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What Happened to Anonymity Online?

What exactly did happen to anonymity online? And do we really need it?

I think that people were generally more likely to use pseudonyms or post anonymously back in the 1990’s; yet nowadays it seems everyone’s almost too open about themselves.

Just look at older interactive site or forum, and about 90% of them are run by staff going under usernames related to the topic in a generally anonymous way. And many of the members are a bit more secretive than people online now.

But then when you look on any more ‘modern’ website, it seems like hardly anyone is writing things pseudonymously (is that a word?)Click here to continue reading this article

Privacy Wisdom by Info-Assist Ltd Wanted.

Do you have a copy of “Privacy Wisdom” published by “Info-Assist Ltd” lying around?

In some places it is listed as being authored by “Chris Callow” and it is now out of print.

It was part of a series of books entitled “Up the System!” published in the mid 1990’s.

It will be A4 in size with a yellow cover.

Other associated names that might be useful to Googlers landing here would be “Lee Morris” and “Goldstone Books”.

If you have a copy of this book, reply to this topic using the comments box below (it will go to “moderation” and will not appear) and the chap who wants it will then send you an e-mail.… Click here to continue reading this article