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Test Drive Review Mazda CX-9

Really enjoyed my test drive of the Mazda CX-9. I was really surprised how well the car handled and performed for a midsize crossover SUV. I was comfortable in the drivers seat and there were plenty of gadgets and gizmo’s that made the driving experience more enjoyable. The blind spot warning detector was a great example of this. If there is a car in your blind spot and you want to change lanes, a warning light appears in your left door rear mirror alterting you to danger. 40 to 0 mph brake test – passed with little or no forward angle thrust. Sound system was good. I want the navigational package but the car I drove didn’t have it available. I’ll definitely want to see how it operates before I commit to any purchase.

Big advantage was price. Fully loaded we’re looking at about $40,500 which will make it about $8000-$10,000 cheaper than all the other cars in my “final cut”. All the others will have to prove they’re worth the extra investment.

Next the Infiniti FX35 . . . . . .

Test Drive Review Infiniti FX35 AWD

Test Drive Review Infiniti FX35 AWD

WOW! What an absolutely fun car to drive. When sitting in the roomy drivers seat the front fender bulge gives you the impression of sitting in the cockpit of a sleek fighter jet. The performance of the car doesn’t disappoint. To goes like a rocket ship, corners like a race car and handles like a dream. The coupe-like styling makes it seem like you’re not driving an crossover SUV at all. The interior has all the high tech features you will ever need. The XM radio intergrates with the navigation system on an huge color graphic screen. I don’t think anyone could possibly learn to master all the high tech gizmo’s this car offers. The dealership offered what seemed to be a excellent maintenance facility any needed repairs – which included free pickup and loaner car service for as long as you owned the car.

I basically fell in love while driving this car but not so fast. The FX looks good but its sort of like seeing the picture of a beautiful Ukrainian girl on an agency web page; those looks get your heart racing , but they aren’t a firm foundation for a long-term family relationship.

The car has virtually zero passenger space in the back seat. The cargo space is also a bit small even when the back seats are folded down to expand the space. The high performance is because of a sporty suspension which I found a bit rough on regular freeway driving. They only offer it in 7 colors; 5 of which are shades of black or grey.

The starting offering price including the “premium option package” was $49,350 with $2000 rebate or 0% financing for 60 months.

As much as my heart “loved” driving this car, my practical brain will probably give it a pass. But I’d encourage anyone looking for a sporty luxury car to give one a test drive. It was a wonderful experience. Fake Russian Scammer

If you are Googling for the addresses, or you are in the right place.

We all get many of these things a day, but some people wonder if they are real and go Googling.

This is a typical spammy email that purports to come from a Russian woman. It probably actually comes from some big hairy guy. For sure, the sender is nowhere near Russia. The sender of this email is in either Poland, or more likely France. The purpose is to engage lonely guys in chat and eventually ask for money under some false pretext. Sick mother, internet access, translation, etc.

Tracing the IP addresses tells us it comes from one of two IP’s. which is a Polish Netia SA IP, or more likely which is a French France Telecom IP.

Here is the body of the email:

Good day!!! I’m Tatyana. I am the lonely women. I don’t have man’s heat. I want to find men for family creation. If it is interesting to you, answer me please on my email: I very much wait for your letter. I am send you my photo. Kisssss Tatyana.

Here is the fake photo that came with it:

Probably the photo is stolen. That could be anyone. Most likely just a regular girl who had her photo stolen off MyDot or somewhere. She likely doesn’t know her photo is being used in this scam.

The email title was “best regards my friend”

Russian women DO NOT send out random rubbish like this to complete strangers. If you want to know everything there is to know about how real Russian women communicate with foreigners, and how to build a relationship with one, pick up a copy of the Russian Bride Guide and learn the real facts.

Do not get sucked into corresponding with male scammers such as are likely the writers of this unconvincing tome.

Buy a Dyson DC27 Motor Online in the UK

If you are looking to buy a Dyson DC27 motor online in the UK and have landed here, we can help. As the DC27 is quite a late model of Dyson vacuum cleaner, not very many people are offering these DC27 motors to the public just yet.

It seems, to the independent Dyson specialists though, that the Dyson DC27’s are designed in such a way, as were the earlier DC14’s, that makes the motors work quite hard. If they are not looked after, for example by not washing or washing the filters when required, this puts undue stress on the motor and can cause premature failure. That means you will need to replace your motor as they are seldom repairable.

The Dyson DC27 is fitted with what is called a YDK motor (which some people call a YV type motor as they usually have “YV” followed by some numbers written on the side of them).

So here at the Real Deal Blog, we are going to let you into a little secret known only to the trade. The Dyson DC27 shares a motor with another model of Dyson. This means that you can buy them after-market right now (because Dyson will not sell you one) and you are not tied to a “Dyson service” at seventy-something quid to get your DC27 fixed.

If you are up to the job of replacing the motor yourself, you can get the motor for £35 including UK delivery to your door!

Buy Dyson DC14 Crevice Tool

The Dyson DC14 Crevice Tool: On early Dysons, the long crevice tool was pretty much the same and mostly interchangeable between models. Then Dyson had a natty idea; make each one for each machine different!

