Review: Cau Didsbury, Manchester: “10% “Service Charge” Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth.

Note to Cau: You might get away with a 10% “service charge” in Media City or London. In Amsterdam, the service is exceptional so nobody minds.

But in Manchester, this wont really go down well and will alienate you from your potential future clientele.

Had I have been impressed overall, I would have made a £1k booking for my staff Xmas party, as I did in the same location under the previous management last year. This year I will find someplace else.

So overall, I think an ‘average’ is fair.

Don’t pay that service charge people. It is in fact an optional gratuity. If you don’t resist it, it will become commonplace.

Restaurant Isis. 390-392 Bolton Road, Swinton, Manchester. M27 8UX.

There is a waiter there – I forget his name – but you will recognise him when you see him. Italian (he claims) and skinny, but he is the funniest waiter I have ever met. He will have you splitting your sides laughing, he should be on stage. I am not convinced his Italian accent is not completely affected, and would not be shocked to learn he is really from Barnsley. You will hear him before you see him, and you will know it is him by the funky glasses he wears.

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