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Ashton Service Centre DHL (Yodel)

Ashton Service Centre DHL

If you have Googled “Ashton Service Centre” in relation to a hopeless, delayed or missing DHL delivery and landed here, you can be comforted that you are not alone.

I am a regular DHL user through the excellent services of (through whom you can send parcels with DHL at a fraction of DHL “official” prices). However, this parcel was incoming to me, and not arranged by me. It was a parcel from a store in Aberdeen in Scotland to be delivered to Manchester.

DHL were allegedly two days late in collecting it from Aberdeen, but lets put that down to the bad snow up there and the Christmas rush, added to possibly inaccurate shipping information from the store.… Click here to continue reading this article

Bouncing Billy Barker William Scruton

This topic is about William (Bill) Scruton from Gorton in Manchester. Otherwise known as “Bouncing Billy Barker” and occasionally as “Springheel Jack”.

This page is to complement the information page here: www.Billy

I have secured some space on this blog in order that people can submit their comments and memories. Since the Billy Barker Information Page went up a couple of years ago, I have received quite a few e-mails from people who remembered him. I have received other emails and photos by e-mail from many people related to Billy; many of whom were researching their family tree and just found out they were related to him by chance.… Click here to continue reading this article

Lee Johnson 4 Fox St Hollinwood Oldham OL8 3ST leeseat123

Another eBay miscreant to place on the public record here. This guy bids on stuff on eBay and then doesn’t pay.  He doesn’t respond to e-mails nor does he make any contact at all. This inconveniences sellers because they become liable for final value fees on the goods they have supposedly sold to this joker.

In order to get those fees refunded, they must go through a whole rigmarole with eBay and wait two weeks.

eBay prevents sellers from leaving negative feedback for buyers – this means normal people remain blissfully unaware of such people.… Click here to continue reading this article

Russian Wife – For Better or Worse

In some cases worse. That is when a man marries the wrong woman, or sometimes when a guy is clueless. The reasons can vary; some people just get it wrong. Read this tale and see what you think:

I feel the need to tell my story. It’s the story of my marriage to a Russian lady. A marriage I thought was perfect which has descended into a futile exercise of tolerance on my part of a woman so pig headed, manipulative and selfish I can’t believe.

It’s a bit of a read but in order to get an idea of from where we started to where we are today I thought it best to include our full history.

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Scammed or Dumped in Odessa?

This tale is indicative of how some men imagine they have been scammed by a “Russian Dating Scammer” – but in fact they have merely been dumped and/or were hoping to date hopelessly out of their league. Here is Richey’s tale………

I just got back from Odessa where I was to meet a woman i have been talking to for over a year. The last night she told me she wanted me to come back and we would keep in touch over emails. I have been home over a month now and still havent heard from her.

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