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Indian: 100 Everyday Recipes (Love Food) 9781445430423 – Book review

So you want to learn to cook Indian food?

There is a little hardback book called ‘Indian: 100 Everyday Recipes’. It has no apparent author other than ‘Love Food’ (which on the inside cover is claimed to be an ‘imprint’ of the publisher) and is published by Parragon Books. Its ISBN number is 9781445430423.

Its a small book, a mere 15cm x 12cm and 208 pages of Chinese printed garbage enclosed in a hardback with a dust jacket for some reason.

My wife picked this book up for me recently. Tonight I tried a recipe in it (against common sense screaming otherwise). Oh my god!

Here is an example: Page 46. Lamb and spinach curry for 2-4 people.

300ml of vegetable oil it says. What for two people? A third of a litre? OK, lets carry on. A quarter bunch of fresh coriander. Hmm, how big is a “bunch” when its at home? How about a weight?

We get a weight with the spinach: One kilogramme! 2lb 4oz or spinach for two people? Well, not unless they are Popeye!

To this you add 700ml of water and just 1tsp of chilli powder and a few other fractions of teaspoons of other spices.

So we have a full litre of fluid going on here, but only one teaspoon of chilli powder. How is that a “curry”? That is mildly flavoured liquid with some meat floating in it – a third of which is oil mixed with a KILO of spinach. If your stomach is the constitution of Popeye’s crossed with a Ford Fiesta engine, this may work for you. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to know that for anyone of a normal constitution, this is a recipe for a Gaviscon dessert.

Leafing through the book reveals similar recipes where the weights and measures were guessed by primary school kids rather than diligently noted by an experienced chef.

There is a reason this book is only a fiver; because it ain’t no good. Buy something else instead. Something written by a chef and not translated by dyslexic people on April Fools Day.

Save yourself a trip to the shops and just put the £5 note straight into your paper recycling bin. The end result will be the same. – – Another Attempted Paypal Fraud

Phishing fraudsters pretending to be from Paypal email me most days. Sometimes, they even have my real name (eBay transactions with the Muslim community is usually to blame for the name getting out there). However, you likely landed here after Googling “” or “”

Paypal do not send out emails from a “” address – certainly not a fake one. The domain is a site about lock-picking Medeco locks (whatever they are). Nothing to do with Paypal anyway.

This email comes addressed to “Dear Paypal Customer” – which is wrong. Paypal know your name. If they are writing to you, they will use it.

Apart from the bullsh*t domain, wrong email and not knowing the name of the customer, this one has other howlers: Sending attachments – Paypal don’t do that. Specifying which browser you must open the attachment with – yeah, Paypal don’t do that either. That just means the virus they are sending you only works in insecure browsers. Spelling mistakes: A true sign of a non-English speaking scammer. I wont highlight them so they cannot correct them when they read this.

So, here is the email:

Dear PayPal Customer,

You have added as a new email address for your Paypal account.

If you did not authorize this change, check with family members and others who may have access to your account first. If you still feel that an unauthorized person has changed your email, submit the form attached to your email in order to keep your original email and restore your Paypal account.

NOTE: The form needs to be opened in a modern browser which has javascript enabled (ex: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 9)

Please understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporary suspend your account.

Sincerely, PayPal Account Review Department.

Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choose the “Help” link in the footer of any page.

Copyright © 1999-2011 PayPal. All rights reserved.

All rubbish of course. DO NOT open the attachment called “PersonalProfileForm-payPal.htm” – that is full of viruses! If you did, change your Paypal passwords immediately and do a virus check on your computer.

So lets see where this fake email was sent from:

It comes from the IP which is traced to a company called Allen Linen in North Brunswick in the USA.

Here is their contact details:

Allen Linen Supply
407 20th Ave.
Paterson, NJ 07513
Phone: (973) 742-6131

Why not contact them and ask why someone is sending phishing emails off their server? That is surely a crime in the land of the free.

However, more digging reveals that “” is the sender. That resolves to someone in Barnaul in Russia but has Singapore tags on it. The plot thickens when “” is introduced into the mix – also from the email headers. That does trace to Singapore. The site doesn’t work and also traces to Singapore. Here is teh domain info:

Record last updated at 2011-09-20 06:05:47
Record created on 1/18/2006
Record expired on 01/18/2014

Domain servers in listed order:

Unit 107, Marina Residence, No.8, Kabaaye Pagoda Rd

name:(Eden Group Co., Ltd.)
mail:() +95.01650624
Eden Group Company Limited
Technical Contactor:
#3/1, Myanmar Info-Tech, Universities Hlaing Campus

name:(Zaw HTUT)
mail:() +95.01652250
Billing Contactor:
Unit 107, Marina Residence, No.8, Kabaaye Pagoda Rd

name:(Eden Group Co., Ltd.)
mail:() +95.01650624
Eden Group Company Limited

Registration Service Provider:
name: Myanmars.NET
tel: +95.01652250
fax: +1.7079880300

So what we have here is likely a scammer from Singapore routing through a proxy server in Russia, and again through another via an innocent linen company in the US to send you his Paypal scam email. Now don’t go writing about his scheme on the internet will you? Dammit…….. I just did!

