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Do you remember when you could call your local builder and be confident that if your tap washer was leaking, he wouldn’t try to sell you a whole new kitchen? If your gutter were dripping, he would probably fix it, rather than trying to convince you that you (and two of your neighbours) needed new gutters back and front? It seems everyone in the building trade nowadays just wants to rip you off and scarper with your cash.

Who do you call now when you just want a regular job doing by the local builder? Some bloke out of the local paper perhaps? Maybe you have met one already: Fancy trademarks, brand new van full of discount Polish workers, shiny clipboard and lots of EU babble about “health and safety” to justify a huge price tag for you with a nasty lump of VAT on top. Yes, we have seen them too!

Maybe you have had some “quick cash” cowboys round already who want to do half a job with sub-standard materials? Lost of fast-talking is what they are good at, but they probably didn’t turn up when they said they would did they? Most likely they were in the pub. The quick cash boys are only one step up from the gypsies who want to tarmac your driveway with some stuff “they had left over from another job”.

Well, we have news for you. If you live in Manchester, Tameside or Stockport areas, there is at least one guy left who could be described as an old school builder: Jim Smith Builders.

Jim has been a local builder in Manchester for almost forty years. Starting back in Gorton in 1969, he has become well known in the area over the years for his quality workmanship at reasonable prices.

Being a relatively traditional kind of fellow, he took some convincing that in the 21st  century, everyone needs a website. But convinced he was, and you can now find out more about Jim here: Jim Smith the Builder in Denton

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