Name and Shame Bad eBayers

Since eBay made the feedback system a one way street, it added yet another level to the disadvantages that must be endured by eBay sellers. Buyers (even the ones that don’t pay) now operate with impunity on eBay. Sellers are unable to leave anything other than positive feedback for buyers. This assumes all buyers are without blemish and in possession of a clean set of morals and ethics. All very well if you live in The Night Garden, but not entirely realistic in the real world.

The Paypal scammer is the worst of these. The Paypal scammer buys an item, receives it, then pretends he hasn’t. He then files an “item not received” claim with eBay/Paypal. Paypal immediately remove the money from your account — you get no say in that. Unless you are able to prove, with tracking data (or occasionally they will accept documentation such as proof of posting if a Power Seller), that the item was mailed, you have effectively been charged to give it away.

You paid eBay listing fees, eBay final value fees, Paypal fees and then mailed the item. The Paypal Scammer gets a full refund — including postage — from your account. Often times, he leaves you negative or perhaps neutral feedback like this star did for us today:

Paypal Scammer
Buyer: Member ID joey-tribiani-67

Another type we encounter is the one who is a slow paying eBayer, who waits until the day before he gets a non payment strike to pay. Very often, this type start bombarding you with emails asking when it is going to be shipped. “Well, it could have been a week ago if you could have been bothered to pay” is my usual reply. This type then receive the item and immediately ask to return it for spurious reasons. They usually want you to pay. After return and refund, then they often leave you negative or neutral feedback. Why? Because you correctly filed an unpaid item claim. That pissed them off and they had to pay. Of course, you cant leave them bad feedback either.

Some buy the wrong item and want you to take responsibility for it. Another star we encountered was documented here: Ian Kowalski — (ian_ski). He left us this little gem simply because he was stupid and unable to look at a picture:

Poor comms. Doesn’t state that part will not fit all models

Those who argue about postage costs are another breed. Often, they wait until they have actually “bought” something to start with this. One such gem was documented here: Janet Bailey aka jsb190854

Anyone with half a brain, when buying from eBay, checks the postage and handling price, and weighs up the total cost to determine if they are getting value for money. If a sensible person wants to ask about combined postage charges, they do it before the auction ends, not after.

There are always the non payers. We documented one who was too gormless to work out how to pay here: 2009kclarke — another who simply didn’t respond to payment requests is here: leeseat123We have many like them.

None of these people received negative feedback from us — because eBay doesn’t offer that functionality. Many of them left us negative feedback though.

As a seller, what can you do about this? Well, often times, it seems to be the same miscreants over and over again who are stiffing sellers. I think it must be a hobby for some of them. Google is your friend, and sellers are starting to Google. Many sellers are incorporating the blocked bidder lists of others to prevent these people from stiffing them over too. Block them before they bid.

Did you know you can block people buying or bidding on your eBay auctions? eBay do not trumpet the facility but after a dozen or so clicks in the help pages you might find the page. Here, let me make it easy for you, it is here: Block eBay Bidders (You may be prompted to log in to see the page).

Here is the list of people we have had problems with from two of our accounts you may want to block using the link above and the copy/paste facility:

10chloe01, 2009kclarke, 393.eva, 6136shaun, abby1767, alexisgraham1984, ashoksood, becky2370_0, bluebiffo, brooman123, buying-genesis-by-the-pound, chimeracovenant, d-miah-0163, daemonworld, dawn6478, dezdd, doradoormouse, elephantstone1903, foxy20040, fungalfootinfection, gretchdrummer, hollymag, ian_ski, joey-tribiani-67, jsb190854,, kealey39, knightboat1, langmedas, leeseat123, lil_fame4life, lost_cause257, m_s_mawdsley, marcelopgil, matt_the_hat_82, milliskirt, missteacher24, moonpiermotor, mowerman1990, nasauk, olymbiak, phase.2, pirateblocker, poposopawel, redcathollya, reject88, richarde9525, rubobbymoore, sambaboon, spelio79, stills_springfield, sunshinerust_bucket, susi70_1, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, theevilgenius666999, tomos321, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, tsdw, tsonka123, ukmustang47, wet52, yl549947d, yoshmak, 163488379@deleted, 164068292@deleted, 201518312@deleted

You are welcome to name and shame eBayers you have had problems with below. You can also post your blocked list below for others to block.

