Mottram Bypass: Jonathan Reynolds Letter To Constituents.

Dear Constituent,
I am writing to provide you with an update on the work I have been doing regarding our
chronic traffic problems in Longdendale.

Just after being elected as our MP, I and the new MP for High Peak organised a meeting
between the local authorities in our area and officials from the Department for Transport to
discuss how we might get Government to listen to local concerns about the traffic problems
throughout Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle.

Since the Public Inquiry into the Mottram-Tintwistle Bypass was abandoned, we have faced uncertainty as to what the future holds.

Although funding for a more modest scheme has been allocated within the Greater
Manchester region for some sort of scheme, there has not been clear agreement on how
best to use this.

One proposal, which was to build a road from the M67 roundabout around
Mottram, then across Mottram Moor to Woolley Bridge (known as ‘LITS’ — the Longdendale
integrated Transport Scheme), did not seem satisfactory for a number of reasons, including
the lack of substantive relief for Hollingworth.

Together, we have now successfully established a working group comprised of
representatives from Tameside, High Peak, Derbyshire, and Barnsley Councils; the
Department for Transport; the Highways Agency; and the Peak District National Park.

This group has been meeting regularly for the last year to look at how we can build support for
solutions to the traffic problems within the entire peak corridor area, which begins and ends
in Longdendale. Getting all these organisations to commit to working together on a solution
is in itself a breakthrough. Any previous efforts have been much more fragmented and have
suffered as a result.

One reason why the Public Inquiry failed in 2007 was because although the scheme had
strong support locally, it did not command the same breadth of support further afield. This is
what we are seeking to overcome. In addition, however, we must also be conscious of the
likely scale of resources available: the Greater Manchester area has had an indicative
£65.4m allocated for all transport projects between 2015 and 2019.

For Sheffield and South Yorkshire the indicative figure is £37.3m. The previous Bypass plan was estimated as
costing between £24O—£315m back in 2008.

I strongly supported that previous Bypass plan and am still of the belief that local people
need and deserve a scheme which is as comprehensive as that. However, I also want to
see relief brought to people as soon as possible.

I am willing to consider any plan which does this, although it is still my view that any solution will have to involve the building of a
new road to relieve Mottram Moor and Market Street. We need to take the traffic out of the
centre of the villages.

Whilst this obviously will not be easy, we have already scored some small victories. For
instance, the Highways Agency had started to consider selling all the properties they hold in
the Mottram area – which were purchased over the years as a means of protecting the route
of the Bypass. Had this happened it would have been a significant setback.

By ensuring the Highways Agency did not do this, we managed to prevent the properties from being sold and
the route has been protected. in addition, the Group recently commissioned the first piece of
work to look into the economic benefits of investing in traffic solutions in the area. This is
crucial as govemment does not support these kinds of schemes unless there is a clear
benefit to the wider economy.

Just before Christmas we also met with the Transport Minister,
Stephen Hammond, who agreed to task his officials to look into the case we have made so
far and come back to us early this year.

l also want to say that, having lived in Hollingworth and Mottram for several years, and
represented the area as a Councillor before being elected to Parliament, I understand just
how important this issue is, and also how frustrating it is that nothing has still been done
despite all the years of effort.

However disappointing the lack of success might be, we have
to keep up the effort, and l am determined to do exactly that.

I keep a database of all constituents interested in this issue; if you would like to be added to
it please email me at: [removed so he doesn’t get spam] Also, if you would like to meet me
to discuss this issue further, l am always happy to do so.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Reynolds MP

PS. l have also been contacted by a number of constituents regarding Tameside MBC’s
Core Strategy consultation paper. Whilst this is a local council document rather than a
national govemment matter (which l deal with as your MP), it does impact on this particular
issue. This paper proposes that part of the land at the end of the M67 (behind Hyde Road)
be designated for future light industrial use.

I want to make a number of things clear – firstly this is not a planning application: it is only
a guide as to where future planning applications might be. It is also not an attempt to end any
hope of a road being built between the M67 roundabout and Stalybridge Road — any
development would have to incorporate this.

