Name and Shame Bad eBayers

Since eBay made the feedback system a one way street, it added yet another level to the disadvantages that must be endured by eBay sellers. Buyers (even the ones that don’t pay) now operate with impunity on eBay. Sellers are unable to leave anything other than positive feedback for buyers. This assumes all buyers are without blemish and in possession of a clean set of morals and ethics. All very well if you live in The Night Garden, but not entirely realistic in the real world.

The Paypal scammer is the worst of these. The Paypal scammer buys an item, receives it, then pretends he hasn’t. He then files an “item not received” claim with eBay/Paypal. Paypal immediately remove the money from your account — you get no say in that. Unless you are able to prove, with tracking data (or occasionally they will accept documentation such as proof of posting if a Power Seller), that the item was mailed, you have effectively been charged to give it away.

You paid eBay listing fees, eBay final value fees, Paypal fees and then mailed the item. The Paypal Scammer gets a full refund — including postage — from your account. Often times, he leaves you negative or perhaps neutral feedback like this star did for us today:

Paypal Scammer
Buyer: Member ID joey-tribiani-67

Another type we encounter is the one who is a slow paying eBayer, who waits until the day before he gets a non payment strike to pay. Very often, this type start bombarding you with emails asking when it is going to be shipped. “Well, it could have been a week ago if you could have been bothered to pay” is my usual reply. This type then receive the item and immediately ask to return it for spurious reasons. They usually want you to pay. After return and refund, then they often leave you negative or neutral feedback. Why? Because you correctly filed an unpaid item claim. That pissed them off and they had to pay. Of course, you cant leave them bad feedback either.

Some buy the wrong item and want you to take responsibility for it. Another star we encountered was documented here: Ian Kowalski — (ian_ski). He left us this little gem simply because he was stupid and unable to look at a picture:

Poor comms. Doesn’t state that part will not fit all models

Those who argue about postage costs are another breed. Often, they wait until they have actually “bought” something to start with this. One such gem was documented here: Janet Bailey aka jsb190854

Anyone with half a brain, when buying from eBay, checks the postage and handling price, and weighs up the total cost to determine if they are getting value for money. If a sensible person wants to ask about combined postage charges, they do it before the auction ends, not after.

There are always the non payers. We documented one who was too gormless to work out how to pay here: 2009kclarke — another who simply didn’t respond to payment requests is here: leeseat123We have many like them.

None of these people received negative feedback from us — because eBay doesn’t offer that functionality. Many of them left us negative feedback though.

As a seller, what can you do about this? Well, often times, it seems to be the same miscreants over and over again who are stiffing sellers. I think it must be a hobby for some of them. Google is your friend, and sellers are starting to Google. Many sellers are incorporating the blocked bidder lists of others to prevent these people from stiffing them over too. Block them before they bid.

Did you know you can block people buying or bidding on your eBay auctions? eBay do not trumpet the facility but after a dozen or so clicks in the help pages you might find the page. Here, let me make it easy for you, it is here: Block eBay Bidders (You may be prompted to log in to see the page).

Here is the list of people we have had problems with from two of our accounts you may want to block using the link above and the copy/paste facility:

10chloe01, 2009kclarke, 393.eva, 6136shaun, abby1767, alexisgraham1984, ashoksood, becky2370_0, bluebiffo, brooman123, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, chimeracovenant, d-miah-0163, daemonworld, dawn6478, dezdd, doradoormouse, elephantstone1903, foxy20040, fungalfootinfection, gretchdrummer, hollymag, ian_ski, joey-tribiani-67, jsb190854,, kealey39, knightboat1, langmedas, leeseat123, lil_fame4life, lost_cause257, m_s_mawdsley, marcelopgil, matt_the_hat_82, milliskirt, missteacher24, moonpiermotor, mowerman1990, nasauk, olymbiak, phase.2, pirateblocker, poposopawel, redcathollya, reject88, richarde9525, rubobbymoore, sambaboon, spelio79, stills_springfield, sunshinerust_bucket, susi70_1, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, theevilgenius666999, tomos321, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, tsdw, tsonka123, ukmustang47, wet52, yl549947d, yoshmak, 163488379@deleted, 164068292@deleted, 201518312@deleted

You are welcome to name and shame eBayers you have had problems with below. You can also post your blocked list below for others to block.

