As an eBayer, its always disheartening when you get a stupid buyer who cannot read the listing properly, is too lazy to check facts and then attempts to hold the seller responsible.

These people abound on eBay. Today, we have a superb example of such a person to publicise on the blog. Sometimes, stupidity knows no bounds as you will read.

Eddie is a cove who drives a Chrysler 300C. Eddie is an eBayer. Eddie is a person who cannot read.

Here is Eddie in case you encounter him:


His email address is:


His ebay ID is:


His phone number is:

01236 731515

Here is Eddie’s story.  He bought some parts he hoped would fit his car. Here is part of the text from what he bought:

IMPORTANT: I just called the store, and gave him the part numbers, and he gave me the car models and years above. However, this is second-hand information, so you MUST check the car you intend to fit them to on their website and/or call them and check compatibility for your car. I will not accept returns on these items, so it is YOUR responsibility to make sure they fit your car before you buy.

Not rocket science is it? Could that be any clearer? Part number was supplied, supplying website was supplied, phone numbers to cross reference was supplied. How can anyone get that wrong?

Well enter Eddie! He couldn’t be bothered doing any of those things. He was too lazy. He just bought the parts on spec *hoping* they might fit his car.

Better still, Eddie doesn’t want to take responsibility for his own actions. Not only can he not read, is too lazy to check application details, but he feels his *stupidity* is cause to leave negative feedback for the seller.

Negative feedback rating does not fit my Chrysler 300c as stated in the advert. missled and disapointed!

Well, we’ll overlook his illiteracy and poor spelling for now. But how exactly, based on the above, was he “missled” [sic]?

Disappointed perhaps. Stupidity has a habit of doing that to people periodically. Some people will continue to be disappointed in life. Those who fail to read, perhaps more so.

eBay has a wonderful facility where sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers. So one must resort to other methods to spread the good word.

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