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Which Dating Site is featured in J-Lo’s Video Papi? Planet Love Match

Which Dating Site is featured in J-Lo’s Video Papi? Planet Love Match actually.
Anyone who has watched the new Jennifer Lopez video “Papi” may have noticed at 1:50 into the video there is a guy sitting in a cafe, on a laptop, viewing a dating site.
Right after that, he gets up and leaps through the window. The blogs and forums have been going wild speculating which dating website it actually is that features in the J-Lo video. Well, as usual here at Real Deal, we have the scoop straight from the horses mouth.
Yes, the site featured is indeed Planet Love Match. Here is the still from the video.

Planet Love Match is set to become the worldwide dating site over the next two years. It has already taken off in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It is spreading across the UK already and is crossing the USA like wildfire collecting new members!
How cool would it be to tell folks you met your next love on the site that was on J-Lo’s video?
In case you are one of those who haven’t seen J-Lo’s video, you can watch it right here before you rush off to join Planet Love Match.

Dyson Hot – The AM04 Electric Fan Heater

In the Daily Mail today, a sycophantic Sean Poulter screams: “Get it while its hot!” and goes on to talk about the new Dyson Hot electric room heater.

Essentially a Dyson fan with some heating elements attached, the new Dyson Hot (badges as the AM04) fills a gap in the Dyson range in that it is a blade-less fan heater that doesn’t collect dust all over the elements like old-style fan heaters of yore.

However, some guy called Stephen Bayley, a design expert and founder of the Design Museum in London, thinks that the success of Dyson’s products lies not just in the technology, but from hot air blowing out of the PR department.

He told the Daily Mail:

‘No-one is going to get hysterically excited about a new fan-heater. But surround its launch with secrecy, non-disclosure agreements and the charlatan’s legerdemain of a carefully managed “reveal” and you might, just might, have a news story.

‘In the age of the “pseudo-event” when things are real only if they are reported in the media, managing the launch of a fan-heater is as important a business as designing and manufacturing it.
‘Thus, Dyson has made as big a contribution to the history of public relations as to the history of design or technology.’

Gosh, what a cynical fellow. But, he may have a point. A fan heater is no big deal. When it costs £269 it becomes less of a priority.

However, overenthusiastic Sean from the Mail went on to say:

The device relies on Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology, which massively amplifies the hot air it can create.

The net effect is that the amount of warm air generated is some six times greater than the amount drawn in at the bottom in a process known as inducement and entrainment.

The heater has its own thermostat which allows it to heat a room between 1 and 37 degrees Celsius. It will click on, should the temperature drop below the set figure.

The material used – Acrylontride butadiene styrene – means the heater is also cool to the touch, while it will automatically switch off if knocked over.

Nice bit of science; it obviously originated at Dyson’s PR office. Really, can these people not write their own copy and not rely on press releases from products they never saw?

Anyway, if you get all overheated at the prospect of a Dyson fan heater, I can direct you to further sources of information. Check out the article on the Dyson Medic website here: Dyson Launch the AM04 Fan Heater – The Dyson Hot

If you are so inclined, you can join the discussion on the unofficial Dyson forums here: The AM04 Dyson Hot Electric Heater

The Shashlik! The Barbie, Barbecue, BBQ, etc. The Grilling Meat Topic.

(That’s a meat smoker in the background BTW). After playing around with this one above, I decided I wanted one. The 200 Euros is OK for a bespoke item, but the weight and size makes it prohibitive to ship to the UK by courier. And they dont sell heavy duty ones like that in the UK that I found. All we can buy here is mild steel Chinese ones and occasionally American Webers if you pay enough.

I am quite enthusiastic about the barbie now; so much so, I imported all my skewers, special fish grilles, tons of marinades, oil brushes and all kinds of stuff from Estonia (mostly Swedish brands) as the stuff in the UK is just total crap and very over-priced compared to what is available out there.

