Review: Robbie WIlliams Tour – Swings Both Ways 2014

So the synopsis: He can’t really sing. Pay to see him and he will sing other people’s songs, in a monkey outfit, or in a fat suit on a high wire or with some random kids. In between songs he will lament about being over 40 and how he used to have lots of sex with fans. He will sing other people’s songs, sprinkle in some expletives, and sit with some children.

Robbie is done. On X-Factor today, Simon would vote him off in three warbled lines. The future is pantomime in Brighton (a place famous for gays) or local radio interviews. He probably has enough cash from this tour and royalties to live happy ever after so he probably doesn’t care. Good luck to the lad.

If not, he is a good entertainer. I’d be happy to drop him a fifty to entertain the kids at a birthday party.

Cheryl Cole from the X Factor – Thin or Slim? The media outcry!

The delicious X Factor darling Cheryl Cole has been hauled over the media coals again this week. This time it is alleged that she is too slim. In fact, more than that, her detractors accuse her of being “emaciated like she was about to snap at any minute”. An overweight feminist hack in the Mail […]

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