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Chinese Women to Replace Russian Girls as Mail Order Brides?

I never liked the idea of Oriental women that much (from what we generally see here), but look at some of Psy’s music videos (OK, he is from Korea but similar genetic), some of the women in those are smokin’ with very western features. As a guy gets into his forties, he starts to appreciate the Oriental lady.

A pal of mine goes to China very often on business. Japan too. It seems many of those women like us. Disapproving locals call them “bananas” – yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

Its probably the new MOB (Mail Order Bride) market as the doors of the FSU close.

Well, I knew it wouldn’t be long before this came up again, and I think we are pretty much there. So I woke the topic up.

Here are some thoughts:

Guys – except the most determined, affluent and well-read – haven’t been going to Russia itself for about five years now. Everything in this industry has focused on Ukraine.
The reason for that is women in Russia are spread out across the largest country in the world (Meaning no multiple women visits). A visa is needed, and men like easy, and many have less money now. So they go to Ukraine instead. Smaller country, lots of people, cheaper to stay there, no visas, full “industry” set up to scam them help them to meet women.
Some thinking guys (the only recent marriages we saw) broke the mould and went to the Stans and Belarus. Probably better places for the FSU woman thing now in honesty, but the logistics put many men off (the ones who thought getting a $150 Russian visa was a hardship). Less easy to get to, hostility to Americans in some places, visas again, so just a general PIA.
Ukraine is now politically unstable. It is looking likely that Crimea will revert to Russian territory, and the rest will go through a period of unrest before joining the EU. I think EU membership will be accelerated by America outside forces; and the moment that happens Ukraine will be a closed shop for women. And I mean overnight. I saw it happen in the Baltics with my own eyes – and it was fast. Foreign looking women will get on a bus and go to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan or wherever they like and meet guys naturally. No need for overweight, two decade older guys from Wisconsin any more. Similar aged guys in Dresden or Brussels are very happy to meet them. :nod:
So where does that leave the so-called “Mail Order Bride” industry? 90% of it is internet fantasy, so college girls in Ukraine and elsewhere will keep writing to middle aged guys with no passports on fantasy pay-per-letter sites and make bolshoye djenghi doing so. Nothing new there.
But what for the small percentage of guys who will actually get on a plane and plan to make it happen? The door is slammed shut in the Baltics, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. Russia, Belarus and the Stans are not “easy” for anything but the very serious guy who can afford to visit one woman at a time. The rest need someplace else.
Now for reasons we need not argue here, that place needs to be quite poor, not black and not Muslim. It needs lots of women, and they need to be slim to cater for most guys tastes. Again we find ourselves at the door of China.
The MOB industry knows what we want before we do – it is their job to know that. Many are now starting to face China. Aweb are running ads for Chinese girls, as are A Foreign Affair (Shenzhen and Chongqing tours already happening) as are Blossoms. The industry is changing focus. The industry has mostly left Russia, it is still active in Ukraine, but for how long? The business brains are thinking ahead, and they are all thinking the same way: China.
Anyone who travels in Europe frequently cannot have failed to notice the explosion of guys with Oriental looking wives. Some will probably be Thai, but many are Chinese. Guys from Scandinavia, Germany and Holland are increasingly marrying oriental ladies. While some guys in the UK and America do marry these ladies already, the “industry” and information resources as we know it with the Russian speaking market is not really as slick yet with the Chinese (or Thai) market. There are no major forums devoted to the subject for example.

I think the doors to the FSU are closing unless the guy has a passport (which many Americans don’t), and he has a decent disposable income and the time and inclination to travel multiple times to places that need a visa and visit one woman at a time. For those that can do that, the FSU is still a goldmine.

For those that are not inclined to do that, or cannot afford to do so, and for those that want an easy-peasy only-one-visit-and-import-a-wife (which is many) scenario, China seems a likely option.

That said, I am planning to start to do some some business in China this year and will likely be visiting there in October. I have been reading tons of books already on the culture, the language, and from what I have read already, I think getting in tune with that culture will be hard for many westerners.

So although the MOB industry is shifting from Russian speaking countries to China (and to a lesser extent Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong) I think guys have a bigger learning curve to “get” that culture. And how can you marry a woman whose culture you don’t get? I don’t think you can successfully. As with Russian speaking countries, I think you need to take an interest in, and learn, her culture, some basic language and certainly the alphabet. As you expect her to do with yours.

Chinese girls are the new Russian girls. You read it here first. Continue reading

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If he’s not marrying you, he’s just not that into you!

