Brits Starting to Boycott Asian and Muslim Businesses.

Known as ‘economic counter-jihad’, the recent brutal murder of the soldier Lee Rigby on a London street in broad daylight in the name of Islam is the straw that has broke the camels back across much of the UK.

The British have traditionally been reasonably open to immigration in modest numbers. However, what happens when mass immigration begins to irreparably damage the host country?

The suburb of Husby in Sweden has over the last week had rioting by Muslim youths.

In Sweden, the Muslim population has doubled in the last fourteen years, with Muslims now accounting for over 41% of Sweden’s total population growth.

In February, the Economist reported that in Sweden, only 51 percent of non-Europeans have a job, compared with over 84 percent of native Swedes.

Brits have been watching world events closely since the 2001 September 11th attack on the United States. Again, perpetrated in the name of Islam.

Looking at Europe, the future isn’t looking too bright for many in areas that have high Muslim populations. Muslims rioted in Denmark over a cartoon. They rioted in France. They tend to start rioting, burning things and attacking their host country anywhere in the west they choose to live in significant numbers.

Many feel that Muslims do not seek to integrate with British society and seek to purposely separate themselves from the indigenous British people.

The reason for this it is claimed, is that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the traditional British way of life and British core values.

The political blogger Pat Condell sums up the feelings of many British people in one of his videos you can watch below.

Its easy to allow people their harmless religious beliefs isn’t it?

We are told Muslims don’t drink alcohol or eat pork. Yet those substances do not offend them enough that they wont sell them to us from their corner shops. What kind of a double standard is that?

Every couple of months, we hear about another gang of men from third world countries in the UK who groom, abuse and rape white girls. The fuzzy thinking leftist media always manages to omit the glaringly obvious common denominator. See if you can spot it.


Here is a clue, their names are Ahdel, Mubarek, Mohammed, Tanveer, Mohammed, and Mohammed. Yes, you have guessed it. Muslims again.

We are told time and time again that to somehow mention this stuff is racist. Saying anything non complimentary about Muslims or Islam is very often labelled as racist.

One bit they always seem to overlook. It cannot possibly be racist because Islam isn’t a race. Its a religion. Perhaps its actually religionist? But wait! They invented a new word: Islamaphobia. An invented word that means  prejudice against, hatred towards, or irrational fear of Muslims. Irrational, huh? 

Is it irrational not to want to see this in London?


Should we tell ourselves that we are being inclusive by even permitting this? Is it conveniently Islamaphobic to object to this?

If you are worried that you might be Islamphobic, the man who should be PM, Pat Condell, has an easy tutorial on the word.

So what is to be done about the cultural terrorism we find ourself faced with at the hands of Islam?

As we are civilised British people, burning mosques likely isn’t at the top of our list unless we are from the underclass. Nor is beating up Muslims in the street. Those things are not only illegal, they are impractical and not what normal people do.

Repatriation of Muslims back to their own countries? Not much chance of any EU government ever sanctioning that.

Close the door to further immigration? That would be a good start. However, our Prime Minister Cameron is more interested in not offending Islam like most of the establishment. He seems more interested in gay marriage. Unless the UK votes Nigel Farrage as the next Prime Minister, any pretence at closing the immigration door is only empty words designed to win votes. It wont actually happen.

More and more British people are starting to think the only way to represent their feelings in a way that may make a difference is economic counter-jihad. Lets put that in simpler terms: Boycotting Muslim businesses.

The theory is that when one arrives, twenty six of his nearest and dearest wont be far behind. Many Muslim immigrants seek to import their entire families to the UK. Unfortunately, some of those seek to import with them their terrorism and hatred of the west.

How do they do that? Well, most of them start businesses and work. Credit to them for that. But they build their money up by being frugal, by doing their best to spend only in their own communities and with each other. This means a constant drain of money from indigenous British people to the Muslim community. Most of that money is on a one way street into that community. It never comes back to our local butcher, baker or candlestick maker.

Where do you think the money to build all the mosques comes from? It comes from you spending your money with Muslim businesses. The same money that gets saved up to buy Pakistan International Airlines flights from Islamabad to the United Kingdom (no, they don’t use BA) to import yet more of them.

Now most us know that only a small minority of Muslims feel strongly enough against our society to commit acts of terrorism here. We know many are quite westernised and moderate. But many (not just a few) hold views – encouraged by their holy book – that is at odds with the values in traditional British society. Why we see calls for Sharia courts, why we constantly read of abuse of white women, genital mutilation of young girls, our children being forced to eat Halal meat in schools, etc. Why they separate themselves from us, why they don’t socialise with us, why there are so few inter-cultural marriages, etc.

The only time most of them do interact with us is to take our money. Even if they are selling you products their religion dictates banned like pork and alcohol.

I was sent this image below this week in a pass-it-along type email.

Keep calm and boycott Muslim shops


Think how much of your disposable income goes into Muslim businesses never to be returned to our community.

Think how many corner shops, newsagents, off licences, restaurants, car washes, petrol stations and market stalls there are collecting your money.

Some of that money will be funding building of unwanted mosques in our towns, some of it will be funding yet more arrivals from the third world. Some of those will commit acts of terror in our communities. Some of those will seek to abuse our children. Not all by any means; but some. Many of them will drain our vital resources like schools and healthcare.

