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Range Rover Sport Dash Non-Slip Mat fits under Sat Nav – No More Flying Keys!

This is the small rubber mat that sits under the navigation screen in Range Rover Sport models produced between 2005-2009 (and some Land Rover Discovery 3 models that had the same dashboard). This little mat puts an end to keys, phones and sunglasses flying off the little shelf.

About this item: This is a genuine Land Rover part. Please check the photos carefully (click them to enlarge them) to make sure the car you are ordering this part for has the same dash as pictured here. Continue reading

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How Dyson Tries to Control the After-Market – The Future of Refurbished Dysons

This is from a Dyson dealer in a member-only forum in the Dyson trade business:

I think the window of opportunity for large scale refurbing of machines is coming to an end. I’ll explain why I think that and we’ll maybe discuss.

When James Dyson had the reigns of the company instead of Max Conze and the bean counters as we have now, they made good products that lasted. Great for consumers and folks like us who refurb stuff, but bad for the long term growth of Dyson.

I call it the Volvo effect: Remember the Volvo 240, the 740 and the 940? Proper things; albeit facelifted versions of the same things. Built like tanks, cheap and easy to fix and lasted for years. Those cars were so good that Volvo went skint and started rebadging French cars along the way down to ownership by Ford, etc. Because repeat custom was low as the product was too good.

Why would you sell someone a product and not see that buyer again for fifteen years, when you could sell them a product that has built in natural short term expiry, beyond which it is an uneconomical repair? That way you see the customer again right after the guarantee runs out.

In reality, Dyson was a one trick Pony. The DC01 was OK, but the DC04 was really the one that made the company. But, for example, my Dad still has one of the very first DC04’s we imported brand new in the late 90’s. As do literally hundreds of thousands of other people.

The DC07, a DC04 with a different cyclone. A facelift.

The DC14, a revamped DC04.

The DC27 has a carriage design fault that nobody seems to be able to figure out how to fix.
The DC33, a shoddier, cheaper built, facelifted DC14. Pretty much a DC04 under the skin.

And at the DC33, they killed the model that made the company. That design is now dead. It was still too good.

Along the way we had the over-complicated and expensive to repair DC15 and DC18. The future!

What we have since is facelifts and evolution of the DC18. Each one more complicated, with more to go wrong, and inbuilt design flaws and intended short life components.

Balls are built to blow up or fall to bits at the end of the guarantee period. Many do so well before then. Early expiry by design.

If they learn by the mistakes of making the parts and tools fit all models, which they have, they can minimise the impact of the aftermarket on parts prices by making everything that little bit different along the way so parts are not interchangeable (DC18 and DC25 cyclones are early evidence of this – same item, bar one tweak which stops one working on the other).

Fast forward to today, and we have the DC41, discussed here. A machine so overly complicated to take apart, with parts so expensive, and design so awful that core units will be in no condition to refurbish in the future. Even the ducts were falling apart on the “clean ones” we got. We had to glue them up and make some pretty shoddy chemical metal repairs here and there I wasn’t really happy with. They have the inbuilt design fault that renders most in need of a new cleaner head (shitty wheel causing glueing to the floor and Johnson brushroll motor from the DC25).

DC41’s we here will see in two or three years will be in no condition to refurbish without practically renewing the machine. Who does hand-helds? Also crap and no small parts available for.

This means our window of opportunity has expired on new models. Dyson have closed the door (as they have tried to do on Airblades – but thats another story)

This leaves the refurbers window of opportunity the DC04, DC07, DC14 and DC33. To a lesser extent we might add the DC24 and DC25 (both riddled with design faults but just doable).

We are seeing some DC04 stuff going obsolete the last few weeks, soon they will pull support as they did with the DC01. Why the DC01 is almost gone.

We will be left with the 7, 14 and 33 as easy to do machines with plentiful parts. Followed up by the 24 and 25. When they get older? Job done.

Aggressive “trade in” deals is causing over supply in the core machine market. We was reaching out for machines a year ago. This week we turned down 120, and that is after moving along about a hundred into the trade recently “as is”. That wont last long, just long enough to pull a few hundred thousand more older machines out of the market to overwhelm the aftermarket and create export to the developing world, which is already happening – we already exported some machines this way.

Export en masse of core units is good for a manufacturer – it empties the main marketplace (where the profit is) of old products people can recycle. When did you last see a Volvo 940 or a Mercedes 307D/308D/310D T1 van?

You didnt because they all quietly vanished on boats to Africa. Volvo and Mercedes created export demand – as Dyson are doing. Soon we will see guys buying up old units to send to Africa, India and maybe Russia in container loads (remember when all the Ladas went back to Russia in 97-98?).

