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Ian Kowalski (ian_ski) 165 The Briars WS9 8AQ

Ian Kowalski
165 The Briars
West Midlands

Radio, TV Interview Report – RTIR

Any advice for potential RTIR clients? Don’t be afraid to query and alter the copy they write. They work for you; you are paying them. Work with them and create the copy you think has a decent hook.

Don’t send copies of your book to small AM stations that want to give you 10 minutes on air. Many of them try it on (probably they sell them all on eBay later). Only send review copies to large FM syndicated stations who want to discuss the subject matter at length and maybe give you a long listener phone in.

Read the RTIR list of “shows to avoid”. If you find a new one, tell them. It will help others.

Always Google the host, the station and the location and read up on them before you go to air. Know the host’s style, listen to a previous interview maybe, know the listener demographic and tailor your interview correctly.

Accept phone-in shows willingly. The public will throw you softballs; they are not broadcasting professionals.

Don’t expect sound quality checks or much advance notice of the intended slant before air. Many small stations don’t even have researchers. You will be straight to air.

Some stations are so cheap that they ask you to call them! Yes, really!

Don’t be too eager to accept anything and everything if its not convenient. Cut your teeth on the small shows in order to shine on the big ones. Later you can pick and choose.

Think about your market. We sell a book for men on Russian women. It is pointless for me to be interviewed on housewife central low-watt AM in Idaho at 10am on Tuesday morning. The guys who will buy the Russian Bride Guide are all out working. New Jersey high-watt station on a Friday evening phone in? Yes please!

Hyde Tameside Sorting Office Post Office

The Post Office is so useless the last few months that even eBay are recommending using alternative carriers. All manner of outfits will now deliver small parcels around and about the place for between £3 and £10 depending on size and weight. There are some new services springing up where you drop your parcel off at the local convenience store and your recipient collects it from their local convenience store. Not ideal, but cheap at least. The Post Office is losing its monopoly on parcels (letters are currently protected from serious competition by an act of parliament). Bloody good, I say! Let the Post Office compete in the market place and let people vote with their feet and quids!

Jaipur Indian Food Hyde

It arrived when they said it would (on a Friday evening it must be said) so they get 5 stars for service. It wasn’t expensive nor cheap – so 4 stars for value. Questionable chicken that wasn’t exactly as ordered and chopped up king prawns stopped them getting a 5 stars for food rating, but as these are relatively minor things that don’t stop the world turning, they do get 4 stars for food. I didn’t order through this “curriesonline” site though, as it doesn’t adequately explain how the order might be transmitted (or indeed if), who you pay or how much the site takes in kickback. I don’t know how legit the site is even. So I called them and ordered direct. However, the info came from, so I placed the review there too.

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