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By | May 5, 2010

Another eBay miscreant to write up here for the benefit of Google.  This one takes non-paying to a new level by not only not paying, but making excuses as well and then costing you money!

The name to block is 2009kclarke which is a user name with only nine feedbacks (need I say more?). His name is Kenneth J Clarke, he lives at 21 Tinagel Place, Berryhill, Stoke on Trent, ST2 0AP.  His number is 07933 538 604. His email address is: kenjohnclarke@googlemail.com

Here is the gag he pulled on us: He bid on a listing then completed checkout electing to pay by “credit cards”. He got invoiced followed by a few reminders. Silence. We got his contact details from eBay to call him up and ask if there was a problem. Nobody answers the phone…….

Well, we do take credit cards using the excellent “Nochex” service. So we promptly sent him a pre-filled payment link. All you do is click “pay”, enter your card details and presto – happy days.

That was too complicated for Ken. Then the excuses started. Stories about wanting to pay by Paypal but couldn’t because “credit cards” had been selected in error. Not understanding how to use the “click and pay” link we sent him (I think our five year old could grasp that actually). Wanting to send a “Postal Order” was the next one (I’m sorry, are we in 1978?). Then whining about how a relative had bid on his behalf and blah blah blah……. you get the idea.

Knowing how these people work, it was clear he had changed his mind or didn’t have the money. We messaged the bidder below him (after giving Ken due warning of our intent) and asked them if they wanted to buy the goods as we had a non-paying joker as winning bidder. The other bidder said yes, we listed it as a second chance offer and sold the item the next day.

All that was left to do is get a refund of the eBay fees incurred by the time-waster Ken Clarke. Easiest way to do this? Initiate a “cancel transaction request” through eBay. Non paying joker only has to click “I agree” and its all finished. What did Ken do? He clicked “decline” which means we still pay final value fees of about £2-50 – Gee, thanks Ken.

Then……… our Ken feeling buoyed by now, starts sending emails saying stuff like “Why did you sell it someone else?” and “To me a deal is a deal!” – well duh…… only if you actually pay Ken.

So the moral of the tale is if you don’t want to be stiffed by Ken using eBay as his accomplice, do not contact him, wait four days and do an “unpaid item process” through eBay and get your fees back first. Then second-chance the item to the person below him who will pay.

In this instance I believe it was simply genuine stupidity that prevented him paying rather than bad intent. He is clearly an inexperienced eBayer. But, who has the time to play “ABC-123 learn with Mother” with all these people? Not me.

Slow and non-paying eBayers are the bane of eBaying nowadays because they think they operate with impunity because sellers cannot leave them negative feedback. Some of them only realise later they get written up on blogs like this……. oops!

3 thoughts on “2009kclarke Kenneth J Clarke eBay ST2 0AP

  1. debbie smith

    i have had deelings with Mr Kenneth Clarke and every deal has gone through straight away , why you have written all about him on here i dont know , i do believe it must of been a mistake and he wanted the item so why didn’t you just give him a little more time and it would of been sorted example why did he decline ???? he wanted the item . I believe mr clarke is a honest man and needed more time thank you

  2. Defrauded Seller Post author

    Mr Clarke clearly doesn’t read his emails. If he does, perhaps he should check his trash/spam files for all the ones he claims he didn’t get. It is not a sellers job to walk amateurs through the eBay process. They have help pages for that. You don’t pay – you don’t get the goods. Excuses are not payment. To “wait” and give such people a “little more time” is effectively granting credit.

    Mr Clarke has been since bombarding us with threatening emails (reported to eBay) and even been spamming this site with his pre-school capitalized grammar ranting and raving.

    He cost us an extra final value fee and gave us negative feedback all because he was too dim to work out how to click a link and pay. This maniac has cost us money, attempted to sully our reputation and continues to bombard us with threats.

    Next week we are consulting our lawyer in order that a cease and desist or restraining order is served upon him.

    It is right and proper that someone who seeks to sully our reputation on eBay – as this internet miscreant did – gets his own actions publicised too.

  3. debbie smith

    hello again did mr clarke expect to recieve the goods without paying for them??? i dont think so . he wanted to pay by postal order which if fact he would of been paying more for the item so why not except it ??? you have sold the item and lost£2.50 wow was it worth the write up ??? if i was mr clarke i’d bombbord you with threats if you wrote about me in this way . and as for a solictor omg so over the top . im going to be checking this site every day for i think this is really funny not worth anybodys mither but really keeps me amused and my 6 year old . to mr clarke i have seen your feedbacks and there 100% you keep on bidding mate me and my girlies are having a coffee morning and had our own little vote and we are 100% behind you 6 to mr clarke 0 to mr seller

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