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Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors To Get Another 17.5% Of Their Money Back

Do not invest your money in any Guernsey-based bank or financial institution. Guernsey has a banking “guarantee” it probably can’t afford to honour. Banks on Guernsey have gone bankrupt with ZERO support from Lyndon Trott and his cronies already. People have lost money. Guernsey is NOT a safe place to bank. If you have a high risk profile, try Nigeria or Afghanistan.

If you are Landsbanki Guernsey investor, you are damn luck that another 17.5% of your money will be winging its way to you next month. Enjoy it, there wont be much more! You WILL have lost money by the time all this has finished.

If you want to find out more about what happened with the bankrupt bank on Guernsey, see here: Banking in Guernsey

Guernsey Commissioner’s Meeting 19th Jan 2011 about failed Landsbanki Islands Icelandic Bank

The Landsbanki Depositors Action group has been doing some good work since 2008 in seeking to reunite savers with the Guernsey-based failed Landsbanki Bank (did we mention it was in the very unsafe banking “haven” of Guernsey?) with their cash. Unfortunately, they have sought to exclude some Landsbanki savers from their secret action website because some of those who wanted to participate were denied entry because they would not disclose personal financial details to the unknown action group proprietors. It is sad that some Landsbanki Guernsey savers were excluded in this way, but thanks to connections made on other websites, with other depositors, some of them are staying in the loop.

Buy Henry Tub Vacuum Cleaner Online UK

Looking to buy a Henry online? Perhaps a Henrietta or a Numatic?

These machines are typically well over £100 from most stores, even the discount ones like Argos. The commercial grade ones are closer to £200 usually. Dry tub vacuum cleaners are indispensable for daily maintenance cleaning. These are the type used in many commercial applications; hotels, offices, shops, etc. The high suction power, low running costs and efficient filter systems are all designed to meet the needs of contract cleaners and suitable for all healthcare environments.

What if I told you you can get a tub vacuum cleaner that is better than a Henry for less than £100 delivered by DHL to any non highland and island address in the UK?

The technology in Henry machines is not complex. Its pretty basic stuff; but it works. Other companies make them too. Karcher, Truvox, Numatic and Victor are a few that spring to mind. The actual brand you buy is not so important as long as it is a brand that is well-known in the cleaning trade and the components are up to scratch.

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