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Russian Marriage Forum

Looking for a Russian Marriage Forum? A message board, bulletin board, a discussion board or a conversation forum to discuss Russian women, Ukrainian women, Eastern European women and former Soviet Union women?

Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, 600 5878

Mandarin Indian and Chinese Restaurant and Grill. Tartu Mnt 42, 10115, Tallinn, Estonia. Telephone: 600 5878.

All in all, avoid the Mandarin in Tallinn like the plague. The service is sullen, the food is awful, the décor is drab and dreary and the adjacent parking you must pay for. There is absolutely no reason to visit this place, and the fact that it is bereft of locals would suggest that this is a fact known locally already

FileZilla FTP Client and Google Adsense Ads

Do not use Filezilla if your pages contain Google Adsense code. Your Adsense code will be corrupted on upload and your ads will not show.

FileZilla seem to know about this (indeed, it is something in their product that causes it) but seem unconcerned about it.

Many people are now trawling the internet searching for a replacement for SmartFTP who just recently decided that their product was not free any more.

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2009.

We recently opened a new room entitled Women from the Eastern Bloc – Countries within the FSU Sphere of Influence. This room is for discussion about “Eastern Bloc” women. Perhaps women who are not strictly FSU, but women from countries under the former Soviet sphere of influence. If you are involved (or hoping to be involved) with a woman from Czech, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, etc., we have a room for that specific topic! If you are Polish, Romanian, Czech or a citizen of this part of Eastern Europe, then come on by, we welcome your expertise and look forward to chatting with you.

From Russia Without Love: How thousands of lonely British men are being ruthlessly fleeced by a Russian ‘e-mail brides’ racket

“From Russia Without Love: How thousands of lonely British men are being ruthlessly fleeced by a Russian ‘e-mail brides’ racket” was an article recently featured in the UK Daily Mail.

It was penned by PAUL BRACCHI and HELEN CROYDON. Well, we don’t know who “Helen Croydon” is, but we can bet she is an English feminist hack who is a tad overweight and is jealous of Russian and former Soviet Union women.

We also don’t know who “Paul Bracchi” is but with that surname he isn’t English, so how can he write from an English perspective?

Andrew Parker Delta Lloyd Amsterdam email scam

Mr. Andrew Parker was my client for over a decade. He died of cardiac
arrest in 2002. He had a deposit in the sum of US$45M with Delta Lloyd
Finance Amsterdam.

DBS Hong Kong Ltd, Hing Lung Building email scam

I am Mr. James Lee, the Assistant Director of Operations of the DBS Hong Kong Ltd, Hing Lung Building, 202-210 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon.

An Iraqi named Amjad Shareef a business man made a numbered fixed deposit of (112,211,709.80 HKD) for 18 calendar months; this is valued to ($14, 400, 000, 00) Dollars (FOURTEEN MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY) in my branch. Upon maturity several notices was sent to him, even during the war, three years ago (2005).

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