Fake Russian Scammer

If you are Googling for the addresses, or you are in the right place.

We all get many of these things a day, but some people wonder if they are real and go Googling.

This is a typical spammy email that purports to come from a Russian woman. It probably actually comes from some big hairy guy. For sure, the sender is nowhere near Russia. The sender of this email is in either Poland, or more likely France. The purpose is to engage lonely guys in chat and eventually ask for money under some false pretext. Sick mother, internet access, translation, etc.

Tracing the IP addresses tells us it comes from one of two IP’s. which is a Polish Netia SA IP, or more likely which is a French France Telecom IP.

Here is the body of the email:

Good day!!! I’m Tatyana. I am the lonely women. I don’t have man’s heat. I want to find men for family creation. If it is interesting to you, answer me please on my email: I very much wait for your letter. I am send you my photo. Kisssss Tatyana.

Here is the fake photo that came with it:

Probably the photo is stolen. That could be anyone. Most likely just a regular girl who had her photo stolen off MyDot or somewhere. She likely doesn’t know her photo is being used in this scam.

The email title was “best regards my friend”

Russian women DO NOT send out random rubbish like this to complete strangers. If you want to know everything there is to know about how real Russian women communicate with foreigners, and how to build a relationship with one, pick up a copy of the Russian Bride Guide and learn the real facts.

Do not get sucked into corresponding with male scammers such as are likely the writers of this unconvincing tome.

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