Just Released Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual Shows DIY Enthusiasts How To Fix Their Dyson Vacuum Cleaner at Home

Aberdeen, Scotland December 06, 2011

The specialist Dyson vacuum cleaner engineer Angus Black has used his own experience – spanning almost thirty years – to create a fully illustrated workshop and service manual for the Dyson DC07 available to all DIY Dyson enthusiasts, while shattering the myths that suggested Dysons were too complicated for the practically-inclined layman to work on.

The specialist Dyson vacuum cleaner engineer Angus Black has used his own experience – spanning almost thirty years – to create a fully illustrated workshop and service manual for the Dyson DC07 available to all DIY Dyson enthusiasts, while shattering the myths that suggested Dysons were too complicated for the practically-inclined layman to work on.

The tongue-in-cheek cover, which features a sexy blonde in a tight white t-shirt, hard hat and torn jeans, standing amongst several Dyson DC07’s, has already caused some controversy among feminist groups and made the book’s sales jump, thanks to the unsought publicity.

“The author has created something which genuinely offers the ‘inside scoop.’ It is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking a DC07 maintenance guide,” wrote David Myers, a technician at Manchester Vacs, an independent Dyson specialist.

The author, Angus Black, shares little-known trade secrets about the Dyson DC07, together with where to source special Dyson trade-only tools. He claims that each of us throws away over three tonnes of broken electrical appliances during the course of our lives. Repairing and extending the life of your Dyson is green. It’s a small cog in the large machine that is our future sustainability.

The book corrects common misperceptions and enlightens people about Dyson DC07 maintenance and repairs. All the most popular repairs are explored with candour and common sense. There are many illustrations throughout the book, and best of all is the comprehensive DC07 motor replacement guide.

The final chapters offer practical advice on sourcing parts and machines. Why parts from eBay might not be as good a deal as you imagine and access to on-line resources like video how-to guides and specialist trade-only Dyson sites.

Black also gives his readers access to a global internet advice forum for Dyson enthusiasts and repairers. Its many hundreds of active members, expert advisors and experienced contributors from the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the UK, can advise on any relevant issues that are not covered in the book.

The “Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual – All you need to know to perform any DIY repair to your Dyson DC07” is already being referred to as the “bible” on the Dyson DC07. It is now available from and at major bookshops and e-retailers. ISBN 978-0-9556874-1-9

Kova has great gift ideas for Christmas

Kova has great gift ideas for Christmas

The Christmas holidays can be a joyous time of year, but it can also be one of the most stressful. The crowded shopping malls, long lines at the checkout, and even just the fight for a parking space can be a nightmare. Not to mention all the news stories of shoppers being targeted by thieves in parking lots or getting into fights over the last video game system.
Why go through all the trouble when there are stores online like KOVA where there is a huge selection of consumer electronics in all price ranges that will be delivered right to your door! Shop from home in your spare time such at night after the children are in bed. They won’t even know that Santa delivered their gifts by Fed Ex!
So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a karaoke system for aunt Olga, a video camera for grandpa Max, or even a new home theatre system to watch videos from past family gatherings, KOVA has what you are looking for.

Great gift ideas for under $100
When shopping at KOVA, there is no shortage of items anyone will be happy to see under the tree that won’t break the bank. Here is a short list of suggestions:
Everyone loves a camcorder, so how about something small and unique? Here’s the RCA EZ300HD Small Wonder High Definition Digital Camcorder for only $84.98. Easy carry compact size, yet high definition quality video!

For the aspiring DJ in the family there is the Jensen JDJ-500 DJ Scratch Mixer for only $87.98, which will give many hours of entertainment!

Nobody likes to be late, so to always be on time and look good doing it, here is the Avirex RX85011G2 Men’s Cash Flow Watch. It looks like a million bucks, but sells for only $69.98.

For those who like to talk on the phone a lot or don’t want to walk far to answer a call, try the Uniden DECT1480-5 cordless phone set with 5 handsets and a base priced at only $89.98

Even those with the best video game consoles, they are only as good as the games. KOVA has many of the latest games for Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, and even for the PC. Some of the choices are Deepak Chopra Project for Xbox Kinect, Mafia II Collector’s Edition for PS3, Madden NFL 12 for Wii, or Alice: The madness returns for PC.

Whatever may come to mind for Christmas electronics, KOVA is the place! Avoid the hassles of the mall and shop from the comfort of your home.
Chris Elfert
Kova Sales LLC

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