The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Forums Newsletter – Autumn 2011

Hello Dyson Enthusiast,

As a member of the unofficial Dyson Forums, we just wanted to take an opportunity to bring you up to date with a few happenings, a few special offers and a handful of other things that may be of interest to you.

Do you have a Dyson repair shop in the US or Australia? If so, you are welcome to place an informational post about yourself in the “Worldwide Dyson Resources” section. Use where you are in the title. For example: “Jackson’s Dyson Repairs in Idaho.” All we ask in return is that you look around our forums and answer a few questions when you can.

Can you help out our new member Lawrie7062? He has a problem with his DC14. The topic is here: My DC14 “backfiring”.

Those in the UK have likely never have seen a DC04/DC07/DC14 brush roll and belt removal tool. We are the sole UK stockists of these tools. You can see a tutorial and read all about them here: Dyson Belt & Brush Bar Removal Tool (Belt Lifter Tool) Tutorial.

Do you own a DC07? Our member Angus Black has released a Dyson DC07 workshop manual. It is only available in paperback, and you can get one directly from his site here: The Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual.

Do you have a favourite Dyson? Did you vote in our poll? Here is the link: Poll — Which is your favourite Dyson? Vote Now! Up to now, the DC07 is in the lead with 32.5% of votes. If you havent voted already, we want your vote!

And last but not least, we work quite hard to make sure people can find us on Google. But we like to know how you found us originally. Was it a link from another site? Was it from Google? Was it from an email or a recommendation? Tell us. Here is the topic: New Members – How did you find us?

Thanks for reading. You are receiving this newsletter as a member of the Dyson Forums. Don’t worry, you wont be getting three a week; nor will your details be passed to any other organisation or entity. But, we would love to see you as an active partcipant on our forums. Why not drop by and say hello?

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