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Why should I use Planet Love Match to contact Russian and Ukrainian women?

Why should I use Planet Love Match to contact Russian and Ukrainian women? This is a question many men who have encountered the new Planet Love Match platform have been asking.

How does Planet Love match protect men from scamming and dishonest local agencies in Ukraine and elsewhere? Some ask.

The Russian, and more especially the Ukrainian dating industry has been plagued with allegations of “women paid to chat” on over-priced platforms. Lack of availability of direct contact information is another problem with the old dinosaur Russian and Ukrainian dating sites.

With the PLM model, agencies are not paid directly for profiles by larger aggregator agencies. With the PLM model, agencies are affiliates; women are under them. You are in direct contact with women and they are free to give you their contact info as they see fit. There is no level of spend to get to that I am aware of. PLM is one-to-one communication without any intermediaries – as Skype would be; but with more facilities and validation both ends. The agency earns by the activity on the site of the women beneath them only.

It seems far more transparent to me. It removes the much of the possibility of corruption in the first place.

The problem the industry has is trying to monetize it for the small local agencies whilst incentivizing them to be honest. Incentivizing people in a poor and corrupt country like Ukraine to be honest is no small task. Everyone was tired of the old business models operated by some of the dinosaur big fish in the industry. It put too many levels of potential corruption between the two main parties. man > big agency > local agency > local agency translator > girl. There are two links in that chain that traditionally are the root of the corruption and dishonesty in the industry: local agency and local agency translator.

Now, Yuri from ABC agency in Dumpsk recruits himself a hundred women. It is easy for him to obfuscate at best; and create fake correspondence if he so chooses at worst. The bad reputation passes to the big aggregator agency and not Yuri because this [the big site] is the site the man paid originally. One bad apple in the barrel and all that…..

The PLM model seeks to remove Yuri and his translators from the chain, whilst still allowing Yuri his profit margin for feeding genuine and available women into the system. This means Yuri has to actually do some work and recruit real women actively rather than sit on his arse and try to fake a few letters using decade old photos of long-since-married women as some did before.

Yuri’s profit comes from a percentage of the activity of the ladies beneath him. If they are inactive; he doesn’t earn. If he has fake profiles; it wont work – he doesn’t earn. His bent translators are effectively out of a job. If a woman doesn’t cough up contact information in a reasonable timeframe, men will write others instead. Thus her activity decreases and Yuri loses out.

What PLM have done is change the flow of the money and removed the possibility for local agencies to be dishonest. You know she is real because you can webcam her. No webcam? Safecall her. No safecall or webcam? No woman on the other end. After a short communication, having validated each other, one would expect direct contact info forthcoming. PLM hope you find their platform useful and cheap enough that you will choose to continue using it because it is cheap and convenient. If you want to wing it alone at that point; that is your choice.

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The Russian “Mail Order Bride” Industry in 2011/12

The so-called “mail order bride” industry, which primarily is focused on Ukraine, and secondly Russia, has been changing in recent years. The days of American guys rolling up in any Russian or Ukrainian city, flashing a US passport and being swamped in model-quality girls are long gone. This is 2011, not 1991. Women are not desperate to leave any more.

Men seeking a Russian or Ukrainian wife need to understand the dynamics of the society they delve into. Men fixated on the idea of importing a model-quality wife, twenty-five years younger than themselves are likely heading for disappointment. It has passed into internet folklore the “fact” that any obese, older guy can snag himself a super sexy Eastern European wife with little more to offer than his country of residency and his wallet. He can still do that as long as he accepts that the marriage will likely not last longer than the time it takes her to get a green card or permanent residency in his country.

The sensible guys nowadays need to accept their limitations. This does not mean that a guy cannot delve into Eastern Europe, if he knows what he is doing, and end up with a well-intentioned and beautiful wife. He can. But occasionally, reality checks are in order.

I was recently communicating with a British man who had made over thirty trips to Ukraine in search of a wife. After several years, and all these trips to Ukraine, he is still wifeless. No good prospects on the cards either. In these circumstances, we must examine not only him, but what he is looking for, and ascertain if it is realistic.

The gentleman in question is in his fifties, and has one or more ex-wives in the UK. He has a number of children; some of whom are either resident with, or spend significant time with him. One of these children has some type of special needs requirement. He is a nice guy; intelligent, witty and personable from what I can make out. He is affluent enough to afford the whole foreign wife endeavour (which many men are not).

What is he seeking? A large breasted, yet extremely slim and very beautiful woman in her twenties; that is twenty to thirty years his junior. Is that realistic? No. Here was my advice to him:

Your situation isn’t what local women seek to embrace; they already eschewed it. Why would a two decade younger, beautiful one, with a large chest from a poor country embrace it? Times are a changing. Desperation is fading. Your lack of success is testament to that. A reality check is needed. Late 30’s and early 40’s is the group you should be looking in. Perhaps with a kid or two.

My advice was not well received.