201 Responses to “Name and Shame Bad eBayers”

  1. Disobliging buyer: helloitsjerika
    Jerika Ortiz
    1074 Hermosa Way
    Kissimmee FL 34744
    United States

  2. bookznprintz on May 13th, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Everyone block this ebay buyer:


    He buys a book from me – postage price clearly stated. Waits till the last minute to pay – under threat of unpaid item strike, then, after receiving the book complains that the postage was too high and tries to extort money from me FOR 60 Days – I refuse to give in to extortion, he keeps reminding me that he has yet to leave feedback, finally on the 60th day, leaves me negative feedback. Glad he didn’t get any refund; make sure he does not try the same trick on you!

  3. eBay chargeback scammer:

    Dave Dracup
    Mark Read
    31 Birch Road
    Yate, Bristol
    BS37 5ER

  4. Biggest Crook of a Seller,

    dingjiantao 168 Sold beads as “Natural Mexican Black Opal” what I received was black fiber=optic beads. E-bay said I could get my money back if I paid for shipping to China! The seller lied, and I have to pay $$$ to return the fake bead, so they can fake out someone else.

    Great Deal!!! NOT!!!!

  5. Item not received fraudster:

    Mrs Paula Hannaby (Paula Farley)
    6 Birchview Close
    Belper Derbyshire DE56 1RS
    United Kingdom

    Phone number
    01773 823077

    eBay name: purplefroglove

  6. Avoid Call469 like the plague. The account evidently compromised because I got a chargeback for unauthorized buyer. Yeah right. Brand new item too. I’m fighting it. Stay clear until this account is cleaned. I permanently banned this EBAY user id.

  7. Item not received scammer and then tries to get a free one by using feedback extortion:

    Travis Draper
    324 Woodview Court
    Tahoe City CA 96145
    United States

  8. laliamati2009 Is a total waste of time. waited till the last second to bid to take it from GOOD buyers that wanted the item. The price was $2925.00 She “decided” she paid to much. I told here I was going to open a claim but she knows that ebay doesn’t care about sellers.

  9. Another item not received scammer here. Splashing negative feedbacks about for items costing less than three quid:

    Paul Taylor
    15 Bellfield Road
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    TN2 4HN

    Tel: 07802 423801


    eBay user name: paul_at_31

  10. Another “item not received”:


    Sarah Williams Learning Mentor
    Coleg Gwent
    Nash Road
    Newport, Newport
    NP19 4TS

  11. 17th dec,2014 won auction, item no 121513567964 $161.49, from penelopecam{1}, korumburra vic, 24 bids were made on pendent, payed within 4mins of auction ending, on the 19th dec 2014 seller emailed me though ebay stating she cannot except my bid she will return my money, i stated that i payed for the item and that i want the item not a refund, that she has to take the good with the bad etc, etc. sellers can report buyers and shame them, so im reporting this seller PENELOECAM !!!!!!! shame on you .

  12. Another “item not received”.


    Tim Maguire
    ARGOS 4B Royalty Mall
    eCP:QFB326 The Arndale Ctre
    Morecambe, Lancashire
    LA4 5DH

    This one expects free expedited delivery and a customer service team on hand 24/7 to cater to his every whim over the festive season. Bought a few days before Xmas and was howling for refunds before new year. Certainly one to block.

  13. Another tosser who buys the wrong thing then returns it and negs you. Block this one:

    lewis trickey

    Lewis Trickey
    12,manor close
    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
    PE6 9NB

  14. cjthomas3906 Tried to bully me into lowering the price on an item with name calling. Looked back at her feedback and took note she likes to give sellers negative. Probably another attempt to bully into a partial feedback situation!

  15. This guy Christopher Gaskin is a complete scammer looking for people to list his camera equipment on ebay. Doesnt want you to paypal him the money but do a direct deposit into his “accountants bank account”
    Then kindly sends parcel to hong kong & gues what all that is inside is a few sweets!!!!!!!

    He currently has an ad on freeindex for ebay lister and did have n advert on gumtree until they realised he was a scammer.
    I have further detail is people want & I am ok to post?

  16. Here is a star – buys something, then complains it doesn’t fit a given model, when the listing explicitly says it doesn’t. Leaves negative feedback, declines to revise it when shown her error. Dumb as a post. One to block.

    Excuse the primary school grammar – it is hers:

    lisa fern
    3 hardwick view close
    new houghton



  17. Update on Christopher gaskin. He had an ad on gumtree and freeindex for eBay lister. Now been removed after being reported. His email is:

    I emailed him and he amazingly replied. Once I advised what he had done and that I now had massive eBay costs debt and account on hold and that I knew what he did I received nothing surprise surprise !

