Cheapest UK Landline Calls and Telephone Line Rental

Lotus Telecom has shaken up the home phone and broadband market in the UK by giving away half price line rental to all customers that upgrade to the next generation broadband network.

This means that households across the UK can now be connected to the latest high speed broadband technology whilst cutting their phone bill in half with cheap landline calls.  The next generation broadband means that digital content can be experienced as it should be from a home broadband connection.  The speed of the broadband is tripled compared to the standard ADSL broadband that most of the country is still using.  The new technology now makes 24mb internet access possible and enables users who had slower connections to now get the full 8mb broadband service that they have been waiting for.

To welcome this change in technology Lotus have also slashed the price of line rental. Both BT and TalkTalk are charging £11.25 pm, Lotus have now made their line rental half price at just £5.62.  This is on top of the half price calls that Lotus customers always enjoy.  All this means huge yearly savings for the average home switching their phone and broadband provider, by upgraded to next generation broadband for free they are cutting their phone costs literally in half.

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