Russian Ukrainian Adventures Forum Newsletter – New Year 2010/2011

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Forum Newsletter – New Year 2010/2011.

This is our first newsletter in quite some time, and first I want to take a moment to welcome again our many new members to the conversation forums that we have gained recently. Some have arrived from other forums, some from US radio shows, some from Yahoo groups and others from the Russian Bride Guide. It’s good to have so many new members. Please do not be shy about jumping into any conversations on the forum that pique your interest.

So What’s Happening?

It has been mentioned across several forum topics of late that there are changes coming across the mail-order-bride industry. They are now on the horizon and looming rapidly into view. Many of you will know our member Andrewfi aka Andrew Wilson who lives in Estonia. In recent months, he has been quietly studying the changes as they happen, and contemplating what they denote for the future of both marriage agency owners and their clients. This month he has written a hard-hitting report detailing his findings. You can download a copy completely FREE of charge by clicking this link: Death of the Russian Bride Industry. There is also a discussion topic on the subject linked below.

On a lighter note, our esteemed moderator Mendeleyev, in between working tirelessly on the forum, writing on his fast growing blog The Mendeleyev Journal and his other journalism work, has managed to find time to launch an internet-based Radio station. Its a great mix of smooth music that is perfect at work, at home or anywhere. Once each hour the news is briefly updated from CBS Radio. Tune in here: Smooth Favourites Internet Radio and check out his dulcet tones in between tracks.

We have managed to lasso our long-suffering chat room moderator and Myspace editor 2TallBill into the general moderator group. It takes quite a few pairs of hands to ensure the forums remain spammer-free and tidy. We welcome him into the fold. Don’t be too hard on him while he finds his feet and learns how the back room stuff works.

New Forum Software

If you have not visited us for a while, when you do drop by, you will notice the forum has a clean new look. Our excellent tech Herrie has upgraded the software on the site to the very latest version. There is much more functionality and the site is now faster than ever thanks also to our recent swap to dedicated internet servers. If you encounter any problems using the new forum with Internet Explorer, can we suggest you try Google Chrome or Firefox instead?

Current Popular Topics

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What else is going on?

The chat room is now cooler than ever and fully integrated into the forum thanks to Herrie. Check it out this weekend here: RUA Chat Room

Social Media

You can still find us on Twitter: RussianWomenHQ and on MySpace: RUA on MySpace

Anything Else?

That’s about it for now. This newsletter is a short one. We hope all our members had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas, and as this is the last newsletter this year, we wish you all a great New Year 2011, good health, prosperity and the love of a good woman (with a foxy accent) in 2011.

The Team.

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