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Dyson 4 four prong pole terminal on off power switch DC04

Looking for a four prong (pole/terminal) Dyson on/off switch?

Dyson do not sell them any more.

In fact almost nobody sells them any more. They were from early models of Dyson vacuum cleaners and were superseded by the two prong switch.

If you fit a two prong switch to a machine wired for four prong, you have to alter the wiring somewhat.

Why have that hassle? Why not just buy an original Dyson 4 pole switch from Manchester’s leading Dyson parts specialists?

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – November 2009

The Busiest Russian Women Forum On The Net!

We remain the busiest Russian women information forum on the net by far. We have been breaking our own records recently. We now have over 1300 registered members, 134,000 posts in over 6000 topics, and on the 18th October we broke our “Users Online” record at a staggering 3198.

E235 Natamycin in Argentinian Wine

There have been reports in the German wine press that a substance called Natamycin has been found in some Argentinian wines. Following these reports, some wine suppliers in the UK extended their normal quality control to test for Natamycin at very low levels of concentration, and have identified some wines that contain traces of it.

Natamycin (E235) “IS APPROVED IN THE EU FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION in products like cheeses and sausages” they scream, “but it is NOT approved in wine”.

Dyson Spares Dyson Parts Dyson Accessories Dyson Tools

DC01, DC04, DC07, DC14 and DC15 are offered reconditioned, guaranteed and shipped the same or next day with DHL.

In the Dyson parts, spares and accessories section of the shop, you are offered the fastest moving parts, tools, accessories and spares that Manchester Vacs sell from their shop counters. Spares to suit DC01, DC04, DC05, DC07, DC08, DC14 and DC15 are offered. Best of all, not being officially tied to Dyson UK, Manchester Vacs can offer you not only genuine Dyson components, but non-genuine pattern parts and filters that are usually HALF THE PRICE or less!

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