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199 Responses to Name and Shame Bad eBayers

  1. Mo says:

    Just to let you know this cheat Luxshana Murugathas
    19 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EE has just skanked me as well under the ebay id walk2uk Ebay just refunded her today from me.
    Has private feed back so if you give her positive feedback which is all you can give her as a seller trying to alert others of her cheating ways then it appears as positive but no one can see what you have written.
    Just saw what stamp seller had written previously and decided that you should all know about and report this cheat.

    Stamp Seller on June 8th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    This person opens multiple Item Not Received case either through ebay or paypal.

    Did it to 5 sellers including myself (that we know of – maybe others as well) so we all swapped notes and reported her together. ebay NARU’d her.

    Also has a habit of paying for an item three times, unsure of the purpose of this other than the possible hope of getting even more free items.


    Luxshana Murugathas
    19 Red Lane, Coventry, CV6 5EE

    e-mails used:

    e-bay IDs used that we know of:
    walk2uk most recent

  2. A says:

    Just a warning to anyone who is considering trading with eBay user chaser480 ( Don’t! I had the misfortune of dealing with his very rude and aggressive seller, who would only accept my ‘best offer’ off site (to avoid seller fees, a clear eBay violation). An seller unworthy of your business!

  3. well this guy sold us a xbox which he didnt tell us he had repaired with the xclamp fix. the item was a xmas present so was purchased 6 weeks before christmas but when opened lasted 5 days. he denied having fixed it even though on his feed back there was a purchase for a xclamp kit. asked for a refund due to not telling us this info but basically just said “you can try a dispute you aint getting a refund”. beware this guy is fraudulent ebayer and a just completely lies dont make the mistake we made. remember his name lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114 lukemills0114

  4. I thoroughly agree with naming and shaming those who make Ebay difficult.
    I have started a blog where I also encourage people to report the idiots of the Ebay world., I would be happy to link this page to it.

  5. CALLING users – read here how sellers are getting screwed on ebay. Having already lost money with a buyer in USA who only paid under threat of item strike, then immediately claimed not to have received it [refund issued two weeks later, though I had explained it went by surface and would take 6 weeks!] I decided to no longer offer cheap p & p but would use International Signed for Service which I assumed protected me – not so. Buyer in Germany was away when delivery was made, then posted a case on which I could not contest cos all in GERMAN, and got full refund AND gave me negative feedback. This guy’s id is tronjehagen – BLOCK THIS BUYER AND SEND HIM A MESSAGE!

  6. Chris Cuniah says:

    Another nasty new character on ebay for everyone to beware of and block.

    Sold a great book worth much more for only 99p to this person who promptly left negative feedback on the basis that she found some underlinings in it! What does she expect for 99p?!? Did not even give me a chance to offer to refund the item. Usual ditzy new ebayer with a bad case of itchy finger for the feedback button

  7. bookznprintz says:

    Listed a pamphlet on ebay for 99p. Quite a rare item, although it was a freeby which came with a newspaper; there is a market for these items. The airhead buyer lycan_nic outbid the others, and then decided to leave negative feedback on discovering what the item was. No effort made to contact me first so that I could have refunded the buyer and offered the item to some of the other bidders who DID bother to check my description and knew what they were bidding on.
    AVOID buyers like lycan_nic who bid without carefully checking what they are getting, and are then trigger happy on feedback.
    lycan_nic is a BAD EBAYER and needs to be BLOCKED BY SELLERS!
    Lost my 100% rating due to this airhead.