What many men in a similar position fail to realise is that desperation in these countries is fading. Finances are improving and women are less likely to choose self-export via marriage as a life choice as that happens. This is underlined by the fact that the “mail order bride” industry pretty much doesn’t exist any more in the affluent corners of the former Soviet Union (FSU) and proliferates in the more impecunious corners. Scamming also proliferates in the impecunious corners as desperation breeds corruption and dishonesty.

As proof of this, if we look at some FSU countries, we will see that the “mail order bride” industry has vanished altogether. In relatively affluent Estonia, Latvia and the Czech Republic, women are not seeking self-export via marriage as a life choice. There is not a single foreign-facing marriage/dating agency in Estonia any more. There hasn’t been for a decade or more.

Compare that to Ukraine. Ukraine is still bristling with foreign-facing dating and marriage agencies; new ones are opening every day (the honesty of many of these is open to question but that is not the subject here). Russia still has many agencies based there, but fewer in the more affluent corners like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In Russia, the agencies reside in places that fewer foreigners venture to. Places like Rostov, Samara, Togliatti (Tolyatti), Vladivostok and Barnaul.

The link between women’s desire to export themselves and average income is an undeniable fact.

On the other side of the coin, I was recently communicating with an American man who also complained about his lack of success in the Eastern European dating arena. He told me:

I am good looking, healthy and relatively young. I have a good job and make good money. I know how to treat women very well. I am enjoyable to be with. I am interested in starting a family and having children.

Most women on learning this will think, “What’s wrong with him then?” and will muse on why he can’t find a woman at home. They simply will not believe the accounts given by Americans of the bad dating environment in the US; the “entitlement” attitude they encounter, and the subsequent lack of availability of appropriate and slim women.

His “benefits” of being young, in good shape and of a normal state of mind may actually work against him in some circumstances. I would be inclined to explain to the women I wrote, in a very careful manner, why I was seeking a woman from abroad if in his shoes (without disrespecting my local women). Its like sales training for those that ever had it; overcome the customer’s objections before they are even raised. Marketing oneself long-distance to women is a skill that takes honing and development.

The introduction letter is a vital tool; a first impression that cannot be left to chance. One must hire a competent Russian interpreter and translator to help craft and hone your introduction letter. Preferably a female one, as women understand the target market: Women.

Understanding the society you are delving in is also essential. You cannot rely on the twaddle written on dating sites. Russian dating sites are geared up toward telling you what you want to hear. They will wax lyrical about how these ladies “love to make cosy home” and “love to cook tasty meals” – which may be true sometimes. But not all the time. You will find the same guff written on the profile of many “professional daters” (scammers to you), often from Odessa or Kiev, who entertain a different foreign guy each weekend, and have a Prada and D&G fetish. Preferably at your expense.

To get to the real facts about a Russian or Ukrainian wife, and how, in 2011/12, you can find one, you need to educate yourself. This means learning from those who have spent much time in the former Soviet Union; and who are in a cross cultural marriage already.

The road to a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian wife is still possible to travel; but you must enter the arena educated and with a good idea in advance of what is possible and what is not.

The “mail order bride” industry is changing. Marriage agencies are not the future. As Russian and Ukrainian women embrace the internet at home, social networks are the way forward. Sites like Planet Love Match have recognised this already and are responding to the changing environment. Mix the dating site together with a social networking site, in both languages – brilliant but simple.

Foreign dating is changing. Get ahead of the curve by educating yourself.

Stuart J. Smith is the co-author of the Russian Bride Guide: How to meet, court and marry a woman from the former Soviet Union. He has guested on many radio shows on the “mail order bride” subject. He runs the busiest Russian women information discussion forum on the internet today.

Успех с международным сайтом знакомств Planet Love Match

Успех с международным сайтом знакомств Planet Love Match

Многие девушки и женщины всех возрастов решают разместить анкету и познакомиться на сайтах знакомств. Их опыт может быть как положительным так и отрицательным. И иногда он зависит от того, на каком сайте они решают разместить свою анкету. Если вам вздумается разместить свою анкету на уважаемом сайте знакомств Planet Love Match, то вы обретете свой уникальный опыт без риска.

Следует помнить при вступлении в любое интернет – пространство сайтов знакомств простые истины, чтобы обезопасить себя. Группа Planet Love Match делает все возможное, чтобы вы чувствовали себя в безопасности. .В интернет –пространстве найдутся такие, которые захотят потревожить вас, атаковать, причить неудобство прибывания на сайте. Planet Love Match обеспечивает комфорт и безопасность для женщин, которые являются членами сайта.

Вот некоторые рекомендации по вашей безопасности, которые необходимы на любом сайте знакомств, в том числе и Planet Love Match

1. Никогда не регистрируйте свое полное имя с фамилией, точное место проживания.
Достаточно вашего имени, но никогда не раскрывайте полную информацию о себе, пока вы не убедитесь, что вы узнали вашего собеседника достаточно хорошо. Достаточно использовать имя пользователя.