Why would a man want to marry a woman? Because in a cost/benefit analysis, the benefits of being with her outweigh the benefits of being alone – plain and simple!

When a man marries a woman, he makes an investment. He is investing 50% of everything he owns. Let’s compare that to the stock exchange! Imagine putting 50% of everything you own into a fund that may or may not give you an ROI, never mind the risk of a total failure.

When a man gives you that “piece of paper,” he is giving you a supposed lifetime of 50%. That’s a big investment! (Disclaimer: Pre-nups are entirely different, and are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it’s an issue of trust, and sometimes it’s an issue of protecting your assets. This is usually a grey area that is not currently being discussed – we’re talking bare bones here.)

So, ladies, if a man is not marrying you, he’s just not that into you. You are not worth the risk just quite yet.

Yes, it has everything to do with you, as difficult as it is to admit. Get yourself into shape and find something to offer the guy!

The reverse is true as well – if a woman is not marrying you, it is because she feels that she is better off without you, or keeping you at a distance. If she is more selfish, she may be looking for someone with more money, or more to be gained. Chances are, you probably need to step up your game financially, as you are not meeting the standards! Continue reading

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The Importance of Good English When Communicating with Foreign Women

Whilst some foreign women are open to the idea of foreign guys, the language issue is a major hurdle to overcome. Many Russian and Ukrainian women surf the internet seeking foreign guys on forums and such in search of them.

However, the thought of a group of foreign guys discussing them en masse is a bit of a turn off for many. Many think some of the conversations are not entirely tasteful or respectful. At least, that’s the feedback I have had.

People on internet forums speak casually, with many errors and with much slang, it is not an ideal place to practice or develop English. There are also many variants of English language (and spellings) here from across the world. Occasionally, Aussies must translate something for the Brits; or the Brits for the Yanks, etc. How does a non-native speaker go on unless they are beyond fluent? And few are.

Our sharp humour and side-splitting repartee (where it exists) seldom translates literally; rather, it requires interpretation. Software cannot interpret; only people can. So the women who read here using a translation programme often read gobbledygook where the English variants, grammatical and spelling errors, slang and second meanings form a jumble of words that are far from what was intended by the respective authors.

Can bad English damage your communications?

It can. Many people try to cobble together a relationship with poor communication fuelled by free software translation. Software makes many errors; but more importantly, software is only as good as what you put into it.

As many will know, my wife does a lot of translation for guys in this pursuit. A few weeks ago, a guy sent her something for translation that she read, and read again, and much of it made no sense to her. The reason? No paragraphs, little punctuation or capitalisation and atrocious spelling and grammar.

She asked me if I would mind running quickly through it with a spell check, putting in a few paragraph breaks, and correcting the big howlers and try to turn it into something in a few minutes that she could comprehend. I did, and from that, she was able to make it in Russian, be what it was intended to be.

Missing punctuation leads to much ambiguity; meaning that one must ask the author what they meant, rather than it being clear in the first place. Get the punctuation right and the message (not to mention the translation) will be clear. Here is a good example of how altering punctuation can change the meaning:

A woman without her man is nothing.
A woman: without her, man is nothing.

I guess the point of the topic is to highlight to guys the importance of using the best English you are able to, when in communication with Russian, Ukrainian and FSU women. Continue reading

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Should You Avoid Ukrainian Women from Odessa and Kiev?

So you are seeking a woman from the former Soviet Union? Likely Russia or Ukraine. Ukraine has no visa requirements, so is easier right? In Ukraine, all the pretty girls seem to be from Odessa and Kiev. Why is that? I think this … Continue reading

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Thinking About a Russian or Ukrainian Woman? Get The Russian Bride Guide.

A beautiful, slim, good-hearted woman as a wife is just a dream for most men. How hard is it to marry one from your country? An educated one? One with good traditional family values? One who doesn’t think she is … Continue reading

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Visit to a Russian Girl in Penza, Russia.

After the plane arrived into Penza this kind old man help me with some luggage and guide me through the airport of Penza in order to recover my other baggage in that part she was waiting. I saw her and she was so much taller than she claimed to be, I think she is 180 (she said she was 175) she was wearing a red coat and boots so she looked quite impressive………….. Continue reading

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Canadian to Odessa, Ukraine, to meet a Former Soviet Union lady

When I was buying my ticket in Munich, a guy behind me heard where I was going and said, “Good luck” . Before I could turn and ask him some questions he was gone. Oh, how I wished I would have spoken to him! Continue reading

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