Now, as to why I think this will be a good topic: From the time I have spent in the US, I know we Brits have not the slightest clue about the barbie compared to our pals over the pond. We [as a nation; not me personally] cook cheap sausages in the drizzle; the Yanks are cooking fillet steaks and all kinds of other yummy stuff. The Aussies appear to have written the book on the barbie as they have the climate to do it almost daily – a lot of fish seems to be on the menu there. The Russians seem to have their own way, and seem to stick to variants of this rectangular steel box design, and appear to favour pork.

So what is your experience of the barbie in the FSU?
What do you cook at home?
What do you cook over?
What style of grill do you prefer?

Skye Bank PLC email scam

If you are Googling for information on Skye Bank PLC email scam, here it is. Thisis the scam email being sent out:

An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which the target is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain. Among the variations on this type of scam are the Nigerian Letter (also called the 419 fraud, Nigerian scam, Nigerian bank scam, or Nigerian money offer), the Spanish Prisoner and the the black money scam.


Dear Valued Customer,

The Skye Bank Plc: is a finance company based here in Nigeria; we represent some African governments to offset their debts that have arrived from contract jobs, inheritance, and major trade funds. These countries include Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroun, and South Africa etc.

I would want you to know and understand that I do not know you in person neither have I in anyway transacted with you before but I am contacting you on the information given to me by the governing body of this bank and in reference to the enabling act of the World Bank/ IMF payment prerequisites.

Presently, I have your email address on my file for immediate PAYMENT CONTACT, which was approved by the accountant general, as all claims for this quarter of the fiscal year approved are paid out through our bank.

You are required to contact, Senior Manager, Currency Control Unit/Remittance for your claims. You are advised to attach to your email with the below information to enable the completion of your fund wire transfer:

Beneficiary’s Full name:

Please Contact:

Mr. Akowonjo Jones
Senior Manager: Remittance/Currency Control Unit,
For: Skye Bank Plc,

We are very sorry for the delay on proceed please accept our apologies.

Yours Faithfully

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson
Secretary to: Foreign Operations
For: Skye Bank Plc

Here is the IP trace information:

Header Analysis Quick Report
Originating IP:
Originating ISP: VietNam Post and Telecom Corporation
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Nigerian Scammer: – Sam Woods

Nigerian scammers take on many forms and contact many small businesses.

They will typically use stolen credit card details, pretend to be big importer/exporters of whatever you sell and happily place a big order. Well, wouldn’t you place a big order if you were getting it for free? A new idea is to use their stolen cards to arrange their own couriers. That way, when it leaves your premises, you have no right of recall when the payment is reversed by the bank hours later; when the fraud is detected.

They like to try to rip off small businesses because they imagine small business owners will not be au fait with 714 and other Nigerian scams. Well, some small business owners are educated on such things, and some of them run blogs like this.

I guess that’s a fail for Mr Nbogo or whatever this scammer is called. His email address is:

So here was his introductory email:


This mail is to make inquiry on the below question.

1- Do you carry overseas? (though i already know of a freight forwarder that will pick my packages from you,since they ship lesser than any other courier and they are so effective in shipping my goods to me here in Melbourne Victoria,Australia is estimated to be 3-4days) I have used their services in the past and it was splendid.

2- Do you accept credit card for payment(my U.S.A Master and Visa card to be precise)?

Kindly let me know your comments on these, before i send the items i am interested in purchasing from you.

Sam Woods
The girl who handles orders in our shop smelled a rat immediately and left it for me to reply to.

So our hero is in Australia and has US credit cards and very grim English? Hmmm…….. so lets head on over to and check out where his email came from.


Header Analysis Quick Report
Originating IP:
Originating ISP: IPNX Nigeria Ltd
City: Ikeja
Country of Origin: Nigeria

Doesn’t sound like an Australian with an American credit card does it?

Of course not. This is an attempted Nigerian scam. So we sent him this reply:


Your IP address and bad English tells me that you are not in Australia; rather that you are in Nigeria. Ikeja to be exact.

We do not ship to Africa. More especially, we do not ship to Nigerians with allegedly American credit cards who pretend to be in Australia.

Better luck next time with your attempted scam.

Kind regards,
Mr White.

We will never stop these people; but at least we can share their info for Google as I have done here and reply and laugh at them.

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