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HDNL Home Delivery Network Slow Delivery Problems

We learned in that lot that Wembley depot got it on the 14th of June. It took an agonising 14 days to make it to the Rochdale depot; arriving there on the 28th.

Rochdale left a card at the address at 6pm on the 28th. The premises was closed — of course — two hours before. As clearly noted on the box AND on the address label. *sigh*

On the 29th, the same mouth breather tried the same gag. Duh!

On the 30th, it became “Unable to locate customers property”. Hmm, this is a retail premises that customers from far and wide manage to find every day. The building number is displayed outside in foot high letters and there is an advertising poster on the gable end. Not what I would call rocket science to find……

Fast forward to the 1st July, and we are back to “No access to customers property”. Yup, closed again like it says on the box.

We called HDNL up and pointed out these failings. The young lady on the other end of the phone claimed they couldn’t do “timed deliveries”. Well, if you call six hours timed I dunno. But if you actually intend to deliver it at all it might help to actually read the label eh? DRIVER: BETWEEN 10-4 ONLY doesn’t mean drop by after 5pm several days on the trot does it?

Name and Shame Bad eBayers

As a seller, what can you do about this? Well, often times, it seems to be the same miscreants over and over again who are stiffing sellers. I think it must be a hobby for some of them. Google is your friend, and sellers are starting to Google. Many sellers are incorporating the blocked bidder lists of others to prevent these people from stiffing them over too. Block them before they bid.

Did you know you can block people buying or bidding on your eBay auctions? eBay do not trumpet the facility but after a dozen or so clicks in the help pages you might find the page. Here, let me make it easy for you, it is here: Block eBay Bidders (You may be prompted to log in to see the page).

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