Many of them work in cash industries like take away food, taxi driving and market stalls. That means many don’t pay any tax. Of course the tax office doesnt chase them because to do so would be Islamphobic. Or racist. Or both.

We Brits like our Indian food. In reality it will never be possible to stop spending at Muslim businesses altogether. But when you have a choice? When the newsagent just down the road is owned by Mr Jones, and the one across the street is owned by Mohammed, will you walk down the street instead?

Would you drive by the Muslim owned petrol station or car wash and use another?

Would you wave the taxi driven by the bloke with a Santa Claus beard and clad in pyjamas past and flag down another?

Would you withhold money from Muslim businesses? (which is what they do with us anyway)

Maybe you have been quietly doing it for years anyway?

Do you think it reasonable to start to consider not spending money with Muslim businesses?

Tell us your views using the comment box below.




6 Responses to “Brits Starting to Boycott Asian and Muslim Businesses.”

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  2. Only a video response, but worth listening to.

  3. Reading this three years later might make it less significant and maybe the writer may have changed his views by today. However his patriotic and extreme right-wing tone makes me doubt that very much. I am writing this comment as I’m studying into the rise of Islamophobia in the UK. Three months into his Chancellorship, Hitler boycotted all Jewish businesses. This was the first action he took in degrading Jewish culture and communities in Germany at the time – an action that led to cruel extremes such as the Holocaust. Do you honestly believe that we should repeat history in such a horrific way? Islamophobia is real, as real as anti-Semitism was. Also, have you not stopped to think that this sort of bigotry and discrimination is only leading Muslims in our country to feel isolated, and so making it more likely for them to turn towards extremism? You might as well be giving donations to ISIS themselves! I would like to reach out to the writer of this blog, maybe to see if their views have changed or become even more radical over the past few years. In writing my investigation, I would appreciate an interview with someone of the writer’s social views towards Islam, in an attempt to learn more on where this hatred stems from and to see if there’s truth in what is being said.

  4. Catrin, you have already made up your mind by your words and took none of the points in the article on board.

    If anything, the article is more relevant today as the Muslims have now infiltrated the EU and are routinely raping women and children, importing their 5th century values here and attempting to shove it down our throats.

    Anyone who complains is said to be “islamophobic”. A phobia is an irrational fear or dislike. Disliking what Islam has done to our society is entirely rational.

    Observe what Trump has done in recent days and see the real support he has in the US to do that (not the fake news we see in the mainstream media).

  5. Everything you have said is true. I have worked for a muslim. Lived around muslims. Whenever posible they spend their money ‘internaly’ they do business with other muslims whenever possible. They are the most racist group i have ever met. My sister couldnt walk to the shop without being verbaly abused by groups of muslim boys/men. I boycott them whenever possible. They have segregated themselves from british people by choice. Going off experience the only reason a muslim is cordial with a non muslim is when they are taking money off them other wise they want nothing to do with us. A phobia is an irational fear of something, where as islam is a real and present danger to us all, therefore not irational at all. There will be many many terror attacks in the uk by muslims in the name of islam for decades to come. And unless the population is brought up to speed on islam, its teachings, its idiology and its ultimate goal by our politicians and press then one day it might actualy win by brits leaving england (like they do when muslims take over a comunity the non muslims move away) then its possible that one day muslims in the uk will be the majority. And if that happens you can say goodbye to tollerance, equality, christianity and DEMOCRACY !
    God bless us all and keep us safe. Stephen Aitken in Manchester

  6. We have been too tolerant of Islam. They are after a Kalifat Muslems in our army are waiting for a word from mullers to kill there fellow soldiers,commanders know this yet they are still serving. This is treason they should be dishonerably discharged. I have had a Turkish rifle on my head in Cyprus to blow my brains out in front of my sons, also bullets part my hair Muslems. They mean business to take over Britian. They have been saying it long enough years, nothing has been done we are stupid to ignore it.. These bombings are just the beginning. Time we deported them send them back to the 12 nations of Islam, they don’t put nothing into our nation only take, and finance terrorists,we don’t want them. They bring darkness. Majority Don’t work, they are on social security with loads of wives and kids. Come on let’s get rid of political correctness stand against this let’s have our country back.They should have mosques shut and demolished. They celebrate there evil religion on our streets we don’t want burkas or headrests. They are cowards. In uk hospitals turns Muslems Beds three times a day so they can pray. Whose Country is this it’s ours English. Nurses Neglecting other patients to turn beds. God help us.. Major of London should be sacked and her the head of religion BBC,a radical Muslem against Christianity in uk. Wants Muslem programs. They have twenty tv station we don’t want that on our English TV. Ban the business shut them down, ban social security make them work. Deport them out of our prisons back to their own countries. Save a millions of money. Guards stand and watch muslems beat up fellow prisoners make them convert to islam. While guards stand Idolie by and watch because of political correctness. Teresa May needs to change that today christians are In our prisons because they are Christian, wakeup uk.Muslims mean business. See truth about a Alla a white man and illiterate. Look up history and truth. On Internet. I have been watching men teaching the truth about Islam.Not about love but Hate.First religion , second Politics, Third Military. That’s the Muslem goal Arrfat told them to go for under belly of our country and get in House of Lords, Goverment, high official places, education, Business, banking, schools, laws,etc. Distroy from within. Banking Muslim they put nothing in only take. They help no one keep their money. You don’t see them sending help in world tragic happening only the west and Israel help. Wake Britian.

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