    I have an address for this person 3 dissolved company names as well.
    Any advice on reclaiming losses would be appreciated.

  18. girard1222 (angela girard) received a return she never refunded me for. Paypal says that after a dispute times out the consumer gets the refund, but still, Girard LIED to me (the refund never happened) but worse, as with SO many ebayers, she does not communicate. No matter how little or many messages are politely sent to ‘please let me know’. I am a seller. I know what Customer Service IS and needs to be. You don’t cavalier attitude tell someone they’ll get a refund in two days, you SEND it NOW, and nowadays its done with a very simple click. Or call. Whatever. You DO it. And the refund wasn’t “given” anyway. The sale date was now almost two months ago. Per eBay’s policy 6 days after the merchant receives the return buyer should already have been refunded. I can say this: I’ve blocked girard1222.

  19. We got well shafted by this one. Lying to return stuff at our expense:

    mandy gilday
    mandy mchale
    18 east lea
    durham, Durham

  20. Bad buyer

    I sent 1 message 2 days after he did not pay simply asking for a reply (never asked for payment)
    He messaged me stating he will make me wait longer for payment and that he will leave me negative feedback.
    I canceled the order and explained to him i cannot do business with someone who threatens me
    he then paid for the order! i refunded immediately and he left me false negative feedback.
    he then proceeded to harass me by mail and wrote
    Can’t help to notice your rating went down to 99.3%. That’s just very unfortunate after he destroyed my perfect 100% on purpose.


  21. Taking into account some of those from above, and invalid user names weeded out, and having added some of our latest fraudsters to the list, here is our current list that encapsulates all the above:

