2 strikes for you!

  9. Ebay User name: Howzaa
    Tim Hansen
    86 harp rd
    kew, Victoria 3101 Australia

    Bid on three items, asked to cancel 1, we did it for him and then didnt pay for the other 2. First class idiot. pitty I could not give him 3 strikes! As usual ebay dont give a rats..

  10. Are you serious ?

    You have absolutely NO right to publish personal information about eBay users on a public website.

    Come on, name and adress ? Are you f*cking serious ? I can understand the exasperation of sellers who face this type of buyers, but this type of reaction is clearly immature, unprofessional, and illegal.

    Quote : “if you don’t pay us, we WILL publish your name and address on here.”

    This type of behaviour needs nothing but a legal sanction.

  11. Featured here by chance Sebastian?

    To others: You can now report item not received fraud here: Online Buyers Potential Scam List – Item Not Received Fraud

  12. Husain shah
    62 Holyrood Crescent
    St Albans

    eBay ID: Samhussa

    Never paid despite sending messages.

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