Why would they go to the trouble of doing that? Well, because the world and his wife were already making after-market Dyson crevice tools for the existing models. To make a new one for the DC14 means that for all those thousands and thousands of people who lose theirs, and all the Dyson reconditioning guys out there who like to sell a machine with tools, all those folks were tied to buying a Dyson one. Brilliant! Capitalism in action.

When one of the many after-market companies out there spend a lot of money to make a similar item for less money, Dyson are rumoured to come down on these guys like a ton of bricks, complete with the legal team and budget that one would expect of a multi million pound company.

However, if you are one of the poor saps who are forced to buy one off the Dyson website at £12.25 (including postage), it wouldn’t be unreasonable that you felt a little miffed at being stung for over a tenner for a little plastic tube.

Because the DC14 crevice tool is a pretty unique looking item, after market manufacturers have been reluctant to run the risk of taking Dyson on to produce one unless they are sure they have dotted their “i’s” and crossed their “t’s” as regards to Dyson’s intellectual copyright.

However, one company has now produced one. Just like the original, it is slightly bent and it clips to the side of your machine like your original one did.

You will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the after-market one and the original one.

Apart from the price. Dyson will charge you £12.25 for one of theirs. You can buy one of these for £8.50. Click the little “click me” icon below to go to the page where you can buy one for £8.50 including UK delivery.

Planet Love Match Review

For what it is worth, here is a first impression of the new Planet Love Match dating site and business model.

The first point I’d make is that in many respects PLM, together with its sister sites goes some way toward the model outlined by many industry watchers over the last year or so as the future of internet dating.

What PLM and the other sites in the network are doing, by accident or design, is taking the social networking meme famous from Facebook, Linkedin, My Space and Twitter to the next level, a direction that thought leaders and entrepreneurs have identified as the next step – ‘niches’.

Even the most ardent supporters of using Facebook for dating would agree that it ain’t easy. Many, if not most users of Facebook for dating use ‘helper apps’ which are, in essence, dating sites with an interface to Facebook. The sites attempt to use Facebook as a source of clients rather than using Facebook as the medium and environment.

The problem with that approach is that the issue of data pimping – selling user data to 3rd parties as well as sharing with other Facebook members is not solved.

Planet Love Match is an early mover in the emerging trend toward nicheing and away from data pimpage. Users of the site(s) are expected to pay directly for the privilege. In return they are not bombarded by ads, invitations to prostitute their data and importuned to enable ‘apps’ to post on behalf of the users. User data is, to a much greater degree than with ‘free’ networking sites, protected and private.

Additionally, PLM’s users are all interested in the same thing – finding a new ‘romantic’ relationship. I know that when I go to PLM that the messages I receive will be, almost exclusively, from people with similar goals to myself. If I am more interested in general networking I move over to the ‘MyDot’ niche and if I have interests in star stalking I might wander over to the ‘Starcam’ niche. These latter being two of the niches that I understand will form part of a panoply of linked but separate niches where one can become a member of as many, or as few, communities as one chooses.

When Users join the service they are required to provide proof of identity by displaying photo ID at the same time as a webcam shot of the face. This can be further enhanced by use of verification using credit card purchase. It is not necessary to verify ID with a purchase but I guess that most users will, at some point, take this step.

It is obvious that the personal security of users has been considered in the design of the site. I do not comment about underlying security as I have no way to know about these issues, just as I do not on Facebook ET AL, but the overt systems seem effective. For example, although people verify their id with the site management one’s true ID info is kept private from other users unless it is explicitly shared. To this end, PLM uses a system they call ‘Safecall’ to enable people to talk to each other by phone without the caller needing to know the callee’s phone number.

As far as I can see there are no restrictions upon people’s choice to share personal contact info so one might conceivably make a contact on PLM and then move straight off and onto Skype or similar but, particularly if dealing internationally this might be more trouble than it is worth given features such as inbuilt translation of the site and and many of its communication features. This site is built from the ground up to encourage people seeking international relationships and to ensure that ALL members can interact on a basis of equality.

There are, apparently, some 50 different modes of communication ranging from video chat to the exchange of virtual gifts. Users can run blogs, share videos and photos have chat conversations and customise their own environment. This is not just a site to find a woman to marry but is also a site for true virtual dating and, from what I have seen may be the first best step in that direction. I can envisage spending time interacting with one special person for extended periods before (instead of) meeting in ‘real life’. The degree to which that happens will be up to the choices of those involved.

The site is obviously brand new and is thus a little empty but I can see already that quite a few agencies have taken the move to add the women on their rosters onto the site. My own experience has been that there has been some contact from these women to me, but nothing untoward or distasteful.

On a practical front there are a couple of issues, the first is that the page is very busy and really needs a large screen to deal with the available content. Using this on a netbook is not easy – there is a need for a ‘LoFi’ version where users can customise the content on the page to ease bandwidth and CPU/memory needs. Secondly the site is not in any way optimised for mobile use; this is connected to the first issue. Many people not in the USA use mobile phones as their primary internet access but the experience of dealing with one’s American love bunny from the screen of one’s Samsung Monte Android fone will be painful and frustrating and will encourage overseas users and USAians to migrate to more mobile friendly platforms quite quickly.

On the whole, I think that Planet Love Match is a good step down the path that I and a few other industry watchers identified as being ‘the next step’ for international dating/marriage sites. For sure the boundaries between dating internationally and dating locally have been very much blurred with PLM and that is a good thing

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