I give it five years tops. After which all that will be available is smashed up DC41’s and later models that will be uneconomical and over-complicated to repair leaving no decent profit margin. So the refurbed machine market will die. We’ll all get a good run on DC14’s (aka Volvo 940) now for a while, but when they start to look old hat, the easy days will be behind us.

This has all been planned by Dyson carefully to kill the refurbed machine aftermarket (an unintended consequence of a quality product), and by extension reign in the burgeoning after-market. Every machine any of us sell is a potential lost sale to them how they see it. I don’t agree with that (I think the customers are quite different), but I heard it from the horses mouth: A Dyson staff member. Why they closed our spares account without warning. Explanation? “We don’t support what you do. We don’t support the refurbished product market. We refuse to supply you, and have notified every dealer in Europe not to supply you.” Well, I like to ruffle feathers. I am flattered they noticed us.

Any thoughts or opinions out there? Continue reading

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Disponibilité de Dyson DC01 Pièces de rechange

Retour en 2011 , nous avons ici à Dyson Medic signalé sur le de DC01 Pièces .

Nous avons souligné que Dyson a tiré la prise sur toutes les pièces de rechange d’approvisionnement pour le DC01 et DC02 tout à fait, et même, dans certains pays , nous savons qu’ils ont envoyé ce qui restait des pièces de rechange pour les fins de destruction à des entreprises spécialisées.

La question Dyson face était semblable à ce que Volvo avait une fois : Certains modèles ont été conçus si bien que les propriétaires étaient enclins à avoir tout simplement faire réparer pendant de nombreuses années . Ainsi, le moyen de tuer les anciens est de cesser fourniture de pièces détachées et ils meurent lentement.

L’idée de marketing derrière cela est que les gens vont alors se précipiter et acheter un nouveau modèle Dyson balle , mais nous ne pensons pas que beaucoup d’entre eux font réellement . Ce que beaucoup vont faire après un DC01 suffisamment performant pour plus de quinze ans est évitent une nouvelle machine à plus de €300 au lieu d’acheter un reconditionné Dyson pour moins de la moitié .

Mais les amateurs de bricolage , et certainement les collectionneurs , voudront continuer à réparer leurs fidèles vieux DC01 de . Continue reading

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Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent in Gorton, Reddish or Denton.

Looking for a fast cash sale of your house in Manchester or Stockport?

If you have a house in Gorton, Reddish, Denton, Hyde, Dane Bank, Abbey Hey or very nearby to those areas, we can point you towards a fast cash buyer.

Not everyone wants to mess about with estate agents, hordes of viewers who have no funds in place and the other hassles and fees that go along with traditional house sales.

Cash for Houses Manchester are looking to purchase property in the Greater Manchester area. Any condition considered, tenanted, even CPO properties considered – Just ask!


In addition to buying for ourselves, we are associated with many buyers and procurers who represent large property investment companies and many overseas buyers, this allows us to utilise our contacts to get you a highly competitive price for your property or land.

If the prospect of a same day viewing & offer and a super fast completion (often within 7 days) appeals to you, then get in touch. Remember, we are fast & discreet, no ‘sale boards’ for the nosey neighbours and passers by to speculate about in cash purchase deals, nobody knowing your business!

It will cost you nothing, we will not bore you with hours of sales patter like most estate agents would and we dont hang around waiting for surveys. We will have a look around and make you an offer – simple as that!

Sounds painless doesn’t it?

Property Bought & Sold – Fast Viewing & Offers
Fast Completion – Often Within 7 Days
Buy & Rentback Schemes
Property In ANY Condition Considered
Tenanted Or Vacant Properties Purchased
Un-Modernised Bereavement Properties Purchased
Our ability to purchase houses without bank financing enables our company to act quickly and sets us apart from the rest.
Why do people accept lower than “market value” for their house?

People sometimes ask: “Why should I sell my house to you at that price?”

We present to you three scenarios……..
One – You can choose an Estate Agent who will come and over value your property and put it on the market, when you have signed an exclusive contract, when it does not sell straight away, they will propose a price reduction (down to what they should have told you in the first place) and then after a few months a buyer may appear, if he buys it he then goes away to arrange his finance, searches, surveys etc – maybe after many months your house will sell, unless the buyer gets stuck in a chain, loses his finance, changes his mind, finds a nicer house etc, maybe you have been there?

