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2010 Doctor Who Live Review

Many of you will be trawling the net for information on the new Doctor Who Live show touring the UK before you splash out on tickets. Well, you just found it.

We saw this today with out lad — A Dr. Who fanatic — at the M.E.N. arena in Manchester and I thought I might let others know what to expect. Firstly, as it is called “Dr. Who live”, you probably expect that you are going to see the Doctor, aka Matt Smith, um… LIVE, yes? Wrong. Not in the flesh at least.… Click here to continue reading this article

Russian Ukrainian Girls Direct Contact Information

Direct contact information at an early stage: A good thing for everyone?

Obtaining direct contact information at the earliest possible opportunity is usually one of the core pieces of advice given to men seeking to date a Russian or Ukrainian girl. (For Americans, this would only be after any IMBRA obligations are fulfilled.)

By so doing, one reduces the possibility of writing to a corrupt translator in some agency in the FSU and/or that your correspondent is a big hairy-arsed Yuri. Sounds good on the face of it, yes?

I was recently chatting to a guy connected to the international dating industry.… Click here to continue reading this article

Col Mogul Mike popularly called M2 email fraud

The internet scammers have recently — somewhat distastefully — moved onto using the names of US military servicemen in Iraq in an attempt to prize money out the unsuspecting.

They probably know that Great Uncle Boogaloo in Africa with millions of dollars in a suitcase is getting old by now.

Here is one that landed in our inbox today:


My name is Col  Mogul Mike, popularly called M2  I am a retired military  attache to 3rd infantry division battalion in Iraq. I am  desperate in need for assistance, I have summed up courage to contact you.

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