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Looking for a Dyson forum? Dyson discussion forums? Impartial Dyson advice?

Maybe you are wondering which Dyson vacuum cleaner model to buy, which Dyson parts fit what machine, or you are repairing your Dyson and want a little advice? Maybe you are a Dyson expert and want to share your knowledge with others? Maybe you are just a Dyson enthusiast who wants to chat with like-minded people?

You need the all new Dyson forum! The Dyson forum is a bulletin board (discussion forum) that welcomes anyone who wants to talk Dyson. It is completely free to use and sponsored by the independent Dyson sales, service, parts and repair company Manchester Vacs of Great Britain. Although a relatively new vacuum cleaner discussion forum, there are already experts there from the UK and South Africa. They can advise you on any aspct of any UK Dyson vacuum cleaner, European model Dyson vacuum cleaner or US Dyson vacuum cleaners.

France and Paypal Scam

We’ve concluded our investigation into the transaction detailed below.

Because you did not meet the eligibility requirements for the PayPal Seller
Protection Policy, you will be charged for this reversed transaction. We’ve
returned the funds to the PayPal account holder. Your account will be
debited for the amount of this transaction.


If you have landed here, you were probably wondering who the people are in the Audi (in and around Manchester) with the registration AX07 KOJ. You were probably Googling the registration number and landed here.

Maybe you know who they are and you can tell us? Maybe it is your car — you can tell us what you were up to? Maybe they have been parked up near your house and you can add some information? If so, use the comment box below to let us know who they are and where they were when you saw them.

Taking Viagra or Cialis. A Men’s Guide

Viagra takes about 40 minutes to one hour to reach effectiveness, if you get a hot flush then the drug is having its wicked way with your wicked member and you are ready to root. Some guys have realized that the area under the tongue is a really effective way to get the stuff into the blood stream very fast and so they take a very small dose under the tongue and let it dissolve. Effects come in in just a few minutes no matter what you have been eating or drinking but the stuff tastes foul so only use when you have mouthwash or a toothbrush to hand (or a strong belt of scotch!)

One point: Cialis has been advertised as the ‘weekend enhancer’ with claims that it lasts for up to 48 hours. Well, so does Viagra, but it depends upon your dose level. Viagra has a half life of about 4 hours, so if you take 25mg then after 4 hours the drug is about half effective, but if you only need 12 mg to get moving then the half life for you becomes effectively 8 hours and so if you take 50mg you have a dose that will last you a good long time. It is almost impossible, as I recall, to overdose

Another Random African email Fraudster

This came from the email address: — which is Chinese, but the IP address is which traces back to a place called Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso which is in Africa. Sounds a delightful place doesn’t it?

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