Two – You call half a dozen “cash for houses” people and accept the highest offer. They talk about fast completion but there are delays they will blame on your solicitor. You sign a contract and at the last minute they get in touch talking about problems, (the variants here can be many and numerous) and the end result is that they can complete next week for £X, which is unfortunately lower because blah blah blah……

Three – Our approach; We offer you what we think the house is worth to us, we look around, no official surveys, no messing about, and typically within one to two weeks the money is in your bank. Does that sound simpler? We think so. Continue reading

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Car Sales: Do Gentlemen’s Agreements Apply?

Car Sales: Do Gentlemen’s Agreements Apply? Is your word your bond?

What if you are offered much more money for what you are selling?

What if as a buyer, a much better deal just fell in your lap?

A guy recently said to me about a car transaction: “I’m old school and for me trust is everything, even if no deposit was given” – This was a guy who had agreed in principle to buy a car over the telephone and email. The seller sold the car to someone else while this guy was making arrangements to collect it and pay.
The old school guy thought the seller had committed some heinous crime. I didn’t agree. I said without a deposit there is no firm deal.

Even with a deposit, the seller would have had the option to refund it and accept more money from someone else. I might frown on someone who does that, but not much can be done. At the end of the day, it is his car to do as he pleases with until you have paid for it and drove away in it.

If I were selling something and someone was talking a good job but hadn’t put the money on the table, or even a good non-returnable deposit, I would not consider him serious and the car would still be for sale.

I learned years ago that speed is of the essence when buying anything at right money.

When I got the call that [what is now] my car was available to view, it was about 10am, I dropped what I was doing drove right over and it was on my drive paid for by 2pm. To do otherwise would have risked me losing it. And understandably so.

Gentlemens agreements are all very well if backed up by a non-returnable grand in twenties as a deposit. Without some money, its just some folks talking.
Here is what happened with a car I recently bought:

I did a provisional deal with my neighbour, who is a trader, on a Range Rover he had. I really wanted black with black leather, and this one was green with cream leather, but a very nice car, and he chooses cars well and knows his eggs, so I thought I would compromise on colour.

Instead of asking him to hold it as such, I said I would have my money ready within a week or two, and if he still had it I would have it.

Then he started driving all over the world in it. I offered him £2k deposit to park it up on his drive till I was ready – I didn’t want 2k extra miles on it. He declined and said he enjoyed driving it.

So a week or two later, I was ready. I collared him walking his dog early evening and said pop round with the docs and keys and I would cross his palm with some cash and do the deal. Naturally, I was itching to get my new motor.

He starts humming and hawing saying he had had a long day, was tired and maybe we will do it tomorrow. Confused

I dunno about you chaps, but someone is offering me five figures, I am there faster than you can turn on the light. How long does it take to give a bloke a log book and count some money? (I even have a machine for the latter.)

The following morning I collared him again and said “lets get on with it”. He said he wanted to use it today as he had some errands to do, wanted to get it mini valeted for me and lets fix 4pm as a time to do the deal. I just wanted to smoke off to work in it. As you do. But I reluctantly agreed 4pm anyway. Had he have delayed then, I would have said keep it. I was getting a bit miffed by now.

To rewind a tad, a few weeks prior, a chap I know who sells vans heard word of a nice black Range Rover coming in via a friend of a friend. “My mate said it is a proper thing” was the only cagey description I had of a car that may never materialise. Back then I expressed interest at having first look if and when it ever arrived. That was all a bit wishy washy and nothing to hang your hat on.

Then what happened…….

Half an hour after I had agreed to do the deal at 4pm, the other guy calls me up and says “Remember that Range Rover we talked about? Its here and exactly the one you wanted – and mint. Its in the trader and the phone is melting, but I promised you first shout, so get over here if you want first call”.

Well it was my preferred colour and spec, but it was also half the miles, a year newer, one owner against three, and a grand cheaper than the one I had just agreed to buy. It was a no brainer on-the-spot buy. £2k cheaper than it was in the trader at (he took no profit as he is old school with pals), and the phone was melting for it while I was there looking.

But that meant cocking on the one I had already agreed to buy. Shocked

Had my neighbour have taken the money when offered, the green one would have been on the drive and it would all be too late. As he had been faffing for two days and refused a deposit even, a more suitable one came along purely by chance. I reasoned it was his own fault for not taking the money when it was offered.

I had to make the call pulling out of the green one. I am very much a man of my word, and had he have thrown his dummy out of the pram, I would have bought it anyway and simply sold it on. As it was, he was pretty cool about it, he agreed the one I had found was a no-brainer at the money, and he has since popped a dateless plate on his one and decided to use it as his own car over winter.

So in that particular case, no harm was done, but in that case, I very uncharacteristically reneged on a deal I had verbally agreed to – although no money had changed hands. Which I think is the crux of the matter.

So what do you think?

Is a deal not a deal without money on the table?