Clearly, any such development could cause
further traffic problems if it came before we had a new traffic scheme in place, and I would
need to see how this would be dealt with before I could support development in this area.

I would also be concerned to ensure any recreational areas where preserved or relocated.
However, my instinct is that this is a better proposal than one which would have put more
houses in this particular area. You can read more about the Core Strategy document here:

e-petition deliver Mottram – Mottram Bypass – Stuck in Traffic?

Searching for ‘e-petition deliver Mottram’? Start here!

Mottram bypass information.

If you saw one of the yellow signs on the A57 Hyde Road in Mottram or are seeking information on Mottram bypass you may have landed here. Perhaps you are stuck in the traffic queue right now and looking at this on your phone bored to tears?

Well actually, you are not stuck in traffic – you ARE traffic. But you want to get to where you are going like everyone else, so lets talk about Mottram bypass.

If you are a Mottram in Longdendale local, you will know the ways around some of the worst of the queues out of peak times, but you will no doubt be used to sitting at the A57 Hyde Road / Stalybridge Road / Market Street / B6174 (post Office) junction with your engine off waiting for the lights.

If you are stuck in the traffic jam, or know of it, you know Mottram needs a bypass. There are no ifs and buts about that; if you have ever been to Mottram – even as a visitor – you will remember the traffic.

Here is what you need to do before you read further: Go to the government e-petition site and sign the electronic petition. If it gets 100,000 votes, this topic will be debated in the House of Commons. It wont get 100,000 votes if you don’t vote. So click here: Deliver Mottram / Hollingworth / Tintwistle Bypass Now (the page will open in a new window so you can come back and continue reading).

Now you have done that, please share the link with your Facebook and Twitter contacts so they might vote. These buttons will help you:

The existing A628 trunk road connects the M67 from Manchester to the M1 in South Yorkshire. A single-carriageway road through the villages of Mottram in Longdendale, Hollingworth and Tintwistle and through the Peak District National Park, it is used by a relatively large number of heavy goods vehicles.

The A628 is one of the most congested A-road routes in the country, with high volumes of traffic (including HGVs) using a road which is totally unsuitable for the volume and nature of traffic it carries.

There is no viable alternative to a bypass.

The new Tesco at Hattersley will only make it worse.

And on that note, what swivel-eyed lunatic at Tameside Council gave the green light to Tesco’s to build a superstore there? Which politicians got a brown envelope in their back pocket to rubber stamp that?

No sane council would approve such a scheme, slap bang in the middle of one of the worst traffic congestion spots in the country would they? But then again, Tameside Council has always been a law unto itself. Gleefully ramping up the Council Tax every year – until David Cameron stopped them – to fund the late Roy Oldham’s penchant for bronze statues and stained glass windows.

The same Socialist council that engages in much public hand wringing that Hyde and Stalybridge town centres have become an economic wasteland and bereft of shoppers – but can’t see why. We can tell them why – because there is no parking!

Nobody pays to park to go shopping in Hyde or Stalybridge. In Kensington they might, but not in Hyde. Nobody wants to run the gauntlet with little parking Nazi’s on Scooters funded by their Council Tax. Way easier to shop elsewhere. You don’t need Mary Portas to tell you that guys – you just got it for free!

But back to the bypass.

If you live in Hyde, Godley, Mottram, Stalybridge, Tintwistle, Glossop, Broadbottom, Simmondley, Hollingworth, Hattersley or anywhere in the locality, you have an interest in getting Mottram Bypass looked at again by the government.

Sitting in the soul-destroying traffic hoping someone else will do something for you will make it never happen.

MP’s and councillors wont fund it unless forced to by public opinion. They find it easier to fiddle the expenses and have some lunch (on you) than do something about a very real decades old issue which Mottram traffic congestion is.

You need to contact your elected representatives. Its easier than it used to be. There is no getting out the pen and paper and trudging to the mailbox and paying for an over-priced stamp any more. Its all online. You can do it in a few clicks.