    *auntie_m, 00silvergt, 0707frank, 0797jim, 0e3ca448caddea2ec342e91c58452bb6765086039, 0ladyj07, 10chloe01, 10delly10, 1197andrew, 11dave121, 11samantha11, 12-1-80, 1busysportsmom, 2009boywonder, 2009kclarke, 2010*greenman, 2010kate70, 2010rich11, corki_corki, 2010shanas1961, 2011bulldog10, 2011kingjosh, 2011vito801, 20karllucas1980, 215nicoledbeckham, 241161gl, 260rob, 262758c530cc6ee8601570, 393.eva, 3994jbrooks, 3ls1ps, 4catherine, 540westastreet, 562ralph877, 602catbob0007, 605les, 6136shaun, 63rosebear, 669doug, 678tori, 6871cathy, 770dracula, 8446fb4d1c4c48de391c898c04d00c33599812865, 9069edward, 9160steven, abby1767, abraxxious007, achapman1964, addoe77, jungjeehye518, adeeb786hassan, airmax58, alex_lap12, alexisgraham1984, ali_potters, alsb4me, alshebliabdulla, amandaguy3, amjive, ammeme4, amoulini1, amyhuon, andy*n, angel70_4,, angie_jayden_2009, anthonyjubilee, aokisayaka, aq1056, attardauctions, auntee_m, austeja1, babes-n-beads, babygirl32927, badgermushroom49, bam3130, barclayrob, barestl123, barginsdirect4, beard1973, beardyface.2007, beatledave, benbengal, berner_sophie, bernieblez2012, bigballamj, bigh2369, billw_2360, birogde, blazingblazing, blehsboss, blenjeremy, blink182-2007, blondiepink, bluebiffo, blueskyokay, bottino09, bowenchenyu, boxcar_pc, british_guy, bronzemodena, brooman123, bruntjr, brypointrox, butterballbabyglenda, c0a1a03a6e471705c342e91c58452bb6593377218, c48ae9a1ac77e57fc342e91c58452bb6549805374, c8bcbaa5ce2f51e851d8bf31a2992986771533219, caleesi, captibrahim, carlisle3400, carojean2213, carraccounting2012, cashproc, cassandra.johnston, castledragon3, ceazer2301, cepigirl, cerezos, chbdu91, cherry11-1, chesnee47, chgen, chimeracovenant, chocolateinmotion, chomptrip, chrisjameswalker82, chrissmelt, chriswendy28, chronaholic420, chuynh79, chy_carn, cindysweet818, cjthomas3906, clovis1958, cman_25, conmaninc, creek17, criskatander407, cry884, cyberconnection, cymby1209, d-miah-0163, d400516aa99f99735748fe882e0ced48902203511, dal11851, daletb1011, danger3030, danielryanwest, darsh_mall111, davew797, davidcookdjmusic, dawn6478, ddpc45, deadpeoplesthings-64, debtomaustin, derbwin, devlindowney2013, dezdd, diamond.0188, dibbydiesel, dirdredd374508, disp1442, divinityarthouse, djshermoan, doradoormouse, dostontos, dragonshoard86, drhooha, dwain7998, dyno1000, dyrontor, ebdog13, eckstronics, edwardmccarthy, ef7fc57890345ea9178c44b43bb28306856130053, elaineabissett, elizabethseaton12, ernewein1231, everlastingfunk, exquisitegoods4u, fashionestaflair, feliks1945, ffx_serah89, fksgoods, flurofloozy, fourjpetree, foxy20040, friecars, fuddyduddy10, fungalfootinfection, g555500, gandhiman72, gareth7977, garyhud124, gegeklekle, gemmapowell, geoff1269, ghostsailor, gibon1977leszek, gille972, gingerbears, gkz5745, glenrider77, glynshore, gmg_logos, gnitch, godsellerkolich, gooseheader, gretchdrummer, grevillestar, grkchikadee03, groovyvintage, guccijs, gumball3000alex, guyver.123, gwynnethe, hammer322, happycanonman, harlowhazel7, harnt2n5, hazzabateson, headhunter1491, heavymetalloverx, hedblown, hesse32782, highlama007, hollymag, hooverman638, horse_photo, iain.306, ian.carey1, ian_ski, icy_hot_fashions, ihavethehottesthusband, imaginekarla, imaree_taz, iris_2007, irisheyes-2015, ismailmert, jadedmonkeyart, jakigordon, jamesmhaupert88, janjanyeo, jankerluce, janklaasdeduizendste, jasonjaycee, jasprs, javajama, jenniferhuu, jerrym-gr, jettaf123, jfel3084, jjmlxubbxi, joanncyr, joanv829, joewdeal, joey-tribiani-67, john1050john, johnjanet2005, jonaloumo, jordansmom102894, josephlombardo, joshwat1, jovanipetra, jsb190854, jschmidt66,, juanluispelaezz, juicygirldana, july742010, jupanuq7vas, jus4u84, just-ipods2009, justajaguar, kaczy-kaczy, kamerynsmom, kaog210683, kathrinep8116, kealey39, kenhg55, kidfreeze13, kimt3695, kingtin4, kippi2006, kittycats0121, kittyrie_shopper, knighttwister, kolich69, krullarry, la1autoparts, labanza, laopera, latvianconnection, laurie8011, lavish1530, lee930, leiaaurora, lela434, letsgotshoppin, lex_lee, lexiot70, lil_fame4life, lilfrankiesap0v8c, lisajordanlisa, lister68, littlewing1975, living_dead_girl1408, ljsmigger06, lladrer, lolosmith1980, lombardy3456, lost_cause257, loveandpeace24, lozinhafamorais, luciam80, luckings123*123, lum_gamun, lycan_nic, lyn1811, lyons2009, m_s_mawdsley, macz636, mai128170, mandy192mandy, marciemarcie3253, marcoserpa, mariaperez90, markdesigns1, markwilkinson4258, marlenesue63, matt_the_hat_82, mauselilli, mayurapaula, mbaez88, mcain6, mcx001, melamescino, meliheran, melodysunshine91, melton1011, melwaugh05, merseyparadise1977, mflemin8, mgondim2008, mi.mercado, mikehallows, milad510, militarymart2011, mille_masceras, milliskirt, minervamouse, miragenet29, missqueenc, missteacher24,, mistishop, mj19, mmccoy2007, mmm_sprite, mmstar05, modvintagepickersisters, mohdanas77, mowerman1990, mpmilanb, mr2t298, mrs.sparrow68, mushroombunny, mynameis79, mynevtech, mynewlife2, mytoby30, mz_tr1na, nasauk, nashwin80, nativecolo73, nettismith, newjalf, next0510, nfgirly0280, nickel_nickel25, nikkinrick2004, niseni2013, nodder999, northamptonshop, notts404, nova*1, nova383lr, nyhkq, oldgolfuk, olivermate, olymbiak, pamelag2526, parveen_2009, patcoote2010, pathums, patricialefat, patsyb57, paul_at_31, peggynew, peggypeggy62, pennylynter, perptr8, pete_raw, peterwoo66, phase.2, pikayang, pinkberrycouture1, pirateblocker, piz_liz, poantonio, poinpie, pommymommy3, pscs087, pudell1977, purplefroglove, pvolpara, queencc16, rabbit-6408, racala01, rainbow5578, ramsay2552, rbald1, rccrazy06, rea_mar, redcathollya, redresscollectv, reject88, renesmee06, rfrance2009, richarde9525, riegs41, riley1677, ritchie1230_0, rivaslasvegas, rjk1998, rkerkay, rockstarzboutique, rollingdeep11, rondaice123, roun-to-it, rowdyjoe1, rubi01010, rubobbymoore, rubywizard24, russman7109, saby69_2009, sacca33, sambaboon, san-x, sarahfreeh212, satc_2008, scandal-vogue-2011, scottish-boutique, scrixa, seed1284, selling-genesis-by-the-pound, sfudwin, sfxbuff9, shaunyboi2, shawnshope, shenz**, sherry4057, shopafrolixx, simba3071, siouxsie_n_dave1978, sizukagambaten, skymac2009, smokinvt, snappleman75, snoopy2011sarahlouise, sofia60077, softex100, sonrisasibe, spelio79, spugglington, stills_springfield, sumsumalon, sunshinerust_bucket, superhomer92, suprina79, susi70_1, svaupair, swazi5056146, sweetladyp11, swhitham90, tabzjd, tangdaimeinu, taylanewby, tchello-77, tecwolf99, tendances-chic-carbonne, tepecikliyim, terribletooooo, terry4clothes, terrytibbs-2009, tflpaul, theevilgenius666999, thefleamusketeers1, thehulk1234, thelokester, thepinkzebrascloset, thomas74bradley, tiaanamusanhi, timetogo9943, tinataing, tinkthumper269, tinute17, tlcworks4me2013, tomos321, tomr10, tonyhagg, toyin_ola001, tracy37_scubadiving, trapshooterck, trendystijl, trev19480, trikkericnjo, tronjehagen, trueblucobra, tsdw, tsonka123, tuckwoodl, tvictvic, twilight-wonderland, uk.alternative.stuff, ukfootballshirt1, ukmustang47, uneedaface, veelo4, vh308ss, vintiquitty, vodice2011, vsahara, vsemoe60, w197411, walk2uk, walletworld42038, walshydon1987, warez314r8, warranty0_1, webuyeverything-2013, weshopshopshop2010, williams.sarahj, wmd_1, wutipun, wyrdsquig, xena-the-dog, yeogav, zyeboy08