Or is a gentleman’s agreement more important?

Or is a seller getting more money, or a buyer finding a much better car at the last minute a no-brainer? Continue reading

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Online Buyers Potential Scam List. Report Item Not Received Fraud here.

When you are an online seller, you are going to get stiffed now and again by a small percentage of your buyers – that’s a given. A small margin needs to be built into your prices to self-indemnify against this.

If you are an eBay seller, and/or a Paypal user, then you are guaranteed to get stiffed more often as their rules are stacked entirely against the seller. And buyers know that, hence those mediums attract many dishonest buyers.

With Paypal users, all they need to do is claim the item didn’t arrive – and they get free money as Paypal will refund them from your account. Simple as that. The seller will always be in the wrong.

You will have sent the item and Paypal will gleefully refund the buyer as well. Nice huh? Yes, it is unfair and maybe corrupt, but that’s the price of using Paypal.

This is called item not received fraud. Yes, its fraud. But, its hard to prove. So many of them get away with it time and time again.

If you are a seller that uses eBay and/or Paypal, unless you send the item tracked, the buyer can claim non-receipt. If you are selling low value items you have good markup on, you may choose to take the risk.

If the seller uses a credit or debit card (with the exception of transactions processed by Nochex that doesn’t allow chargebacks), they can also claim non receipt of goods and chargeback the payment without difficulty.

Certainly, in the USA, chargeback is often used instead of customer service it seems. Many Americans are too lazy to contact you in the event of a genuine problem, they just call their bank and do a chargeback.

If an item you sold, erm…. doesn’t arrive, you may take the view that sending another doesn’t cost you much (assuming that is the case). Most of the time, this will be item not received fraud, and the buyer simply wants two for the price of one.

You may alternatively choose to wash your hands of the buyer and choose to refund them for a quiet life. This way they simply get a free item. Either way, the buyer wins.

So here’s the thing: How many people are there out there enjoying free stuff and/or free refunds for their online shopping this way? And more to the point, what can honest online sellers do about it apart from document them somewhere for others to find?

We know that the amount of items delivered incorrectly and/or lost by the Post Office is minuscule compared to the volumes they handle. In the real world, as a volume online seller, you might expect two or three genuine item not received claims a year. If that.

Some small firms and online sellers get three a week! Gee, there are some unlucky people out there for whom Royal Mail doesn’t appear to work properly, eh?

Our websites take debit/credit cards and Paypal. Don’t you think it odd that almost ALL the item not received stuff we get is from Paypal users? People who know if you don’t cave in, they will get a refund anyway?

What NOT to do with Paypal Transactions:

Never allow an item to be collected. You cant prove delivery so they get free money – kerching!
Never send anything you cant afford to give away untracked. If they claim the item is not received, they get free money – kerching!
Never send to any address that isn’t the one documented on the Paypal transaction. If you do, they get free money – kerching! If they want delivery to another address, refund it and ask them to order/pay again using the correct address.
Never write on an item something like “If out, leave at number 29”. Ignore any requests to do so.
Never not send an item tracked because of buyer excuses about being at work and nobody to sign, etc. That is their problem – not yours.

Risk Profiling:

What we do now is send items tracked or not according to an informal risk profile we have developed.

If we think there may be risk attached to the transaction, and it is over a certain value, it goes by some kind of tracked service.

In reality, this means addresses in known shit holes like Salford, some parts of Newcastle, Manchester and London, and anywhere else most people wouldn’t want to live, is more likely to get sent Recorded Delivery or similar. Simply because we get a lot of item not received fraud from poor areas. Which stands to reason I suppose.

The name and type of address we also look at.

Mr N Nbokumogo, 15 Nelson Mandella Towers, Craptown, East London will have his order sent Recorded Delivery.

Mable Higginthorpe, Butterscotch Cottage, Twee Village, The Cotswolds, will have her order sent by normal mail.

This isn’t foolproof, as the squeezed middle class are now getting in on item not received fraud. Certainly the Quidco, Wowcher and brigade. They like something for nothing.

Risk Profiling on International Sales:

It goes without saying that you will be wasting your time selling to the third world – so forget Africa, India, most of South America and such places. Set up your shopping cart to exclude buyers from these locations.

Americans love to charge back, especially on foreigners, and usually before the item will have arrived from an international location anyway. Tracking is standard and cheap to do within the States. They understand no other method. So when they ask for a tracking number, and you haven’t got one, many chargeback fearing scam. Send to the US tracked if you cant afford to give it away.

Ireland (that is southern, not Northern) we seem to get more than our fair share of item not received fraud from. We set up our shopping cart to charge them higher shipping rates now to cover us to send everything there tracked.

