Sell a Dyson Air Multiplier Fan: AM01, AM02 or AM03

Looking for a Dyson fan buyer? If you have found yourself with a brand new-in-the-box Dyson fan you want to sell, we can direct you to where you can sell it easily and quickly for a reasonable price. 

Forget the messers on eBay. That means fielding loads of stupid questions, reading insulting offers and paying the eBay/Paypal consortium a whopping 17% or so in fees to sell your item (if you ever do).

Then you have the headache of trying to send it somewhere. That means queuing at the Post Office to be ripped off for shipping (the Post Office just hiked their prices right up).

Want your eBay buyer to collect and pay cash? Then you have to wait around for people who likely don’t turn up. If they do turn up, they will tell you all manner of tall tales and try to reduce the price when they are stood in front of you. Who needs all that?

If you have a Dyson AM01,  AM02 or AM03 fan, and it is brand new in the box, we have a guaranteed no hassle buyer for you.

Sell Dyson Fan: AM01, AM02, AM03


Manchester Vacs will buy your new-in-the-box Dyson Air Multiplier fan for on the spot cash.

If you are local to their shop in Manchester, ring ahead and take your Dyson fan down for instant cash.

Not local to Manchester? No problem.

Speak to Manchester Vacs  and if your Dyson Air Multiplier fan is new in the box, they will fix a price with you over the phone and give you simple instructions to send it to them at their expense. All you need to do is print the shipping label they will email you, tape it to the box, and give the box to the DHL driver or drop it off at your local convenience store for collection.

You will have a receipt and tracking information so you will know the moment it arrives at their shop in Manchester.

Sell Dyson fan

After checking the Air Multiplier fan is as described, you will get the previously agreed price to either your bank account or your Paypal account the same day. No messing or excuses.

What could be easier?

Manchester Vacs are Manchester’s premier independent Dyson product dealer. Google the name to check their reputation. It is a bricks and mortar old-fashioned shop that has been there for years and isn’t going anywhere.

If you have a Dyson fan for sale that is new in the box, speak to Claire at Manchester Vacs on 0161 371 1090 between 10-3 any day but Wednesday and Sunday.



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