  8. annie says:

    I would also avoide lyn1811
    bought three reborn dummys from myself for 3.00 plus p&p after having them had an email saying wanted full refund, when i asked why she started being SO abusive swearing threatening all sorts, to be honest quite scary, then ebay looked at her feed back and left it there even though none of it was true…also she left me terrible feed back and score which ment with in only two months i’d lost my chance to sell as they had stopped me from selling, i didn’t have to send her money by she did get the money back off ebay and kept the dummys, i believed because she makes reborns herself that she thought i was compition, when the truth is i’d made them for my reborn and had a few left over.. nightmear buyer after reading her feedback she’s done it to many people, a 100% feedback means nothing as a buyer they could be a nightmear

  9. Abigai says:

    I would like to name and shame eBay seller l-u-s-h for bad conduct. I bought a pair of boots from this company, but accidentally bought two pairs. I immediately messaged the seller and explained and they were more than happy to refund me – which they did. A couple days later I received my shoes in the post as expected. A couple more days later I received the canceled pair! I checked again and they had somehow gone back and taken the money for both pairs even though they originally refunded me for one pair. I messaged them again and they apologised, said it was completely their fault and all I had to do was send the shoes back and they would completely refund me, including postage. That was back in November 2012. It is now February 2013 and despite countless emails, threats of contacting eBay (which I did whom were of no help to me because it was past 45 days.) they still have not refunded me. They have clearly received the shoes on that space of time but still refuse to give me my money. They have been extremely rude and unprofessional towards me. I have given up trying to get my money back, for their mistake. So now I am just trying to warn others against being scammed by them too.

  10. Editor says:

    One to block:

    User: nadhowkins (changed to niseni2013)

    Feedback: 8


    Nadine Howkins
    The Peppermill Pub
    Westerburg Square
    Daventry, Northamptonshire
    NN11 4TG

    Telephone: 01327 706322

    The Nadine woman, a bit thick, disclaims responsibility onto her husband: some bloke called “Becks” or is it “Bexx”? What the hell type of name is that?

    A total messer who bids on stuff and then doesn’t pay. Four days later, after “selling” them a car, calling them several times, I got this ridiculous reply.


    Typical eBay non-paying wanker.

    Why do these people not know what title caps are? Too stupid because!

    Google the “The Peppermill Pub” in NN11 and Google Maps takes you to some 70’s shithole on some god-forsaken council estate that would be more at home on “Shameless”.

    These people are messers and time wasters. Block the user nadhowkins and niseni2013 today!

  11. Paul Littlebury says:

    teunjacobmax – an ebayer based in holland, who I sent a pair of Chanel sunglasses. After stating he went in Chanel shop who told him they were fake, he initiated paypal hold, then demanded return of payment, but unwilling to send return. Asides from fact no shop would ever do that casually, for fear of litigation.

    I asked for proof of his assertion which two weeks later he never provided. He then gave some bull about his wife returning the wrong item. he said he could prove delivery. Again nothing provided. He is playing a delaying game as well as hoping he will get to keep the glasses for free. Too much behaviour like this on ebay.

  12. Kaylee says:

    I thought you should know about terrytibbs-2009 he bought 2 pairs of trousers from me in Sept last year and insisted he didn’t receive them…. Ebay made me refund him and funnily enough, even though he never got them, hes managed to sell them again on ebay! He must be magical! Made sure he left it long enough before reselling that I couldn’t get what he owes me though…. Really nice guy. Just look at negative feedback he’s left for quite alot of people… Must of done it loads but is still allowed to be on ebay!! Terrible terrible immoral ‘person’.

  13. Aaron says:


  14. megan says:

    seller sells rubbish items. brought item when recived was cheap and never worked. so due to this and as had lost this money I left negative feedback then find out its been removed, by e bay? and to why? did not return as would cost me half the purchase price.

