Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2014.

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2014.

Hello Member,

It has been a while since we sent out a newsletter, several years in fact. So we thought one was long overdue.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.

The Forum Continues To Go From Strength to Strength!

The forum has been rather busy in recent months. We remain not only the busiest Russian women information discussion forum on the net by far, but we are also now the largest by a sizeable margin, and have been for some time.

As RUA continues to grow, so does our membership. We picked up many more new members recently following our decision to close our sister site (the old Lucky Lovers forum) to new posts. That resulted in a much welcomed influx or Russian and Ukrainian ladies to RUA. If you have recently joined us from GoGabber – welcome! You are in good company. You will find many people you already know here.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few months, you will know about the troubles in Ukraine. As you would expect, the forum is replete with conversation and lively debate on the subject, and as it is such an emotive subject for many people, the topics have been quite frenetic.

What Happened to Anonymity Online?

What exactly did happen to anonymity online? And do we really need it?

I think that people were generally more likely to use pseudonyms or post anonymously back in the 1990’s; yet nowadays it seems everyone’s almost too open about themselves.

Just look at older interactive site or forum, and about 90% of them are run by staff going under usernames related to the topic in a generally anonymous way. And many of the members are a bit more secretive than people online now.

But then when you look on any more ‘modern’ website, it seems like hardly anyone is writing things pseudonymously (is that a word?) any more. Everyone gives their real name and photo, half the people there basically just use their Facebook or Twitter profiles rather than an actual forum profile, why?

When did anonymity become seen as a bad thing? Web 2.0 time? And why is this? Did the audience online change significantly enough that it attracted the types of people who wanted the internet to perfectly mirror the real world?

Some say “Blame reality TV shows………”

Maybe it is our expectation that everything on the internet should be free?

When you don’t pay for a service, you’re the merchandise being sold to the highest bidders, and that doesn’t work too well unless service providers pry away as much data they can from you.

We can also lay the blame at the door of Facebook, Twitter, Connect then Google+ (its easier to push people and sites to use its login system than it is to independently require their real names every time).

Some suggest that you’re perfectly anonymous all the time except when you explicitly decide to disclose your identity to select people every single time, or you know the people you address.

It still makes me wonder why people don’t just use fake names or whatever. It’s not exactly easy to verify for a free service like Facebook is it?

I guess login systems make it easier to have people use their real names, but why does it seem more authors and writers online in general seem to have dropped the anonymity and/or pseudonymity too?

When did just about every site become a blog?

Nobody after credibility will deny themselves the gains of getting their commentary validated and cited; especially in the mainstream press.

Building a reputation as a credible author is difficult behind anonymity, as its mostly used as a disposable/ephemeral persona meant to favour free expression safe from retaliation or persecution. This is not a concern for regular authors, who may still use pseudonyms either for privacy or due to pre-established fame.

Big data is now big business. They (Facebook, Google+ etc.) are doing everything they can to get you to disclose as much as they can about you.

Not only is the data on your very valuable but also the ability to track you, your lifestyle, and your commercial interests across the web and target ads at you.

Why does it seem like anonymity is going away? Because there is a billion dollar industry out there being born and people are working to make it seem that way so you’ll be more inclined to willingly give up your personal data to every site you encounter.

What are your thoughts about anonymity online, the information big sites demand of you and personal data protection? Tell us using the comment box below.

GoGabber Discussion Forum Newsletter – Easter 2013

GoGabber Discussion Forum Newsletter – Easter 2013.


This is our first newsletter in quite some time, and first I want to take a moment to welcome again our many new members to the conversation forums that we have gained recently. It’s good to have so many new members. Please do not be shy about jumping into any conversations on the forum that pique your interest.

So What’s Happening?

If you haven’t visited GoGabber in a while, you have missed a few things!

The forums came under new ownership and management in late 2012. A shock to an online community such as an ownership change always ensures that feelings will run high and there will be many questions. This was no exception, and people who care about the community were understandably concerned that there would be some kind of drastic change, and that their online hangout place may change for the worse. All that really changed was some investment of money, time and care into the community, and some much-needed repairs around the place.

The site has enjoyed a few older members that had long left GG drifting back in recent months, which is always nice. We continue to attract a growing trickle of new members too as GG is now advertised on a few other high traffic websites.

As a result of the recent changes, most of the things that were broken and didn’t work properly now do. The old favourites like the arcade games and radio channels are still here. There are still a few small fixes to do (its a work in progress), but the big stuff is done.

Current Popular Topics:

Boris Berezovsky:

Breathing Earth:

Hot Topic – Americans and Guns:

If you have to get MRI at a zoo, it’s time to lose weight:

British Politics: UKIP and Nigel Farage. Credible or not?:

Пасха в Англии:

Cyprus Planning to Steal 6%-10% of All Bank Deposits!:

Gauleiter Bloomberg bans sale of 2 liter sodas in NYC:

Brave New Nanny State:

Under New Management: GoGabber is NOT Closing. GoGabber не закрывается:

The Winds of Change: The Future of GoGabber:

What else is going on?

For our Russian speakers, in the private Groups section of the site, the ever popular МОЯ АМЕРИКА! topic stands at an amazing 5358 replies and has been running since 2010!

Many of the historical Russian language topics have been moved to a new room called Чат на русском языке so Russian-speaking members of the site can access many of the Russian language topics all in one place. Russian language is by no means restricted to that room, but we intend that those who are more familiar with Russian than English will find it easier to zoom through historical topics if they are in one place.

