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The old Lucky Lovers forum. What happened to it?

Many people mourned the loss of the forums that were once attached to the Lucky Lovers dating site.

They were popular forums in both the English and Russian languages. It was a place many Russian women congregated, and several marriages resulted between people who met on the forum.

What wasn’t widely known is that the forums were split off from the Lucky Lovers site and assigned a new domain several years ago. That domain was GoGabber.com. But it wasn’t very heavily promoted anywhere.

The last few years the site has limped along with a low Google ranking and lacking much purpose and not drawing in many new members. As with many forums, when the infighting between the members became too much hassle, the current administrator decided to call it quits.

Thankfully, the site is now under new management, and is about to get some of the work it has badly needed the last year or two.

So if you are looking for a place to chat with Russian speakers, or chat with anyone, GoGabber is for you.

If you are wondering what happened to the old Lucky Lovers forum, well, you just found out. So what are you waiting for? Go join GoGabber today! Continue reading

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Russiske kvinder informations-og diskussionsforum

Russiske ukrainske Adventures (Rua) diskussionsforum er den travleste russiske kvinder information og diskussionsforum på internettet! Hvis du er interesseret i en romantisk forhold med en partner fra Rusland, Ukraine eller det tidligere Sovjetunionen, er dette stedet for dig. På Rua diskussionsforaene vil du opdage sandheden gennem ajourførte, nøjagtige, livlig diskussion om relationer og ægteskab med russiske og ukrainske kvinder og om de mulige faldgruber og ultimative belønning, der venter dem, der er parate til trin bag det, der engang var jerntæppet . Continue reading

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