  15. Adonis says:

    Ladies and gentleman, beware of walshydon1987 (97.9%) who’s name is Mr Beau Walsh, living on 20 Highstone Lane, Wardgreen, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S706sw. He bidded on my car from day one, obviously looking at my car everyday as he outbid everyone day by day. Yet, when he became the winner, he vanished or died (I hope he did). No replies to any of my messages; I checked his feedback, he seems like a low life chav who buys everything under the £0.99 margin. AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS! Now I need to wait for 4 days until I can file an unpaid item against the idiot. I hope he dies of cancer, and I hope everyone else who bid with no intention on buying a vehicle, dies in the worst possible way!

  16. eBayedout says:

    Rachel Gillespie
    16 falconer rise, dedridge,
    livingston West Lothian EH54 6JE
    United Kingdom

    Avoid! 100% positive feedback, but many comments left about non-payment. She won a number of my items and I contacted her about combining postage. She replied and agreed to the new price, then has disappeared. She’s also got bids on two other items of mine. I don’t suppose I’ll get the cash for them either.

    Why do they bid on things they have no intention of buying? 🙁

  17. John says:

    Roseanne Matters
    45 Gertrude Street
    Highgate Hill
    Brisbane, Queensland 4000

    Tel: 0733975163

    Chargeback scammer!!

  18. UK buyer patcoote2010

    May be genuine, but we had an ‘item not received’ issue and had to send another with tracking.

    To be on the safe side, we recommend sellers use only tracked delivery with this buyer. Or simply block to err on the side of caution.

  19. dave kilner says:

    Hello Everyone— BEWARE OF EBAY PURCHASER CALLED STUCKIN55 AND HIS NAME IS RON HATCHER FROM TENNESSEE. He marks down that he purchased an item from you and never pays for it.

  20. LOL says:

    Hi all,

    This must be one of the best excuses I have ever seen in my time on eBay.

    I am so sorry but I am not going to be able to pay for this item, I had my purse stolen this afternoon complete with cards and all my money has been taken out of my bank account 🙁 it is going to take a week or so to sort it all out so could you possibly relist the item so sorry for messing you around.
    Kind regards
    – aquarium6364

    My Reply:


    Sorry to hear about this unfortunate event.

    It isn’t a problem for me to save this dress until you get sorted out. I don’t mind waiting for you to get sorted, and when you do you can pay me then.

    Just email me when you have the funds to pay.

    Kind regards

    Her Reply:

    Thank you for the kind offer, but it is going to be a few weeks and I purchased the skirt to wear for a christening on Sunday, I would be grateful if you could possibly relist the item so sorry.

    – aquarium6364

    My final Reply:

    Consider it done.

    Don’t forget to check out this website:

    This is quite a good site.

    As polite as you have been, your excuse is still one of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

    Enjoy your Christening – I guess you’ll be welching out of buying a round in the pub afterwards.


  21. MR.IMPALA says:


    hello, please send your name and address so i can send a us postal money order out asap !i just got out the hospital fighting cancer , so working on my car is going to be fun with your new parts . i don’t do paypal because they still owe me $3700.00 on a car deal threw ebay .

    – 2muchmoneysteve

    steve matric
    68 lake st
    pontiac, MI 48341 United States.


  22. MR.IMPALA says:

    I’m getting tired of dealing with ebay and these non-paying bidders, I always pay ASAP when I buy something.

    Another non-paying bidder.

    jdm-ownz (
    Ana Iglesias / Alex Moreno
    8231 NW 8th St
    Apt 309
    Miami, FL 33126-3942 United States

  23. Mr Grump says:

    Just had a case opened against me on eBay, wants refund, from our friends at 19 Red Lane Coventry CV6 5EE.

    Latest eBay ID used is: let2it.


    After free stamps again!

  24. Stamp Seller says:

    Just a bit of extra info on this character, he/she is now also using the shortened name Lux M at the same address.