Spain we also seem to get a few item not received claims from. Again, send stuff tracked there unless you can afford to give it away.

Heading Off Potential Item Not Received Fraud:

When we get one of these, we ask them to contact their local sorting office in case “a card wasn’t left”. We know they usually are, but it gives them a face-saving get out for the next bit.

We also ask for the location of their local sorting office so we can contact them directly, and perhaps ask them to start an investigation for theft in transit.

At the same time, we ask that they check with neighbours, look in bins, porches, sheds, etc. in case it was left there.

In over 50% of cases, that’s the last we hear of them!

Of course, they don’t want an investigation at their local sorting office in case the postie remembers the big brown box from last week, or someone there says “What again?” down there. These are serial item not received fraudsters who don’t want attention. They will back off from a seller who doesn’t immediately cave in and wants to investigate instead of refund without questions.

The Hard Nosed Ones:

From time to time, despite proof of delivery being available, some claim that they didn’t sign for it (the signature will always be an unintelligible squiggle or the name wont be the same). Others will claim an empty box was received. These are the ones who are narked you sent something tracked unexpectedly.

Invariably, these addresses will be flats or council estates. Often in areas with high immigration. We fight those claims and usually win.

So What to Do?

We routinely Google email addresses, names and addresses of people who claim items haven’t arrived in case they have been named and shamed somewhere. Occasionally they have, and a simple link to that content makes them go away duly rumbled. However, most of that type of content out there is about eBay, not private websites. So lets put that right.

If you have been shafted by someone on eBay, we have a name and shame article for that here: Name and Shame Bad eBayers where you can document the reprobate. There is more information and articles for eBayers also in this section: eBay information. Only document someone below if it is an item not received claim.
However, if you have suffered an item not received claim, or other spurious claim when selling online via any medium (especially your own site), these are the ones that we need to document for the benefit of each other.

If you get a claim and Google brings you here to read your buyer did it to someone else, that is highly unlikely to be a genuine claim. Rather, that is evidence you have encountered a serial fraudster you can then report to eBay, the bank or Paypal.

It is important to note that if we begin to list such people in the comments section below here, not all of them will be scammers and fraudsters. Some will be innocent people whose item genuinely didn’t arrive. For them, it should be no more onerous than being in a telephone directory. We accept that they may simply be the victim of bad luck.

However, if we build up a list below, and Google brings you here for an item not received claim being made against you, and that name and address is here – publish it again!

This can build to be an excellent list of exactly who these people are who don’t receive stuff so often.

Use the comment box below. You want name, address, email address, eBay name (if applicable) and brief outline of the circumstances.
About time online sellers fought back. Continue reading

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GoGabber Forum Newsletter Septermber 2013.

If you haven’t visited GoGabber in a while, allow us to bring you up to date!

As you probably know, the forums came under new ownership and management in late 2012; almost a year ago now. A lot has happened since then. GoGabber has its roots in the dating genre, but had morphed into a general chat site (in English and Russian languages) over the years. Following a member vote on the future direction of the site, it was decided to try to point the site slowly towards slightly more specific niches: World events, the economy, news and politics. With maybe a little travel, holidays and places thrown in (well, we like to be diverse).

Of course, you can still talk about pretty much anything at GG, but if you like political and current events debate or travel, then come and have another look as GG is changing.

Current Popular Topics:

US and Arab Intervention in Syria Imminent (Hot Topic!):

Another Form of Computer Fraud:

Muslim Riots In France – Guy Strangled Cop Giving Ticket To His Veiled Wife:

The Gibraltar Issue:

The Third-World Hellhole That is Detroit:

Bribery in Russia:

The Most Surprising Things About America:

Mumbai – The City of Contrasts:

Observations from Togliatti, Russia:


Most Online Dating Sites Won’t Match Republicans With Democrats:

What else is going on?

We have recently moved over to new super-fast UK dedicated cloud servers, so the site is nice and fast as a forum should be. We have continued to repair the little faults and update the site over the last few months, so everything is working like it should (fingers crossed).

Like any forum, GG has suffered its fair share of trolls and troublemakers over the years. However, over the last year or so, the moderation team has undergone some pretty drastic changes, and we are firmly on top of both spam and former troublemakers now. So you may find the atmoshphere at GG has changed for the better since you last looked in.

We have recently re-activated the site’s long-forgotten Twitter account. If you are a Twitter user, please follow us, tweet any of our topics that interest you to your followers using the buttons in every topic, and generally help us spread the word about GG any way you can. Find us at @gogabber_com Continue reading

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Post Office Refusing To Accept PPI Mail.

The purpose of this post is to name and shame a grotty little Post Office.