    Those with a UK eBay account can copy the list and then click this link to paste them into your blocked list.

  22. Idiots on eBay on May 19th, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Shafted by another in the USA.
    Scott Boyle
    1531 Latona Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19146
    United States
    Tel: 484 431 4844

  23. Mark Jekabsons on June 22nd, 2015 at 3:55 am

    Buyer beware of Kris Brewer-Charles (or Kristopher Brewer-Charles) possibly living in Queensland or NSW, Australia. There is already one post about him, from angelamalt, listed here. As with the other complainant, he has scammed our family out of $820 that was paid for a camera that he never had any intention of sending and then kept the money. We have reported him through the ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) and I encourage others to do the same. I would also like to hear from others who have been scammed by him. He is now operating through Gumtree as well as Ebay.

  24. ianh202 – Buy one get one free. 🙁

  25. Claire Webster on August 9th, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Avoid OLDKITTBAG like the plague. False claims of missing items which they clearly keep and then receive refund!

  26. This woman bought an item on ‘BUY it NOW’ and then did not pay ????!!! kathleens-gems13
    She is now on my blocked buyers list along with the rest
    12-12-2005, 1herethereneverywhere, 2013.vilhe, 211madalex211, 828_farley, a-goddard, aatar, abisalova, adilson18pepe, advertisingantiquesltd, alan_shearer2312, alphi365, anniet1386, archangelmichael, arilla7, aristoteplaton, auld-meg, b4bunty, bazwingrove, boutique*clothing_2007, branicarol, cafe-de-paris, cazjackie, cherokeec123, cheryyalpi, crdovicfann, dandandan80, dc8778, deminy*, dilbertbike, eb195d4c7a24620271fc088b01cf1c981082760184, energy-labs, fantasy-uk, fatihenes50, fontainemorgan, fulhamgirl1986, g_erope_4wiuh39fha, garnera3146, gggokhan61, goodapparel, harriet8180, hilary1181, horseloverdi, iandorcovert, image, jaguarknllucacara4v5, jesse-rees, jofu1975, johnm6268, k2hometextile, kamahama34, kathleens-gems13, l-enright-087, lagot61emirali, lilycarina2008, lilyjoi, lipstic78, lloydyboy69, lozyjane, lyndaa155, m, marylynnea2005, mikeetre, mill4423_o1ezz, mimmino.0558, mrgranda1, music80sbm, mystyleoxo8, nanabarbora, nancy.2007, ncc1701jlp, nicpt77, ozzykingdom, paddy6536, pamela610_5, peter7711, petrol-in-my-veins, pinetea, pinkanglz, potmarin, psychedelax, qingyayuan463, roberclub, scouserann, scrabble1982, sensibel100, shoeflowerpink, stevecg1, sweeper*123, theb17s, theresalyne, tina6629, togieuk, tryork5ifp, w.sam.w, zsozso2010, 清雅苑, 174060806@deleted, 278072990@deleted,

