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Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver

Mercedes Rotating Star Screensaver!

In the early 2000’s, Mercedes enthusiasts were passing around this screensaver on the owners club forums. Everyone loved it — it was a classic. However, it only worked on Windows 95 and Windows 98 machines.

By the time Windows XP came along, it wouldn’t work any more as the file format differed. Everyone thought it was lost forever and the various Mercedes forums are still littered with topics asking for it.

Recently, I was clearing out some old floppy discs, and I found the disc I had from back then with this screensaver on.… Click here to continue reading this article

The Best Restaurant in Togliatti (Tolyatti) Russia. Orient Express.

At last I have found a restaurant in Togliatti that is good.

Orient Express.
35 Victory 40 Street.

Tel: (8482) 555777

Stop Press! The service is polite, efficient and attentive! Yes, you read that right; the service is beyond superb by any standards. By Russian standards, the service is out of this world.

The place is done up in the style of an old time train as you might expect. Not in a tacky way but rather like a gentlemen’s club I would say. You could easily imagine yourself to be in an up market London club with the decor.… Click here to continue reading this article