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Dyson Forum — Dyson Forums — Dyson Advice — Dyson Talk

Looking for a Dyson forum? Dyson discussion forums? Impartial Dyson advice?

Maybe you are wondering which Dyson vacuum cleaner model to buy, which Dyson parts fit what machine, or you are repairing your Dyson and want a little advice? Maybe you are a Dyson expert and want to share your knowledge with others? Maybe you are just a Dyson enthusiast who wants to chat with like-minded people?

You need the all new Dyson forum! The Dyson forum is a bulletin board (discussion forum) that welcomes anyone who wants to talk Dyson.… Click here to continue reading this article

France and Paypal Scam

Anyone who does business online will have encountered Paypal and their unusual policies including random account freezing and illegally withholding money.

I use them as little as possible nowadays as they cannot be trusted, are VERY expensive and one must pull all kinds of stunts to stop them having access to your card details and bank account details.  I find it wise to sweep the account out daily and never leave too much money in there. When the account has money in is when they freeze it with some BS excuse.… Click here to continue reading this article


If you have landed here, you were probably wondering who the people are in the Audi (in and around Manchester) with the registration AX07 KOJ. You were probably Googling the registration number and landed here.

Maybe you know who they are and you can tell us? Maybe it is your car — you can tell us what you were up to? Maybe they have been parked up near your house and you can add some information? If so, use the comment box below to let us know who they are and where they were when you saw them.… Click here to continue reading this article

Taking Viagra or Cialis. A Men’s Guide

Truth be told, at your age, assuming 40’s or above, you are NOT the same as you were at 25.

These drugs are not aphrodisiacs, although, for many men, the revitalization that they can bring can act in much the same way, with the right woman and/or circumstances.

Some men respond better to one drug than another but they all work in much the same way. If you tried Cialis but felt only a hot flush then try Viagra.

Before you buy any of these drugs get yourself a checkup and ask your quack if he is willing to prescribe them for you, if he says ‘no’ then there is a reason and take heed.… Click here to continue reading this article

Another Random African email Fraudster

Old scam — new email. The Africans never tire of bombarding our inboxes with tales of great Uncle Boogaloo who just happened to fall off the twig with multiple millions of dollars stashed in some bank somewhere.

I wonder if people actually reply to these people? Maybe you know. Anyway, if you are Googling for the content of the email below that you received, be assured it is a scam.

A fresh one that dropped in our mailbox today was this little gem:


First and formost,I have to introduce myself to you.I

Click here to continue reading this article