GoGabber has had a somewhat chequered history, it has also had its fair share of crises over the years. What we are hoping to do from this point on is encourage the community to shape what GG will become as we move forward and grow again. A big part of that is to invite all lost and older members to revisit GG, take a look around and hopefully stick around and join in the chat once more.

That’s about it for now. We hope all our members have a great Easter, and we look forward to seeing you back at GoGabber in the near future.

Kind Regards,

The Team.

This email was sent to the email address which was used to register an account at the GoGabber Forums. If you have lost your GG log in details, you can reset your password by visiting this link:

What nationality of men do Russian and Ukrainian women prefer?

Many men from across the world seek a Russian speaking wife. That might be a woman from Ukraine, Russia or more recently Kazakhstan or Belarus.

But are you the kind of guy a Russian speaking woman wants? Check out the light hearted list below.

I have noticed specific trends of opinion with Russian speaking women about foreign guys and their locations.

American men: They either love the idea of them (and the USA) or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Some women love the thought of an American guy and living in the US; some think them stupid, with no history, culture or social skills. Many women complain of unrealistic expectations because men have read mail-order bride sites and expect that every twenty year old Slavic woman will be falling all over an old guy from Kansas. In the real world, with honest women, that doesn’t happen. Many Americans are ‘Keyboard Romeos’ who never book a flight and just want to talk – that pisses women off. Many FSU women who went abroad to be married went to the US though (4000 a year last time I looked), and many remain happy there – so that speaks for itself.

Canadian men: Who? Aren’t they American? Isn’t Canada a state or something? Canada is often seen as part of the US, even though it isn’t. Canadian guys have to get past that. Mention the Queen is my tip. Winters are as cold as Siberia, so no climate attraction. Be a nice guy, make it clear you are not American and maybe they will look you up on Wikipedia.

British men: These women (and many of their country folk) love the UK, London particularly. They call it Londongrad for a reason. However, we are sometimes thought to be unemotional and a bit cold. We call it ‘stiff upper lip’. For the women who don’t like southern Europeans, and who don’t like Americans, the UK is where it is at. We don’t carry the left-over Cold War stigma of Americans, we are closer to the FSU (cheaper to visit Mamma) and are often considered to be gentlemen. We have history, culture and because we are not American, the family approves.

Dutch men: On a par with Brits really in many ways. Often big, tall healthy guys with a decent outlook on life. Many who seek Russian speaking women are computer geeks or gamers who tend to be also quite right wing. Right wing appeals to many of these women. They are seen as good husband and father material.

Australian/NZ men: The bottom of the planet is very far away. Not for women with close family ties who want to visit home often. They are viewed as nice guys and their climate is on their side. For women who like a nice relaxed lifestyle, and who don’t want to visit home too often, and who like sun and not snow, Oz is a perfect choice.

Scandinavian men: They offer a great lifestyle, but it is still cold in winter and full of snow. Might as well be in Russia. Big, healthy, tall guys, many of whom like the gym, appeal to some. Slightly square, drink too much (especially Finns), but overall good guys is what I learned from women.

German/Austrian/Swiss men: As with Scandinavia, they offer a great lifestyle. But winter is cold, and the men are slightly square and unemotional. Way too much funny stuff in cellars going on. A society with many rules (more than the US even). Can be rather sexually perverted given a chance.

Belgian men: Cant decide if they want to speak Dutch, Flemish or French. So indecisive. The women we know who live in Belgium are unhappy. A small place with no identity. Way too many French Fries, Mayonnaise and moustaches.

French men: They imagine France to be romantic, France has many cultural ties with Russia – reality often disappoints. France is over-priced, dirty, the people arrogant, and too many immigrants.

Spanish and Greek men: No money, over-emotional and highly strung. OK for a holiday romance. Not ideal husbands.

Italian men: Like Greek and Spanish, highly strung, can be quite demanding, serially unfaithful, not good fathers and husbands after the novelty has worn off. OK for a holiday romance. However, find a good guy and all is well.

Turks and Arabs: OK for a holiday romance but you wont admit it to your friends. Often violent, Muslim culture incompatible, will hump a hole in a tree given a chance – any hole is a goal! Not husband/father material.

Africans: That isn’t really happening unless a “see what is like” casual hump that is kept pretty secret. Many Russian, American and European guys will eschew women they know slept with an African or other non white. Many guys who enter this endeavour are very right wing.

The old Lucky Lovers forum. What happened to it?

Many people mourned the loss of the forums that were once attached to the Lucky Lovers dating site.

They were popular forums in both the English and Russian languages. It was a place many Russian women congregated, and several marriages resulted between people who met on the forum.

What wasn’t widely known is that the forums were split off from the Lucky Lovers site and assigned a new domain several years ago. That domain was But it wasn’t very heavily promoted anywhere.

The last few years the site has limped along with a low Google ranking and lacking much purpose and not drawing in many new members. As with many forums, when the infighting between the members became too much hassle, the current administrator decided to call it quits.

Thankfully, the site is now under new management, and is about to get some of the work it has badly needed the last year or two.

So if you are looking for a place to chat with Russian speakers, or chat with anyone, GoGabber is for you.

If you are wondering what happened to the old Lucky Lovers forum, well, you just found out. So what are you waiting for? Go join GoGabber today!

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