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Is the USA Trying to Censor the Internet by Stealth?

I read an article today about S.968 which is the proposed Protect IP Act introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy. It was designed to “provide the Justice Department and rights holders with important new tools to crack down on rogue websites dedicated to infringing activities,” Senator Leahy said during his introduction of the bill.

However, the tools suggested are directed not against the illegal sites, but against “specified U.S. based third-parties, including Internet service providers, payment processors, online advertising network providers and search engines.”

It allows a court to decide which websites can and cannot be accessed and which results Google (and others) is allowed to return.… Click here to continue reading this article

I wanna be a Rockstar song by Nickelback

Have you heard the song all over the radio? “I wanna be a Rock Star”. Who is it by? It’s by a group called Nickelback. 

What I find particularly irritating is that most of the Radio stations are censoring words from the lyrics. So you are here probably to find out who sung it (you know that now), what are the missing censored words and where you can get it? 

Doesn’t it just piss you off totally when radio stations censor words from songs? Who are these guys, the word Police?… Click here to continue reading this article