Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent in Gorton, Reddish or Denton.

Looking for a fast cash sale of your house in Manchester or Stockport?

If you have a house in Gorton, Reddish, Denton, Hyde, Dane Bank, Abbey Hey or very nearby to those areas, we can point you towards a fast cash buyer.

Not everyone wants to mess about with estate agents, hordes of viewers who have no funds in place and the other hassles and fees that go along with traditional house sales.

Cash for Houses Manchester are looking to purchase property in the Greater Manchester area. Any condition considered, tenanted, even CPO properties considered – Just ask!


In addition to buying for ourselves, we are associated with many buyers and procurers who represent large property investment companies and many overseas buyers, this allows us to utilise our contacts to get you a highly competitive price for your property or land.

If the prospect of a same day viewing & offer and a super fast completion (often within 7 days) appeals to you, then get in touch. Remember, we are fast & discreet, no ‘sale boards’ for the nosey neighbours and passers by to speculate about in cash purchase deals, nobody knowing your business!

It will cost you nothing, we will not bore you with hours of sales patter like most estate agents would and we dont hang around waiting for surveys. We will have a look around and make you an offer – simple as that!

Sounds painless doesn’t it?

Property Bought & Sold – Fast Viewing & Offers
Fast Completion – Often Within 7 Days
Buy & Rentback Schemes
Property In ANY Condition Considered
Tenanted Or Vacant Properties Purchased
Un-Modernised Bereavement Properties Purchased
Our ability to purchase houses without bank financing enables our company to act quickly and sets us apart from the rest.
Why do people accept lower than “market value” for their house?

People sometimes ask: “Why should I sell my house to you at that price?”

We present to you three scenarios……..
One – You can choose an Estate Agent who will come and over value your property and put it on the market, when you have signed an exclusive contract, when it does not sell straight away, they will propose a price reduction (down to what they should have told you in the first place) and then after a few months a buyer may appear, if he buys it he then goes away to arrange his finance, searches, surveys etc – maybe after many months your house will sell, unless the buyer gets stuck in a chain, loses his finance, changes his mind, finds a nicer house etc, maybe you have been there?

Two – You call half a dozen “cash for houses” people and accept the highest offer. They talk about fast completion but there are delays they will blame on your solicitor. You sign a contract and at the last minute they get in touch talking about problems, (the variants here can be many and numerous) and the end result is that they can complete next week for £X, which is unfortunately lower because blah blah blah……

Three – Our approach; We offer you what we think the house is worth to us, we look around, no official surveys, no messing about, and typically within one to two weeks the money is in your bank. Does that sound simpler? We think so.

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