Buy Henry Tub Vacuum Cleaner Online UK

Looking to buy a Henry online? Perhaps a Henrietta or a Numatic?

These machines are typically well over £100 from most stores, even the discount ones like Argos. The commercial grade ones are closer to £200 usually. Dry tub vacuum cleaners are indispensable for daily maintenance cleaning. These are the type used in many commercial applications; hotels, offices, shops, etc. The high suction power, low running costs and efficient filter systems are all designed to meet the needs of contract cleaners and suitable for all healthcare environments.

What if I told you you can get a tub vacuum cleaner that is better than a Henry for less than £100 delivered by DHL to any non highland and island address in the UK?

The technology in Henry machines is not complex. Its pretty basic stuff; but it works. Other companies make them too. Karcher, Truvox, Numatic and Victor are a few that spring to mind. The actual brand you buy is not so important as long as it is a brand that is well-known in the cleaning trade and the components are up to scratch.

Quickclean tub vacuum cleaners are a brand that are well-known in trade circles: cleaning companies, hotels, hospitals, etc. Check out these specs:

  • Extra long reach 2.5 metre hose with swivel connectors
  • Cleaning range of over 20 metres
  • Single on/off switch for full suction power every time
  • 12 metre rewindable mains cable for large area cleaning, plus safety & convenience
  • Extra large, long-life filter – simply brush clean
  • Suitable for use on all hard floor or carpeted areas – dry use only
  • Two year manufacturers guarantee

Buy Henry Hoover Online

You can order one of these machines today direct from a  reputable Manchester-based supplier. It will be shipped the next working day from physical stock and delivered to you by DHL within 48 hours.

You don’t get that at Argos!

These machines are on special offer right now from Manchester Vacs. They are available for just £99 including DHL delivery to any regular UK address (that doesn’t include the highlands and islands – you guys must pay an extra £10 for carriage).

Click the red button below to go straight to the special offer on the Manchester Vacs website and see more pictures and the full specification.

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