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Автомобили из Англии

Автомобили из Англии в настоящее время доступны по невысоким ценам. Это обусловлено нынешним финансовым спадом в Англии, а также тем, то что в большинстве стран Европы используются автомобили с левым рулём. Таким образом, Англия фактически является «закрытым рынком», что способствует контролю за ценами и их удержанию на невысоком уровне.

Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver

Get your Mercedes-Benz rotating star screensaver for just £1.49

For Sale: 2007 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe – Top Spec – Only 15k Miles

For Sale: 2007 (2007 Model) Ford Mustang 4 Litre V6 Coupe.

This is the modern shape Mustang (S197 series) in alloy grey with dark grey (almost black) leather interior. It has only covered 15,000 miles from new. It is UK registered on a 56 plate and has MOT until February 2011 and road tax until the end of August.

Here is the full premium spec: Auto gearbox, air conditioning, angel eye headlamps (like a BMW), remote control central locking and factory alarm, remote control boot release, cruise control, Shaker 500 AM/FM radio and 6 CD in-dash multichanger player (that also plays MP3’s and has an extra port – presumably for an iPod or similar), 17” GT alloy wheels with Pirelli P6 tyres (tyres have done 1000 miles only), “MyColor” dashboard lights (which allows you to mix and match lighting at the touch of a button to create more than 125 colour backgrounds), heated front seats and electric drivers seat.

Stu – Stuart – Private Number Plate – Cherished Numbers

Looking for a relatively ageless STU plate? A Stuart private number plate? An STU cherished number?

You can buy the number plate “STU 38J” (or more correctly, the right to display the number on your vehicle).

Cheapest Ford Mustang S197 New Shape in the UK

This is a new shape Mustang (S197 series) in torch red with black cloth interior. It has only covered 15,000 miles from new. It is UK registered on a 55 plate and has MOT until May 2010 and tax until the end of October.

Here is the full spec: 5-speed manual, air conditioning, angel eye headlamps, remote control central locking and factory alarm, remote control boot release, cruise control, factory AM/FM radio and CD player and 16” alloy wheels with chrome spinners and BF Goodrich tyres.

American sized car number plates in the UK

I have now found a number plate supplier where one can circumvent all the crap usually associated with buying number plates. They make German pressed aluminium ones, American pressed aluminium ones, and proper white and yellow acrylic ones made to the correct size for US number plate apertures, and more importantly, they will use a sensible looking font for the size you specify.

International Driving Permit: Tutorial

Police officers are not trained in Law or International Law! They operate under police procedure and have been given the power of ‘discretion.’ Many officers have no knowledge and have never even seen an IDP. Some may even tell you that an IDP is not valid. Never argue the subject of validity, as police officers hate to appear ignorant. If anything, simply state that the IDP was purchased in the ‘country of issue’, and to the best of your knowledge and belief it is perfectly lawful. Tell the officer that (if need be), you will save your arguments for the judge (if a citation is to be issued.)

£27k 2000 Mercedes S Class -v- £550 Volvo 960 Estate

Following this, the car developed a serious misfire; S-Class ownership was not all wafting down the road in silence sneering at the poor with the subtle strains of Classic FM in the background! ‘Coil Packs’ they declared, just six of them at a mere £95 each, plus labour. £950 later, the car was running like a dream. The week after, brake discs and pads all round were deemed necessary to stop the awful grinding noise when stopping. Another mere £500 took care of that little matter. However from that point on the cars brakes squealed, “oh yes they do that” declared the man with the expensive voice with a straight face, “it’s a design fault”.

Who is The Stig on Top Gear?

A question asked all over the internet is the identity of the Stig. Here on the Real Deal we can give you the lowdown as usual…………

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