Windmill Lane Sub Post Office.
697 Windmill Lane,
Dane Bank, Denton,
M34 2ET
0161 336 3810

The branch is run by a nervous looking chap called Peter, together with another middle aged lady and an elderly lady.

This was one of the Post Offices we used to use each day to send business mail. My spend was between £20 and £100 per day there. I have been using them on and off for years.

When one spends at that kind of level in the Post Office, the time has way passed to move onto what is called PPI. That means you get a Royal Mail business account, pay online and get to use these things.

This is not only significantly cheaper, with no silly size restrictions, but saves you oodles of time too as the plan is you can simply drop off your sealed bags at the nearest Post Office.

No more queuing up behind twenty pensioners who forgot their PIN number to get their pensions. Just stroll to the front and dump your bags. Good eh?

Well, its good unless you want to drop your mail off at Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank.

Not that they have to actually do anything with it other than hand it to the next Royal Mail driver who comes in. They come in several times a day.

A few days ago, I mentioned to Peter in conversation at Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank that we would shortly be moving over to PPI. I didn’t get a reply. Was that a tinge of an attitude I detected? Time would tell.

Yesterday was our first crack at PPI. All duly done, bag sealed and correctly labelled up. I swanned into Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank with it and left it near their inner door and asked if that was OK. The middle aged woman looked a little flustered (which isn’t unusual in there), and asked me what it was.

I explained it was PPI, and she just looked blank. “All you need to do is hand it to the collection driver” I helpfully added. While she was ruminating on that seemingly complicated prospect, I thanked her and left.

Today I strolled in with my bag and the elderly woman was behind the counter.

She suddenly started shouting “Wait! You cant leave those here” over and over and hysterically gesticulating.

When asked why not, “no space!” was the reply.

It took a few moments for the penny to drop that if I wasn’t paying them directly, they didn’t want to take my mail.

Googling tells me that ‘no space’ or ‘health and safety’ is the only excuse they can use to justify this. And they are not alone in doing this. Some other Post Offices try to pull this gag with small businesses too.

Clearly absurd, because if I had been paying them for the mail as usual, there would be space. This is one sack remember — not twenty. I could see into the back room – there was ample space.

Out through the door trundles the bespectacled Peter to reinforce the statement they were not going to accept mail on behalf of Royal Mail, at a Post Office, that Royal Mail pays them a salary to run, and er…….. collect mail.

As I had been a customer so long, and am twice his size, he was understandably looking a little worried. He was sweating profusely, had gone crimson and wouldn’t look me in the eye.

I asked him, “Is this how it is now?”

He looked sheepish, then retreated back behind his glass before adding “We don’t have to accept it you know!”

That was his final ‘Yah Boo’ statement as I was leaving. Delivered in a snarky tone. I almost expected him to blow me a raspberry he looked so pleased with himself (or is that relieved to be back behind glass?)

I always find it illuminating when someone who turns out to be a bit of a snake shows you their other face in this way.

They were all just fine and smiley at the prospect of taking money from me each day for several years. I am fortunate to the degree that our business has grown enough that I need not stand for forty minutes any more while they tediously print labels. And invariably make many mistakes along the way, causing much sighing and peeling them off again — because they don’t listen.

Why not be honest and tell me the truth?

Why not just say “Thank you for giving us tens of thousands of pounds of your money the last four years — but now you can get stuffed mate”.

I would have preferred that honesty rather than watch Peter squirming and sweating with a crimson face making up stories about no space.

What perspiring Peter actually meant, is that he doesn’t support local business.

He doesn’t support local British business by refusing to accept their mail — despite being obliged to, and paid to do by Royal Mail – with one get out clause for the disingenuous: claim lack of space.

Yet, I expect he would be the first to ask for the support of the local community when Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank is earmarked for closure in the near future; which it surely will be, as there is a more efficient Asian-owned one very nearby on a main road. Closing Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank will be a no-brainer for Royal Mail.

I don’t generally support local Post Office closures, but I will support the closure of Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank. Simply on the grounds that they are not fit for purpose. If they wont accept business PPI mail (and are dishonest in their motives for not doing so), they have breached their contract of trust with Royal Mail and the public. Royal Mail hopefully doesn’t want to keep open dishonest Post Offices who lie to customers and fail to facilitate the RM revenue steam.

Well, hopefully they wont when my official complaint reaches the CEO.

Royal Mail listen up: Windmill Lane Post Office in Dane Bank is tucked away serving one estate only. Oak Drive Post Office at 655 Manchester Road, Denton, M34 2NA is only 0.8 miles away and on a main A road. Why have two so close?

