Wheel in the Daleks, Doctor — whatever it takes to exterminate the BBC’s bias

But we are not quite on that track yet, because my daughter continues to watch past series of Doctor Who — in fact, she watches them when the current series is on.

She wants a Dalek fix, much as we all do from time to time. What she doesn’t want, she says, is to be struck over the head each week by the monkey wrench of fatuous BBC liberal propaganda, with a few crap aliens thrown in here or there as a sop.

A perfectly balanced, all-boxes-ticked, ethnic and gender-balanced team trying to help Rosa Parks sit where she wants on that bus (episode three), or partition in India, the consequence of British wickedness, in which Muslims show how absolutely bloody marvellous they are (episode six), or the misogyny of witch trials and so on and so on.

My kid isn’t alone. The audience for the current series has dropped by more than a third. The kids don’t like it — they get all that tendentious rubbish at school “enrichment” class, when they should be learning how to add up. Me, I’m down with the kids. They’re right.

David Tennant to Return to Doctor Who in November 2013.

The BBC has announced that for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who to be screened in November, will feature David Tennant!

Fans of the Doctor may also be pleased to know that Rose Tyler – aka Billie Piper – will also feature. Despite denying it on the Graham Norton show two months ago.

Has the BBC finally woken up and sniffed the skinny latte?

Perhaps the slothful revenue from Dr Who merchandising since they introduced Matt Smith as the Doctor has made them feel the need to bring David Tennant back.

Or perhaps it was the collapse of the viewing figures?

As the parent of an eight year old Doctor Who fanatic, who was bugged to buy almost any piece of Dr Who related paraphernalia that hit the market, I can also testify to the fact that since Matt Smith took the role, interest has waned and Power Rangers have once again reigned supreme in our house.

Even our four year old – who doesn’t entirely follow the story-lines – cant seem to wrap her head around Matt Smith in the role.

However, not being able to follow story-lines featuring Matt Smith isn’t something that only relates to four year olds. Hell, even I cant follow some of the story-lines Matt Smith has been given Its as if the whole show has become disjointed.

Only Karen Gillan’s endless long legs and equally long tresses have held my interest in the show.

While some of the Smith era story-lines have been a bit naff, its fair to say he has has his good moments in the role. David Tennant was always going to be a tough act to follow. Probably only a better known actor could have pulled it off in honesty.

Of the new show, Tennant’s successor, Matt Smith – also in the special with his new assistant played by Jenna-Louise Coleman (yummy!) – says fans “will not be disappointed” by the 3D show, due to air on 23 November.

The BBC say future episodes of the show, which is filmed in Cardiff, see the return of the Cybermen and old enemy the Ice Warriors, who last appeared during the Jon Pertwee era in 1974.

Is it time to retire Matt Smith and bring back David Tennant? The kids in our house think so. So do all their friends apparently.

Come on Mr Moffat and the BBC, Matt Smith had a crack at it, and Dr Who will rise like a phoenix from the ashes if you bring David Tennant back. But it will take more than one episode.

Bring him back for good and then you won’t have to rely on the presence of the female stars to hold interest in the show.

At least then, he wont have to keep trying to sell me Beardy Branson’s products every time I turn on the TV.

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