    154-hn, 2013vinny2013, 31endless61, adtx81, andreas-patras, aoboco, apokalips_ryder, billie9706, cacmyworld, cc71bbod, coinfan31, debir1953, eamthomas, eawill6582, eightofus06, fayenphillip, fl_surf7, gardengategreenhouse, greenwonders77, gregs2021, hdefreitas73, istriabella, itsyourluckydaytoday, jeepluck13, jusmfdc1y4jpr, lizalikesgarfield, love2bechic, lqdawg1, maceyma2009, mansioncove, mfp9194, mhakprang, nbur1460, nicolej455-us, okutk_okutk, phil_ash, pigletblueeyes, pitvandong, popatlal1000, ralphh101007, ripperweld, ritchiez26bb, sdog4105, southern_fried_creations, talasecret, westernduds, z282fastcar, zepesh, zipperlicious

  28. Shafted by this Aussie – item not received fraud.


    John Lee
    Level 38
    2 Chifley Square
    Sydney, New South Wales 2000


    Buyer in US orders item 21st December from the UK. On 13th January, he charges back as “item not received” hoping to get some free stuff from the Brit.

    He commits this item not received fraud only 11 WORKING days after dispatch KNOWING as there has been a holiday week and two weekends over Xmas and New Year. He knows the item will be late due ti international mail plus Xmas/new Year delays, but still CHOOSES to defraud us.

    Here are his details.

    Robert Denton

    eBay ID: rock007_1

    Robert Denton
    4901 W 93rd Ave
    Apt 1614
    Westminster, CO 80031-6332
    United States

  30. Scammed by an item not received one here:

    nabeela khan


    Mohammed Azeem
    16 Edgbaston Road
    Birmingham, West Midlands
    B66 4LA

  31. ebay user ukjam_awvcr cancels auctions over and over again then relists the same item. wife won item waited a week for it to arrive and then auction was canceled and the item relisted 2 days later. same items relisted over 8 times. user is a complete timewaster

  32. Shafted by a Kraut:

    Frank Döllinger
    Frank Döllinger
    im Hinterhof
    41542 Dormagen

    Item not received fraud.

  33. SELLER buyitnowshop2009 – Yet Another Liar and scammer

    Purchased an iphone 6 screen, when it turned up I immediately noticed there was something wrong with it, the frame and LCD didn’t line up, the glass was also so badly twisted you couldnt fit to the phone. Messaged the seller who didnt want me to send the faulty one back but promised to send a replacement, that was back in January?? Logged a PayPal claim and PayPal asked me to send it back? The screen wasn’t any good to any one, I even took pictures but didnt have the screen, after 4 months and the seller telling me he didnt want it, I threw it away…..still out of pocket $100 and no screen (SO MUCH FOR BUYER PROTECTION & PAYPAL’S PROTECTION POLICY)

  34. discountworks

    Brian Chickloski c/o Cantex Trading
    1399 SW 30th Ave
    Ste 5
    BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33426-9031 United States

    This dreadful little man tried to get free stuff using feedback extortion. He then sent rude and threatening emails calling me names like “trailer trash”.

    Please block him.

  35. This person has been harrasing my mate on eBay. he hasn’t even bought anything from this idiot, or sold anything to this idiot. He/she has been reported to eBay for harrassment and this is the response.
    Beware, this seller is nuts and does everything they can to harrass other innocent sellers. eBay is doing nothing to help.

    New message from: yipkiaye (504Purple Star)
    :))))) ebays response to your complaint – ‘ Although eBay maintains a neutral position regarding this complaint, we want you to know that a complaint was received. ‘

  36. yellowbear44

    this persistent non payer trashes your feedback when you open NPB procedure on ebay. I advise all to add it to blocked bidder list.

  37. grahame4321uk Another persistant nonpayer to add to your bb list.





