Websites that help men deceive women to get laid

I never knew they existed either. However, on one of the forums I look in on, a guy showed up today from one of these sites.

It seems that guys who have no luck bedding women because they are lower down in life’s pecking order, and thus not very interesting to women, now have another tool at their disposal. Sites that assist them to deceive women.

Now we have all seen the sites and videos for these “pick up artist” type guys. But this goes a step beyond that. This site creates an online identity for you so a girl can Google you and think you are some big shot. The site in question is called and here is a little of their blurb:

Instead of telling a woman you are in a dead-end job, you can tell them you are an executive in an international company. You will be listed on the company’s executive directory, have your own PBX extension with a greeting recorded by your “executive assistant” that can be forwarded to your cell phone. You will have your own corporate e-mail and we can make it so when people search your name on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc… , they will be impressed with what they find. There is much, much more, but we can’t give away all our trade secrets, now, can we?

So basically, this is a website set up to help those on the lower rungs of life appear as if they are Donald Trump, and the Ferrari just happens to be in the shop for repair I guess. It is alleged that this service will assist the lesser-gifted mortals in society gain access to the pants of otherwise unobtainable women.

Read the topic for yourself, why not go and join the forum and join the discussion?

You can find it here: How I dated a Hottie

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