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Introducing MyDot™ The next generation social networking site! Changing social networking! will forever change what you expect from a social networking site. Have you found already and are Googling for a referral email address? Looking for the new generation of social networking site?
What makes MyDot different?
A genuine alternative to Facebook.
A genuine alternative to MySpace
Niche Communities
Only interact with people that fit your selection criteria and dynamically generate niche communities based on your preferences. Be as specific as you want. Hundreds of possibilities to choose from.
A separate, but built in dating site. Verified, global dating pool. Real-time chat translation. Geographical filtering of potential matches. Simply “change communities” to romance.
A seperate, but built in celebrity interaction site. Chat with your favourite celebrities. Simply “change communities” to Starcam celebrities.
Safeguard your privacy and anonymity with a high-level of security.
No banner ads or selling of personal information like some other social networking sites.
Get paid for social networking! Earn points and redeem them for credits, prizes or even cash. The most control and flexibility on any social networking site.

DIY Plasma or LCD TV Repair

DIY TV repair is not often something many people contemplate. It may be simpler than you think.

Repairing your own Plasma or LCD TV: Many people think “Oh my god! I couldn’t do that”, well think again; TV’s are made a lot simpler than they were 20 years ago. And now, rather than having one big main board, they have several.

Let’s break these down, for LCD TV’s we have 5 boards maximum:


Stop Indian Spammers on SMF 2.0 and Other Forums

Stop Indian Spammers on SMF 2.0 and Other Forums.

If you are a webmaster running an SMF or any other kind of forum, you will no doubt be inundated with signature and other link spammers from India that invade your site simply to abuse it.

These guys are paid $1 a day to invade sites like yours. Its what they do. However, there is a way to stop them in their tracks easily from your Admin panel.

Most of these guys are connecting through a network called “Airtel” or “Kolkata” in India.

On version 2.0 SMF forum, go to Admin>Ban List>Add New ban

In that window, you will see a list of options. Tick “Ban on Hostname” and enter * in there (the asterix is important). Then click “Add”.

Next, go to create another new ban.

In that window, you will see a list of options. Tick “Ban on Hostname” and enter * in there (the asterix is important). Then click “Add”.

That’s it! Nobody accessing your site from either of those two host names will be able to make an account. No Indian spam. Bye Bye Gupta!

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