Here’s how. Go to this site: Write to your local Councillor or MP (opens in a new window)

Write to your local elected representative and complain that they are not campaigning for a Mottram bypass. If enough of you do that, they will be forced to listen and it will get debated once again. If they ignore you, don’t vote for them next time. Simples!

Write it on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking pages. Link this article in your email signatures. Get the word out!

There is rumour of something happening in 2014/2015, but there seems to be little online about it. Do you know more? Use the comments section at the bottom to tell others.

Use the comments section below to give your opinion or thoughts about Mottram bypass.

There will be a small delay before comments appear due to anti-spam controls.

Review: M. Rose & Co Solicitors of Ashton-Under-Lyne

We continue this story of 10 Moreton Close – the house that isn’t really for sale – at the point Elizabeth Noble instructs a solicitor.

Enter her conveyancing solictor: M Rose & Co of Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Recommended by her estate agent, so assuredly a good chap one might hope. If you are looking for a review on Rose and Co solicitors, you might want to read this.

Rose and Co did um…… absolutely NOTHING for an agonising FOUR WEEKS following instruction. This was to be a very fast sale remember. At the outset, as a reply to all of
the memorandum of sale, the buyers sent this email to both solicitors:

I would like to remind both solicitors that the stamp duty holiday for first time buyers – which we qualify for – ends on 24th March 2012 so it is imperative we complete
before then; subject to funds being in place – which looks likely.

Accordingly, it is politely requested that both solicitors utilise email and telephone rather than the postal service to deal with minor issues and questions in order to
expedite the process and tie this up much faster than might be usual if at all possible.

Following that email, M Rose and Co of Ashton-Under-Lyne did um…… absolutley nothing. They totally ignored it. It seems the woman at Rose & Co who does ‘everything’ was on
holiday. The man himself, Michael Rose must have deemed it below him to do any actual work that month, so he did.. um nothing! He didn’t reply to letters, emails, telephone
calls. Zip. Nada. Four weeks of ZERO!

The end of February comes around, and the buyers funds are now in place and the searches done. But still no contracts even from Rose and Co……. Did these vendors want
almost a quarter of a million quid or what? What was the lawyer playing at? Was everyone involved in this transaction on Mogadon perhaps?

Eventually, after many phone calls, emails and letters from the buyers solictor, and some agent intervention and some expletive-laden angrygrams from the buyer by email,
contracts are eventually mailed from amidst the feather quills, cricket chirps, cobwebs and snoring that is Rose & Co. Later than claimed, but early March they arrived…..

Oh, but what’s this? Two property information forms? Both filled in differently? Which one is the real one? Why did Rose & Co send both? You may very well consider that incompetance –
we here at Real Deal couldn’t possibly comment…..

The sellers were “confused” by the questions apparently. What, after doing it so many times? One might imagine they could do this stuff in their sleep by now.

Incomplete property contents forms? Does a solicitor not check this stuff before they send them on? Not at Rose & Co in Ashton-Under-Lyne they don’t!
Ahh, Ground Rent! No last receipt of payment? Letters must written asking for this? If you are a conveyancer, this stuff is ABC. It is needed – everyone knows that. Why send
an incomplete package?

By now, there is no exchange date even – never mind a firm completion date. They were heading through March with a planned March 24th completion with no contractual obligation
by Elizabeth Noble. Rose & Co were blissfully ignoring emails and communication. Perhaps those 18th century quills went dry? These people don’t seem to be in the digital age.
The very concept of speed, returning calls and email evades them completely. Silence is golden at Rose & Co.

Rose & Co then convey to the buyers solicitor – a week before – that a March 24th completion is “absolutely impossible”. Hmmm.

The Nobles were going on holiday for three weeks on march 24th (as you do when in the middle of selling a house), but assured the buyers that a son would be left with Power of
Attorney to deal with any details and 27th April was a ‘cast in stone’ completion date. That stuff was simply made up nonsense by Elizabeth Noble. She did neither. She never
had any intention of doing so.

Predictably, the 27th April came and went. No exchange; no proposed date even. No word from Rose & Co either.

