Parcel2go and Hermes Overweight Parcel “Extra Payment Required” Rip Off.

Have you had the “Extra Payment Required” email from Parcel2Go?

As online sellers, we access the services of Hermes/myHermes sometimes direct, and sometimes through – depending which platform we are booking from.

Years ago, everyone used to book everything at 0.99kgs and anything up to about 3kgs would go through without a hitch. That was never going to last.

In the last 18 months, Hermes have started routinely weighing everything, so weights must be accurate. No big deal and not rocket science to make sure which band your parcel falls into, right?

We only use Parcel2Go/Hermes for low value parcels (things you can afford to lose) under two kilos. So there are two bands: 0 – 1kg and 1 – 2kg.

We use digital mail scales, so we know our weights are right. Thus we know that we are booking the correct weight band.

So here is what happens. About once a week, sometimes twice a week, we get this email:

Dear [customer name],Thank you for booking with us and using Hermes to send your parcel.

Unfortunately, Hermes have informed us that your parcel weighed/measured more than was declared when it was booked on our website. The parcel was declared as 1.00kg (20 x 20 x 20), however the actual weight/dimensions are 1.10kg (20 x 20 x 20).

We understand mistakes can be made and we operate tolerances to allow for small mistakes, however due to the size of this discrepancy, we unfortunately need to charge for this misdeclaration.

Also, due to the increased cost in processing misdeclarations, which include identifying and weighing the parcel, an additional handling charge of £2.50 is included in the underpayment total.

The total underpayment due is £ 3.49 + VAT. You can pay this charge now via the link below or find it in your basket and pay it the next time you check out with us.

Occasionally human error happens, so those of us who send many parcels will expect to make the odd mistake and have this bite us in the arse.

However, I have noticed a pattern here.

It only seems to happen with the under 1kg band with parcels that are over 900g in weight, but under the 1kg threshold. The weight they say they are is always 1.1kgs.

If your parcel was not in fact overweight, how can you prove it? The answer is you cant, because they have your parcel, and Parcel2Go/Hermes have you over a barrel here.

We got another one of these a few days ago, so on the basis that the staff will start having deductions for these “errors” if they continue, I decided to investigate this one.

Using the P2G number, I traced the order, looked at what the item sent was (an item in standard retail packaging that we sell) and weighed another one. Better than that, I took another from our pending orders, taped it myself and added a label. The weight? 975g. I checked the weight stored on our system: 975g. I checked the manufacturers declared weight: 950g. So the 25g is tape and label.

The staff routinely weigh each and every Parcel2Go item because they are aware of this issue. On the day in question, everything that went out was checked.

This means our parcel was NOT overweight.

Dyson Spare Parts

This probably means none of our parcels were ever overweight since the “Extra Payment Required” emails started arriving.

This smells to me like a quiet little scam by either Parcel2Go or Hermes.

But as we also use Hermes directly, and don’t get these penalties from Hermes directly, it would appear that this is generated at Parcel2Go – but we cannot be sure.

What I can be sure of is Parcel2Go have extracted by now several hundred pounds out of me with this little scam.

For “overweight” parcels that I reckon were nothing of the sort.

So what to do?

Well, here is the problem with Parcel2Go and Hermes. You get what your pay for. Its a cheap service. This means zero competent customer service of any description.

Both organisatons are set up to dissuade you from contacting anyone if something goes wrong. Daft email support (copy and paste replies) and dire “live help” that will have your dripping in cobwebs by the time you get anywhere.

Try and do a claim for a lost/stolen/misdelivered/undelivered item and you will see what I mean. If you have a spare few hours, you may eventually get your money back. The system is designed so you cant be bothered and will write their mistakes off.

Sure you can email “” but nothing will happen. When faced with facts and logic, they will simply stop replying.

Customer service is not a hallmark of either Parcel2Go or Hermes – both are totally chronic in this regard. The fact is they simply don’t give a shit – they only want your money.

I estimate that between this “Extra Payment Required” scam and the few items that are stolen, lost, delivered wrongly or not at all, we will have issues with up to 5% of Hermes bookings.

Its probably time for us to start using a better courier or continue to self-indemnify against their mistakes as there are not enough hours in the day to chase them for losses and dishonesty.

So why is this out here?

I wanted to get this out here because I want to see if anyone else has had enough of being overcharged in this way by Parcel2Go and how big a scale this is happening on.

Parcel2Go and/or Hermes might be clawing quite a lot of money in from this little racket. And a racket is what I believe it is.

Parcel2Go will not even engage with us on the subject of the “Extra Payment Required” subject – despite our trying – they just keep charging us for it. 

I suspect it isn’t only happening to us. I suspect there are other sellers out there writing off a fiver once or twice a week, assuming they or their staff made a mistake. Again. But deep down they cannot see how. And they will Google and land here……..

If this is happening to you, please use the comment box below to say so. thumbs

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105 Responses to Parcel2go and Hermes Overweight Parcel “Extra Payment Required” Rip Off.

  1. Mary says:

    Had a request for extra £34.53 from Parcel2Go for a Parcelforce parcel to Australia. It was a print rolled in a tube weighing .5kg and they say it weighs 8kg!!!!!
    Rang Parcelforce who say the item has been delivered and no charge is outstanding. If there was a charge the parcel would not have been delivered and the recipient would be the one to pay.
    I will not be paying.


    TWO of these in 6 days … 1 from Hermes claiming a 565g game was 2.5kg and 1 from parcel2go claiming over stated size ( I have photo evidence on my ebay listing to disprove this one ) .
    This is a massive con involving BOTH companies ans I have some spare time on my hands so it’s time to make a few calls ….
    F..king hate being ripped off .

  3. J Hawkins says:

    Have been using My Hermes via P2G for several years. This issue is a regular occurance for us. Live help is of no help at all as they ask you send photos of the parcel on some scales several days after the item has been delivered to the customer. If anyone is tempted to organise a class action against P2G then let everyone else know.

  4. Friend says:

    Use this email address to contact parcel2go. I paid the “underpayment” and then challenged it. They (say) are refunding me the surcharge as a “gesture of goodwill” They reconned my parcel was oversize and i had booked a hermes small parcel service. There is no option to do this!
    Anyway, email them here with your original P2G tracking number and state your case.

  5. Steve Late says:

    I work for Hermes. When a parcel is oversize or overweight the delivery courier has to fill an online form. When the form is accepted the courier will get about 20p extra. Hermes make no checks whatsoever, couriers want to send these parcels back for checking but Hermes insist the parcel be posted. As a result Hermes send out an automated e-mail demanding your money. This is known within the Industry as the packet racket. On the face of it you may blame the courier but when he/she has to cope with the rain/heat/pressure of work some make guesstimates. The fault is with Hermes they do not invest in parcel checking

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