Close down Dane Bank as it is no longer fit for purpose. It is a Post Office that doesn’t accept post!

A Post Office should be the backbone of the community in the same way that small business is the backbone of the economy. A Post Office is funded — sometimes at a loss by Royal Mail — to serve the community in which it resides. The Post Office is a public service.

One of the core raison d’etre for a Post Office to exist is as an entry point for mail into the Royal Mail network.

When a single Post Office decides it doesn’t want to collect mail any more then it is no longer fit for purpose.

If a Post Office is no longer fit for purpose — then logic dictates it should be closed.

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Dyson Medic Namen Manchester Vacs Empfohlene Dyson Ersatzteile Händler

Der Spezialist Dyson Staubsauger Ersatzteile Spezialisten Manchester Vacs haben ihre Online-Ersatzteillager neu aufgelegt.

Schon die größte unabhängige Einzelhandel Dyson Ersatzteile Lieferanten im Norden von England, Manchester Vacs haben nun ihr Produkt erweitert reicht noch weiter. Die Ersatzteile Inserate jetzt decken jeden aufrechten Modell Dyson DC01 von der rechten bis zu diesem DC50 produziert, während das Hinzufügen Ersatzteile auch für Nicht-UK-Zylinder-Modelle wie der DC29.

Die Palette der Dyson Ersatzteile nun Manchester geliefert VACS weit übersteigen, was Dyson selbst der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen, und sie bieten auch viele Ersatzteile dass Dyson zur Verfügung zu stellen, auch an den Handel ablehnen. Sie können die DC25 brushroll Motoren von Manchester Vacs kaufen, dass keine andere UK Dyson Ersatzteile Lieferant in der Lage, Quelle ist.

Manchester Vacs weiterhin innovativ und hat einmal mehr drehte den Dyson Ersatzteile-Markt auf den Kopf.

Recycled Dyson Ersatzteile waren schon immer ein großer Teil der Manchester Vacs Geschäftsmodell. Trotz immer größer im Laufe der Jahre hat sich das nicht geändert. Der neue Online-Shop noch heute zahlreiche Recycling-und erneuerter Ersatzteile reparieren. Kundenfeedback vorgeschlagen, dass die Menschen nicht nur Geld sparen, sondern auch zu gleicher Zeit grün zu genießen. Recycled Teile sind ein guter Weg, um das zu tun. Es wird behauptet, dass jeder von uns wegwirft über drei Tonnen gebrochen Elektrogeräte im Laufe unseres Lebens. Reparieren und verlängert die Lebensdauer Ihres Dyson ist grün. Es ist ein kleines Rädchen in der großen Maschine, die unsere Zukunftsfähigkeit ist.

England: Der Online-Shop hat jetzt seine Türen zum Weltmarkt machen es einfacher für Kunden in Australien, den USA und anderswo zu Quelle schwer zu finden Dyson Ersatzteile direkt aus dem Hause Dyson eröffnet. Manchester Vacs wird auch zu einigen Ländern, dass viele Zulieferer, mit wie Russland und der Ukraine Handel verweigern versenden.

“Manchester Vacs liefert Dyson Teile, die einfach sonst nirgendwo erhältlich sind. Sie waren die ersten, brushroll Entfernungs-Tools in Großbritannien zu verkaufen, und sie sind die ersten, DC25 Johnson brushroll Motoren und Leiterplatten verkaufen. . Sie weiterhin innovativ und drehen Sie den Dyson Ersatzteile-Markt auf den Kopf “, schrieb Angus Schwarz, der Autor des” Unofficial Dyson DC07 Werkstatthandbuch ‘und Sprecher für Dyson Medic – die älteste Dyson Überprüfung Website im Internet.

Manchester Vacs geben auch ihre Website-Besucher und Kunden zu einem globalen Internet-Beratung Forum für Dyson Enthusiasten und Werkstätten zugreifen. Seine vielen Hunderten von aktiven Mitgliedern, Fachberater und erfahrene Referenten aus den USA, Australien, Kanada, Südafrika und dem Vereinigten Königreich, beraten die DIY Werkstatt kostenlos.

Das neue Online-Dyson Ersatzteil-Shop bei Manchester Vacs bietet Kunden Zugang zu einer hochinnovativen prädiktive Suchfunktion so dass sie die Teile, die sie brauchen, mit Leichtigkeit finden. Die Lieferung erfolgt frei auf allen UK Warenwert 25 Pfund. Sie haben auch dreihundert Preise über das Geschäft zusammengestrichen und heute als einer der am stärksten umkämpften Dyson Ersatzteil-Spezialisten im Internet stehen.