At the end of April, murmurings from amongst the apathy, feather quills and cobwebs at Rose & Co suggested that they were waiting on some paperwork being returned by the
Nobles. What still? After almost four months? Perhaps they considered firing up the horse and cart and sending word on a rolled up parchment sealed with wax? Remember, this is
Rose & Co, conveyancing at their speed.

It was now becoming clear that the Nobles had absolutely no intention of selling this property. Normal vendors don’t clear off on holiday mid transaction to quaff margharitas
on a beach in Australia leaving everyone in the lurch, fail to return paperwork and delay buyers hoping to throw almost a quarter of a million quid at them do they? Now alarm
bells belatedly started to ring with the buyers. Ding dong – messer alert.

Early in May, after no discernable signs of life from Rose & Co or the seller, and the agent having pretty much washed their hands of it by now with embarassment, the buyer
decided to track the vendor down by telephone to ask a very simple question. She caught her on a Friday, but guess what? Yup, the Nobles were doing an Alan Whicker
impersonation again and going away for the weekend. “Try to call me on Monday” Elizabeth Noble tittered down the phone (if you have watched the video in part one, you will
have heard the silly titter as she belittles her husband).

Monday morning: The buyer devoted a full day to pinning Noble down; knowing it may take that long. Today would be make or break. She started calling the messer from 9am every
hour. Noble, knowing she was on the ropes by now, blurted out various excuses as to why she “couldn’t speak right now” each time she was called. She was “at work” for example
(although she had previously stated she didn’t work). You get the idea………

Around 3pm on what was maybe the sixth or seventh attempt, she was hit with one question before she made an excuse to hang up. She was requested to answer with a simple yes or
a no. “Is this house actually for sale?” she was asked. “No, sorry” she replied and terminated the call.

There you have it. Elizabeth Noble had strung along this buyer since late January, and it took until early May, not to mention the loss of thousands of pounds for her to admit
her hobby; that she was playing. This isn’t simply messing. This is prime time messing! This is playing with peoples lives and likely getting some kind of peverse kick out of

The buyers highlighted here lost over £5000 at the hands of Elizabeth Noble: Lost stamp duty relief, rent in temporary accomodation, searches, surveys and legal fees. Not to
mention three months of their life.

How many agents has she wasted the time of this way? Well, at least two have billed her for selling that house as they had done their job and ‘sold’ the house.

How many buyers has she strung along like this? Quite possibly double figures over the several years she has been marketing this house as a hobby.

How many poor saps has she agreed to buy a house from and then backed out? Again, likely double figures. During research for this article, we unearthed five!

If you are a hopeful buyer, pass over 10 Moreton Close in Dukinfield. It isn’t really for sale as you have read.

If you already think you are buying 10 Moreton Close in Dukinfield, quietly bail now lest you be her next victim.

If you are one of the few estate agents (who havent yet marketed this house) and are approached by Elizabeth Noble to market the house, politely
decline. You will pour hours and hours of your time into photographing and marketing a house that isn’t for sale.

Apathetic old-school solictors like Rose & Co enable people like Elizabeth Noble. Rose and Co should be avoided by anyone who doesnt want to go grey waiting week after
interminable week – months even – for each and every step. Getting any action whatsoever out of Rose and Co is like pulling teeth.

Have you any experience of 10 Moreton Close or Rose & Co? Do the house hunters, house sellers and estate agents of Tameside a favour and tell us and others using the comment
box below.

Local Builder, Roofer & Plumber Covering Tameside, Manchester & Stockport

Well, we have news for you. If you live in Manchester, Tameside or Stockport areas, there is at least one guy left who could be described as an old school builder: Jim Smith Builders.

Jim has been a local builder in Manchester for almost forty years. Starting back in Gorton in 1969, he has become well known in the area over the years for his quality workmanship at reasonable prices.

Man with Van Available £25 Per Hour Covering Tameside, Manchester & Stockport

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As part time contractors for “Bensons for Beds” and “Rosebys”, the team at Man and Van Tameside have over twenty years experience moving your stuff from A to B.

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