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Russian Women Guide

Since I choose my own course regarding the pursuit of my Ukrainian partner, I endeavor to consider everything I see, read, and hear. My opinion of this book is that “it should be mandatory reading for any man even considering pursuing a woman from the Former Soviet Union (FSU)”

Landsbanki Guernsey Crisis – UK Government cover up and pressure to close protest websites.

The webmaster had the foresight to locate the servers for in the United States, out of the reach of the corrupt UK Labour government. The site is still visible at the direct server link.

Accept credit cards on your website – free merchant account

Fees are about 1% above industry standard, but you get flexibility, no credit checks, no upfront fees, no usage or turnover limits. You can accept ALL cards, including ones like American Express, Diners and foreign cards that some merchant accounts won’t touch. Payments from a customers bank account? No problem.

Canadian to Odessa, Ukraine, to meet a Former Soviet Union lady

When I was buying my ticket in Munich, a guy behind me heard where I was going and said, “Good luck” . Before I could turn and ask him some questions he was gone. Oh, how I wished I would have spoken to him!

A Drive from UK to Estonia via Poland, Lithuania & Latvia

I will have a pal of mine in tow who likes the idea of Eastern European women, who wants to see some in their natural habitat en route.

After our side of Europe, this little sojourn will be taking us through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the whole length of Estonia. (Going around Kaliningrad as you cant go through there without a transit visa)

A trip to Kiev to see a Ukrainian girl and fun at Frankfurt and Borispol airports

I didn’t think that many military guys would come to Kiev looking for a wife. Then he says that most are just looking for a good time, so I mentally take note of the possibility of the women thinking I’m just another sex tourist looking to make up for seven months of celibacy. Luckily this wasn’t the case at all, but I was mentally prepared all the same.

First Trip to Nikolaev, Ukraine

For me, one big trigger with respect to a woman’s suitability is her ability (and desire) to write. For me, communication is very important, and I find in most cases, it is far more difficult for a woman to deceive with a well written letter (form letters do not fly in this situation, because the woman must communicate, not just talk at me, as you would find in a form letter from a scammer). It took about a month to bring the field down to 3 women. After another month I was down to one, and very happy with the progress at that point

Going to Russia? You Need a Russian Visa

Business Invitation: This is an official document issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, their representative offices or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Please note that the Russian Consulate reserves the right to request the original of this document

VOIP Skype, How Good is Skype?

For example, I can keep watch on my contacts and when they become available drop a chat message which can then turn into a voice call. Video conections are standard and made at the touch of a button. Whilst calling I can still use text messages to support the call, or to deal with other people. Then, when necessary I can add other people to the call – again seamlessly.

Trip to Berdyansk, Ukraine and K-1 Interview in Kiev

On the flights I didn’t get a lot of sleep but this didn’t matter too much. I still had the train trip ahead and I figured it would be better to sleep that time away then sit with little to do. On the flight across the Atlantic I did remember a couple things I forgot.

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