Die alle neuen Manchester Vacs Dyson Ersatzteile Online-Shop ist jetzt für den Geschäftsbetrieb geöffnet: Dyson Ersatzteile Online Continue reading

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Положение рубля достаточно стабильно, однако без доллара России не обойтись, считают эксперты

Положение рубля достаточно стабильно, однако без доллара России не обойтись, считают эксперты
Депутат Госдумы от фракции ЛДПР Михаил Дегтярёв подготовил законопроект, запрещающий оборот и хранение долларов США на территории России. В документе подчёркивается, что ограничения коснутся исключительно американской валюты, а евро, фунты стерлингов, юани и др. будут использоваться так же, как и раньше.

Политик полагает, что сейчас позиции доллара нестабильны и валюта не застрахована от краха. Дегтярёв с помощью такого законопроекта планирует оградить россиян от финансового кризиса, который может быть спровоцирован резким падением курса доллара.

«Если госдолг США будет расти, то крах долларовой системы произойдёт уже в 2017 году. Особенно пострадают те страны, которые своевременно не избавились от долларовой зависимости, – пояснил Дегтярёв «Известиям». – Предложенный законопроект позволит защитить россиян.

Если этого не сделать сейчас, то в ближайшие пять лет государству, скорее всего, придётся помогать российским владельцам долларов, как обманутым вкладчикам банков 1990-х годов и жертвам

финансовых пирамид».

Ставка на рубль

По мнению Дегтярёва, запрет на хранение и оборот долларов в России будет способствовать росту престижности рубля, а также снизит зависимость соотечественников от американской валюты.

В случае принятия законопроекта россиянам дадут два года на то, чтобы избавиться от долларов. После этого уполномоченные органы (полиция, таможня, налоговая, органы миграционного учёта и пограничная служба) будут вправе изымать валюту в пользу федерального бюджета.

Другие наказания, помимо конфискации денег, вводить не планируется.

Закон, запрещающий россиянам хранить, покупать и продавать доллары, мог бы сделать национальную валюту привлекательнее, однако для этого необходимо принимать куда более масштабные меры.

Более того, доверие к рублю и так достаточно высоко, считают экономисты. Экспертное сообщество скептически отнеслось к инициативе депутата, назвав её несерьёзной. Так, директор аналитического отдела компании «Альпари» Александр Разуваев в интервью АиФ.ru напомнил, что похожее предложение выдвигалось в сентябре 1998 года, когда в России произошёл дефолт, за которым последовала девальвация рубля, тогда это могло быть актуально.

По его мнению, либерал-демократы остались в 90-х годах и им лучше работать над более серьёзными законопроектами. Сейчас, объясняет эксперт, российская национальная валюта достаточно устойчива. «Если посмотреть на график роста рубля, больше 10 лет он держится примерно на одном и том же уровне.

С учётом инфляции рубль даже укрепляется», – подчёркивает Разуваев. Аналитик отметил, что иностранные государства не несут никаких обязательств перед россиянами по своей валюте, поэтому, считает эксперт, лучшим и надёжным способом хранения денег являются рублёвые сбережения в отечественных госбанках.

По мнению аналитика «Инвесткафе» Анны Бодровой, в текущих экономических реалиях предложение Дегтярёва выглядит неадекватным и представляется фактом привлечения внимания общественности к ЛДПР. В теории «долларовый запрет» мог бы сделать рубль привлекательнее, однако только в пределах России, откуда сразу же «убежит» бизнес.

Российская валюта будет интереснее только по причине узкого выбора, точнее, его полного отсутствия. В таких условиях экономика не развивается, это тупиковый путь, объясняет Бодрова.

Без доллара не обойтись

Что касается положения доллара США, в ближайшее время ему ничего не угрожает, полагает Бодрова: «На текущий момент положение можно охарактеризовать как уверенное, в пользу гринбека работает его многолетняя деловая репутация»

По её мнению, невозможно запретить валюту, в которой проводится большая часть международных расчётов и которая является мировой валютой резервирования. «Текущий финансовый кризис – это не кризис доллара США, это кризис существующей кредитно-денежной системы, и здесь не стоит заниматься подменой понятий. В конце концов, дело партии – заниматься политикой, а не экономикой», – заявила Бодрова АиФ.ru.

В свою очередь вице-президент «Покровка Финанс» Алексей Вязовский считает, что насильно рубль привлекательной валютой сделать нельзя, равно как нельзя изъять доллар из обращения в современной экономике. Безусловно, рубль должен расти, но не искусственным образом, а естественным.

Сейчас есть все предпосылки для того, чтобы наша валюта стала стабильной и интересной для сбережений, уверен Вязовский. Continue reading

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