    The next time I come across this thief there will be a report made to Coventry Police, since ebay seem unable or unwilling to keep them off the site.

    Mr Grump on May 21st, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Just had a case opened against me on eBay, wants refund, from our friends at 19 Red Lane Coventry CV6 5EE.

    Latest eBay ID used is: let2it.


    After free stamps again!

  25. Christopher says:

    Buyer Id 2013macmuse needs to be thrown off ebay.
    Buys expensive speakers and amplifiers, but rarely pays.has upset at lease 7 other sellers this year, that I know of…They left positive feedback with all their negative comments about this seller in the feedback…some of their feedback comments were censored by ebay, but not before i saw some of them..
    In short this person or persons (as I have had correspondance from mother,son and I think the account owner name is the father, but thet say the son’s friend is the one who wants the amps…so says the son…but who really knows who wants what as their emails are a confusing mess)
    Anyway this account bought 2 power amps off me for $3000 total,said they’d pay for one straight away and the other a few weeks later becuse money is tight… then they changed mind 3 days later and wanted a different intergrated amp model but only one of them for 1500..but hang on I’m going to get charged ebay fees at $3000 !!…and then I see they are buying 4 other amplifiers from other sellers in the same week!!!..needless to say i put in a non paying bidder form..avoid at all costs!!

  26. This person is a non paying bidder:

    Buyer user ID: pricecv366 ( 2 )
    Buyer email:

    Curlis Price
    100 Milhorn Rd.
    United States

    Home Telephone: (423) 239-6697

  27. Shafted by an “item not received” scammer. This one started wailing after only a couple of days, immediately opened a case, then applied for a full refund with no further contact. One to block.


    Martin David Grant
    113 Golf Road
    LN12 1LH

  28. Peter says:

    Another star here:

    Chris Smelt
    14 New Atlas Wharf
    3 Arnhem Place
    London, London
    E14 3SS

    eBay name: chrissmelt

    Claimed non-receipt of goods but left it six weeks to mention it. Feedback only of 11.

    I hate giving stuff away to these try on merchants………

    They treat it like buy one get one free.

  29. Buddy Romo says:


    Non Paying Ebayers. Waste of my time. Hopefully not yours.

  30. Frankie says:

    Ommzaza – still up to the same tricks as someone has highlighted above a year ago. Won 2 of my items, didn’t pay or make contact, then I realised she’s in the US and I state clearly that I only ship to UK. She sent me messages slating my postage charges, trying to bully me into shipping to the US, aggressively pushing for ‘1 more good reason’ as to why I don’t. She then declined both my requests to cancel transaction. It then seemed like she had agreed to cancel transaction so I was relieved, until 1 day later I received another 3 messages harassing me and trying to get me to deliver to her. She hasn’t made any attempt to pay however. I see she does this regularly, specifically targeting uk sellers. If you study her positive feedback, the majority of UK feedback she has had deleted, the few that still exist highlight the same issue. I’m sure this isn’t over for me yet so would definitely recommend blocking her before you are on the receiving end of her bullying!!
    Her full details are:
    fifi bechara
    5059 E Fairfield St
    Anaheim, CA 92807-4668
    United States

  31. Mhai Tai says:


    Dont waste your time with this fucktard, bids on your auctions and doesnt send payment.

  32. Frankie says:

    Some more from just the last 2 weeks!!!
    daisy_mayx – No payment and no communication.
    malanierhodes77 – No payment and no communication.
    bbetty2012b – Ignores that you only ship to the UK and outbids genuine buyers anyway.
    Is there a way of blocking overseas bidders??

  33. Ebay user says:

    EBAY USERNAME: 58wedding-dress.

    This lady is a seller. She will send you an item that looks nothing like the picture and then when you send it back she will just say she hasn’t received it and doesn’t respond to your e-mails. She does not give you a refund, therefore takes your money! BEWARE. Her feedback is positive but it must be all fake. You will lose a lot of money!