  39. bobnostroclom – Rude, time waster, doesnt pay, wont collect, should you get chance go and read his feedback left for others. What a door knob!

  40. thoma_wt40i

    unregistered business seller, buys your stuff to examine if they can make a profit then does return with bullshit excuses. Usually daughter “doesn’t like it”. Block this time waster. Makes thousands on ebay without registering as a business.

  41. Luan Tran of 5814 S. Bell Street, Tacoma, WA 98408 (253-279-4005) bid aggressively throughout my auction. Auction had a reserve placed on it. Luan had high bid a few days before the auction was scheduled to end, but had yet to crack the reserve. The day before the auction was to end, Luan bid against himself to bump the price up to the point where he finally cracked the reserve. When nobody else bid, he wound up winning the auction. The next morning I received a message from him via eBay’s message system that he would not pay. Here was his exact message: “Sorry, but i think im going to back out on this. Please cancel for me as im not going to make this purchase. Thanks and sorry for all the problem.” I knew that he also sold video games as well as purchased, but it was the morning after that I found out he placed his own copy of the SAME game up for sale on eBay. This constitutes auction tampering. This man made certain to end my auction with him being the winner so that he could take me out of the running and give his game a better chance of selling.

  42. If you value your feedback block this member: luv2sell_uk

    This member has left me vindictive unfair negative feedback, destroying an unblemished record going back to 2001. Why? I advertised an old iPad (item 253197883569) as faulty for spares or repair, he won it but then asked a series of questions indicating he expected it to be either working or an easy fix. I tried to dissuade him from paying, but he went ahead anyway, then threatened feedback blackmail if it wasn’t as he expected, then warned me to “take care as I did not know who I was dealing with”. I returned his money and he then trashed my feedback. No response from eBay yet regarding the multiple breaches of policy.

    The member’s full details are:
    Hugo Conceicao (aka “Jason B”)
    24 South Street
    RG4 8HY

  43. jon White (jonny) on November 23rd, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Here’s a little story annoying but true – about a slimer of a seller who won’t pay his due!!! This has been listed so people can see that all supposedly good eBayers are not always what they seem. But saying that, there is always some risk whatever you buy. Just trying to ‘name and shame him’ as although he comes over as ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ is really a arrogant seller who couldn’t care less as long as he has your money!! Although by his feedback he is just mainly a buyer, and has not the brain to know what he should do when things go wrong. Except he sure knows how to keep his own ends good!!

    On the 4th July I won a Coopers cordless cylinder mower from ‘graykir’ (his username) and paid by paypal. I collected on the 6th July ( approx 53 miles each way as I really wanted this ) and saw the mower working for about five seconds and as it looked almost new so did not worry.

    When I tried it the next day it worked for around 2 minutes then stopped. Tried all manner of things but would not go. Battery was fully charged but no lights and totally dead. Seller replied to my email making excuses that his wife was ill and the mower was fine when he last used it! After numerous emails to him I heard nothing and he would not reply again. So I decided to escalate this to eBay’s resolution centre, but had to wait about 7 days I believe before I could use it. In the meantime the seller still would not reply to me.

    But, would you believe, this crafty scumbag of a seller had already beaten me to the resolution centre and somehow got the case voted in his favor. I contacted eBay who told me that because I had collected the item and seen it working there was nothing I could do. Well brilliant-I’ve just lost £60.00p. Would not even agree to a part refund at the outset to help put matters right. A real arrogant piece of work.

    So in anger and frustration I left him negative feedback and rightly deserved. but- again, low and behold this slimer after a few days managed to get this removed from his feedback! Don’t know how but obviously cringed to eBay who in their ultimate wisdom and and some unknown reason took it off as not to upset his ‘so -called’ unblemished record. This lowlife has ‘scammed’ me out of £60.00p, still sitting pretty and eBay could not give a toss.

    Paypal were more helpful as they granted me a full refund after I had explained what had happened, but it was going to cost me around £15.00p to ship it back to him – yes, I would have to pay the shipping costs!!! So either way I was still the looser!

    Now the moral of this tale is – if you collect any item, make damned sure that you give it a thorough checking and are satisfied all is working Ok as eBay will not refund for a collected item! If you pay with Paypal and the item is not as described etc you will have a big problem getting a refund especially if the seller is a ‘real slimer’ like this one!

    Although saying that, whatever method you choose to pay, a half decent seller would be only too pleased to put matters right!

    If you read this this ‘graykir’ you will know who you are, then maybe grow a pair and do the right thing!!