2. Рассказывая о себе – пишите не желаемое, а действительное.
Не приувеличивайте и не занижайте свои возможности. А также не уменьшайте свои киллограммы веса и не выкладывайте фотографии 15-ти летней давности. Вы только поставите себя в неловкое положение в реальной жизни.

3. Будьте сами собой при общении с другими людьми.
Нет ничего привлекательного, сексуального чем естественность. Planet Love Match имеет большое количество участников, и вероятность обнаружения кто вы – велики. Подумайте об этом. Если вы серьезно озабочены поиском своей половины на Planet Love Match, то зачем вводить мужчин в заблуждение играя роль одного актера? Не лучше ли быть тем, кто вы есть на самом деле, и направить свое драгоценное время на продуктивный поиск своего потенциального партнера и построение новых отношений.

4. Качественные фотографии гарантируют ваш успех.
В наше время цифровых технологий нет оправдания для некачественных фотографий. Сделайте подборку своих фотографий, которые отражают реальную вас. Известно, что сначала в интернет-пространстве, да и в реальности мы выбираем руководствуясь и ориентируясь на внешнюю привлекательность партнера.

И помните, что время работает на вас. Интернет знакомство на Planet Love Match действительно должно быть интересно и увлекательно для вас. Удачи!!

“do you got my last letter? Ksusha” Russian Dating Scam e-mail

Hello. I’m Kseniya. Im the lonely women. I do not have man’s attention. I want to find men serious relationship. If it is interesting to you, write me please on my e-mail: It will be very good if you answer me. Yours Kseniya

Osama Bin Laden Executed at House on Kakul Road, Abbottābad, Pakistan.

Osama Bin Laden was killed by US special forces in a fortified mansion on Kakul Road, Abbottābad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Pakistan was not informed until after the operation because during previous operations, the targets were caught running due to warnings from somewhere high up in the Pakistan government some claim. A senior US official said that no intelligence had been shared with any country, including Pakistan, ahead of the raid. “Only a very small group of people inside our own government knew of this operation in advance,” the official said.

General Barry McCafferty just said he was astonished that OBL was living in a luxurious mansion outside the capital of Pakistan rather than a hole in the mountains on the Pakistan side of the border. The repercussions against the government of Pakistan will be significant some claim, as this is being claimed as proof that the Pakistan intelligence services were protecting Osama Bin Laden.

Were the Pakistan government and intelligence services complicit? Maybe they will say they just didn’t notice the $1m mansion with 18 foot walls, no telephone or internet connections, where the residents burned their refuse, lurking in a suburb. Houses that are eight times the size of the surrounding ones with multiple gates and security installations must be easy to miss there.

Osama Bin Laden’s house is located near to the Pakistan Military Academy (also known as PMA or Kakul). Abbottabad is a city located in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in Pakistan. The city is situated in the Orash Valley, 50 km northeast of Islamabad and 150 km east of Peshawar and is the capital of the Abbottabad District. The city is well-known throughout Pakistan for its pleasant weather, high standard educational institutions and military establishments. And we all thought he was hiding in a cave in the Tora Bora mountains.

Bin Laden was living there with several family members, including his youngest wife.

Not the type of place where you would expect to find America’s most wanted man.

The size and complexity of the structure in Abbottabad had shocked officials in the US. It has 12ft-18ft walls, was eight times larger than other homes in the area and was valued at over a million dollars, though it had no telephone or internet connection.

US intelligence had been tracking a “trusted courier” of Bin Laden for many years. The courier’s identity was discovered four years ago, his area of operation two years ago and then, last August, his address in Abbottabad was found, triggering the start of this mission.

A small US team had conducted the operation to neutralise Bin Laden in about 40 minutes. After a firefight, Bin Laden was killed and his body taken by US forces for formal identification.

One helicopters used by the US forces was lost due to “technical failure”. The team destroyed it and left in its other aircraft the BBC claim. Pakistan news reports a military helicopter crashed near the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul. They report a man injured in the accident and cite “police sources”.

Loud sounds of gunfire and blasts were also heard before the air crash. Pakistani news and some blogs are currently saying it was a Pakistani helicopter.

Three other men were killed in the raid – one of Bin Laden’s sons and two couriers. One woman was also killed when she was used as “a shield” and two other women were injured the BBC reports.

The people of Abbottābad seem unruffled by the incident in their locality. Raza S Janjua in Abbottabad, wrote just now: “Abbottabad is normal as a regular day, the roads are fine. My mother is out to get groceries, father’s in his office. Only the Bilal Town area is in complete military control – no one is allowed in.”

Syed Riaz Hussain in Abbottabad, wrote: “Last night, at around 0100, there was heavy gunfire about 300 metres from our house, which was followed by a huge blast. There was little in terms of military activity during the day to suggest something even remotely close to what happened.”

Life may continue as normal in Abbottābad today, but the rest of the world is a slightly safer place thanks to the US seals.

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