Cheap Dyson Spare Parts Manchester

Looking for cheap Dyson spare parts in Manchester?

Manchester Vacs offer both genuine, non genuine, used, reconditioned and new Dyson parts, Dyson spares, Dyson accessories, Dyson belts, Dyson filters, etc.

They have thousands of Dyson parts and Dyson spares in stock for collection or mail order shipping. Whether you want Dyson tools, Dyson spares, Dyson parts, or any component for your Dyson, Manchester Vacs are Manchester’s leading Dyson parts and Dyson spares specialists.

Manchester Vacs will also ship Dyson parts and accessories throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. A reconditioned Dyson will only cost £15 to be sent to you in the UK by DHL. Check out the reconditioned Dyson page here: Reconditioned Dysons Manchester

Manchester Vacs offer unbeatable prices on Dyson spares. This is because they source from many different suppliers which keeps prices low. Because they are not Dyson affiliated dealers, they are free to source and sell parts from different after-market manufacturers. Also, Manchester Vacs are Manchester’s main Dyson recyling centre. This means that they carry used and refurbished Dyson spares and parts in addition to the new stock everyone else carries.

Used and cleaned Dyson parts can often be not only a fraction of the price of a new item, but perhaps of better quality. Dyson moved their production out of the UK some time ago and into Malaysia. Most machines that are dismantled to recycle the spare parts were probably made when production was in the UK. Manchester Vacs have a veritable Dyson graveyard in their storage areas. If they haven’t got it, they can get it for you. Why not take a look at their parts page here: Dyson Used and New Spare Parts Manchester

Dyson UK charge upwards of £63 for a service on your Dyson. Manchester Vacs charge just £30 (plus any major components of course). You can get free collection and delivery within the Manchester area. Whatever is wrong with your Dyson, Manchester Vacs can fix it. Why not take a look at the service page here: Dyson Repairs and Servicing Manchester

Located in a newly refurbished Victorian shop premises in the suburb of Abbey Hey in Manchester, Manchester Vacs are purposely tucked away off the main roads, allowing them to keep overheads down. Those savings are passed on to you in the form of lower prices. They sell reconditioned DC04’s from just £49 and reconditioned DC07’s from just £69. All work carries the well-known “no quibble” six months guarantee for your peace of mind. Probably you have never heard of Abbey Hey even if a Mancunian. It is just minutes from the M60 and minutes from Belle Vue. See the location map here: Manchester Vacs Location Map & Contact Details

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