    To all other ‘honest’ eBayer’s I say again, be very careful if you collect and make sure you check the item fully. Don’t worry about taking your time as it is your prerogative and your right.

    As you can see in the photos, this has given me a bit of a headache and am quite screwed up about it as you can see, and by my wife’s ‘teeth gnashing’ expression you can tell what she would like to do to this slimeball!! Thinking of changing my username to ‘ever-been-had’.

    Please note that this is a eBay informative listing to help protect and inform genuine Ebayer’s from supposedly honest but devious sellers and of no sale value.
    Avoid this slimey seller at all costs. If things go wrong for you – he will worm his way out of putting it right! Remember the username ,graykir’ Address 25 Harters Close,
    Coxley, Wells, Somerset.
    Best regards to all genuine eBayer’s who read this – Jon.

  44. Karen-1965-store bought an item, called it dodgy, swore at my reasonable response and then said for a partial refund she’d not give me bad feedback. She then gave me bad feedback anyway before the case has even closed. Everyone else has been delighted with my similar items. She has opened a request refund case and yet said I can just send her the price for the postage only, which it appears I can not do. I seem only allowed to refund for the whole price. Her feedbacks include lots of negative feedback to sellers and their reasonable responses tell it all. She is bombarding me with offensive messages all night and day. I have reported her to ebay and Paypal as unethical and problematic buyer. I fear she was bullied at school…..

  45. Ben carpenter id carpb717 very very slow to pay won a auction from me and has not paid the item was won yesterday by him at 1 pm eastern our time I have sent him the invoice and message to pay I’am thinking about cancling his order and re listing it

  46. Watch out for keary1985. She will not follow any recognised return policy and will not send an item back to an address if she does not like it.

  47. Please share and share and share you may save some one else being ripped of by these Non Australians. Thieves liars and cheats Feedback refers to the Sellers on Ebay these ones are the scum of the earth they steel from pensioners then ignore messages and it seems that they are supported by Ebay. I paid $260 for a lens within 5 mins of purchase waited for postage notification I had to ask 4 days later info sent 5 days later item was not sent only information. I am finding Many sellers on Ebay doing exactly this is it any wonder that sellers are all now branded as cheats and liars. If you don’t want your name shamed then do something about it help Ebay scour the scum from the bottom of the barrel and delete them.

  48. Beware of house-of-pens trading as sec221 from 33 Manor Ave, Fulwood, Preston, Lancs PR28DN tel 07719 393088, email (which they dont answer)
    I payed for the goods have not received them despite them saying they sent them out twice.
    I cant believe that Royal Mail have lost 2 packages I note they have a number of negative feed backs for this reason. Luckily it was only a small amount (under £5) so no great loss, but its annoying that people like this are trading. I certainly wont be buying from them again

  49. Careful of a guy called Boris (dr-burgiss) selling a Toyota Colorado. Looks great but he’s in London and the car in Bulgaria. The license plate is blurred. I finally got it from him 5 minutes before the auction ended PB0674AK then then said he doesn’t know how to check the history. He also called me on whatsapp, I tried using truecaller etc and there is zero info. He was trying to sell me a ton of stuff all from bulgaria that I had no interest in. He’s based in Greenford, Middlesex 07426825392

  50. This is more to inform other buyers than anything else.


    Is selling bootlegged toys, I have purchased a few China copies if I cannot find my Anime Figurines original for decent prices or available. Some sellers perform quality checks. I have received a few fake collectable where the seller had a quality check sticker on the box, this is amazing and I can only praise them.

    I have also had boxes where the parts were missing, discoloured or same left side parts for right side. Basically no checks whatsoever done. Honestly, I don’t get it why they wouldn’t perform a quick check, considering the item is coming from such a distance and returns/replacements are hard. Win/Win for both buyers and sellers in my eyes. Bad item sent, buyers leaves negative feedback.

    Anyhow, their listings give the impression that they care and provide great aftercare, so I asked him if he did any quality checks to avoid missing or wrong parts.

    No answer but they did block me from buying from them. I just wanted other buyers to be aware since there isn’t much I can do. Sad thing is, I was going to buy from them 6 sets of figurines anyhow (response or not), I just wanted to make sure the transaction was as painless as possible for both sides. Plenty of other sellers selling the same bootlegged item.

    Anyone else buying from them, don’t bother messaging about quality or anything. Just buy and dispute if not satisfactory, great lesson learned.

    My plan was to buy one, see the quality, then buy the rest.

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