  34. HANNAH says:


    Sold fake perfume offered refund and kept items and money. I lost 95.00. Then they sent a nasty email telling me not to contact the again. A true crook.

  35. Pingback: Online Buyers Potential Scam List. Report Item Not Received Fraud here.

  36. Editor says:

    You can now report item not received fraud here: Online Buyers Potential Scam List – Item Not Received Fraud

  37. SashaB says:

    Another star who doesn’t pay for stuff on eBay:

    Buyer user ID: gibon1977leszek
    Buyer email:
    Leszek Pitwor.
    Flat 3.
    103 Park Lane.
    DY11 6TB.

  38. Olyessa says:

    4catherine is one to block.

    VERY slow to pay, then leaves negative feedback saying “slow to post” – well, duh, of course slow to post if you are slow to pay you dumb bint!

    Naturally another one that hasn’t grasped capital letters and punctuation. Her pre-school version of her details are here:

    catherine cripps
    79 somerton rd
    gt yarmouth
    nr29 4qd

    Tel: 01493748770

  39. Steve says:

    This clown leaves negative feedback THREE months later with no contact!

    Simon Taylor
    Doric hotel 48-52
    Queens promenade
    FY2 9RP

    Tel: 07768440055

  40. Buddy Romo says:

    Markd4630 stole my ebay amplifier. Never returned it. He is trouble and knows ebay’s weakness in their policies. Avoid at all costs.

  41. Poppy says:


    after countless emails telling me she had not recieved my item, I tracked it for her only to find she had recieved it a day later than planned and therefore was demading a full refund.
    I read the rest of her feedbacks, ( better late than never ) to find she had done this with countless other sellers, and demanded full refunds, won the case and kept the item!!!!!!

  42. Sarah Cohen-Newman says:

    This buyer: “joycsells” bid on my gift card auction, she saw that I had made a shipping error, offered free shipping in the title, then $2 dollar shipping in the body of the auction. She bid anyway and admitted it, then she paid and saw the shipping charge and still paid. Not once did she message me, asking me a question. After the auction was closed she demanded that I email the code. When I said no, she asked for a shipping refund i said, but the main focus was getting the code emailed. I refunded her money and then after and only after she herself received a negative feedfback, did she leave me a negative feedback never mentioning that it was all over me not emailing the code.
    I have gotten a lawyer and reported buyer and Ebay to the BBB and consumer affairs

  43. Stacy says:

    Rusokanski. Doesn’t pay.

  44. Free Shopping says:


    “Doesn’t receive” stuff.

    SO4O 8TA

  45. Free Shopping says:


    Mr N J Kyriacou
    Merchant Taylors’ School
    Sandy Lodge
    Northwood, Middlesex
    HA6 2HT

    Buy one get one free merchant.

  46. Editor says:

    Two more “item not received” ones:

    Adrian Whichello
    17 Kennerley St
    Australian Capital Territory


    This one *might* be genuine, but still needs all sales sent recorded or you might do the buy-one-get-one-free like we did.

    Steve Kearney
    Downholland Hall,
    Black-A-Moor Lane,
    L39 7HX
    0151 520 0668

  47. Had Enough says:

    This one is just plain horrible!


    Cara J. James

    41955 N River Dr Sweet Home, OR 97386-9758

  48. Jon says:

    I strongly suggesting keeping away from a seller called surplus14.
    He is selling stuff and not sending it but something much much cheaper, a fraction of the price, Not even the same product. He is also trying to get you to buy from him directly instead of using Ebay.
    Feedback is all positive to but all fake.

    I was extremely lucky and got refund from paypal

  49. ashleigh says:

    this Is a BAD EBAYER!!!!
    She recieves items then if they are.not tracked she pretends she did not recieve them!!!’!!!! No proof or.ecidence then she.happuly get hers money back thenn leaves bad feedback the cheeeeek!!!! Thieving witch

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