Cheap Internet Dating Site Access With One Signup And No Monthly Fees

One of the reasons singles are turned off by typical dating sites is that there are no safeguards against scammers and identity thieves, and no real mechanisms to verify identities and protect personal information. Planet Love Match™ offers total control over member security, privacy, and the “user experience” by going to great lengths to protect member’s identities and private information. Using the proprietary, three-point VIP (Verified Identity Profile) process reassures members that the person they are interacting with is validated as real. The “VIP” process is a crucial weapon in the fight against internet dating scammers, easing members’ minds and reassuring them that Planet Love Match™ does everything they can to provide a quality, real dating experience.

No banner ads! Unlike other internet dating sites, Planet Love Match™ does not sell your personal information to advertisers and are committed to having a no-advertisement and banner-free experience.

Planet Love Match™ offers tailored matching from a diverse pool of singles from around the world; total control over your security, privacy, and user experience, and powerful state-of-the-art networking tools that help you build lasting relationships. Singles can now be part of a game-changing romance engine, where distance and misrepresentation are no longer obstacles to finding true compatibility.

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