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Crimea & Russia – The Aftermath.

Following Russia’s recent re-acquisition of its territory in Crimea from an unstable Ukraine, we must wonder what comes next.

What isn’t likely to come next – contrary to what the hysterical media will have you believe – is that Russia will be ‘invading’ (as they put it) anywhere else too soon.

Despite the fever pitch whipped up in the media, those familiar with Russian thinking know full well that the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Poland have nothing fear from Russia, despite the pontificating and sabre rattling of America and its EU puppets.… Click here to continue reading this article

Ukraine and American News Propaganda fed to the Sheeple

Those looking for the real deal on Russia, Ukraine and the USA need look no further.

We all know that Russia invaded Ukraine and might not stop there, right? Except that is not quite the case. The sheeple all believe that, as this is what Western media pedals.

A mistake that most people are making and the single most spectacular success of the propaganda being fed to you is this:

What started out as interference in the domestic politics of an independent state by the US has now been successfully re-framed to the sheeple in the west as actions on the part of Russia.… Click here to continue reading this article

Chinese Women to Replace Russian Girls as Mail Order Brides?

Its a huge market. As Russia once was. Men have been going there for years and quietly importing wives but it has never hit the mainstream media much for some reason. Anyone who has been to Scandinavia knows those guys fondness for those type of women. You cant miss them.

I never liked the idea of Oriental women that much (from what we generally see here), but look at some of Psy’s music videos (OK, he is from Korea but similar genetic), some of the women in those are smokin’ with very western features.… Click here to continue reading this article

Владимир Путин ответил на вопросы журналистов о ситуации на Украине – 4 март 2014

Глава государства встретился с представителями средств массовой информации и ответил на ряд актуальных вопросов, касающихся, в частности, ситуации на Украине.

В.ПУТИН: Добрый день, уважаемые коллеги!

Знаете, мы как поступим? Я, во всяком случае, предлагаю так сделать. Провести нашу сегодняшнюю встречу не как интервью, а как беседу. Поэтому попросил бы вас набросать максимальное количество вопросов, я их помечу, постараюсь, насколько смогу, на них ответить, а потом поговорим уже более подробно, по деталям, по тем нюансам, которые, может быть, вас интересуют особенно.


ВОПРОС: Владимир Владимирович, хотелось бы задать вопрос (поскольку Вы достаточно длительную паузу держали, у нас много вопросов накопилось), как Вы оцениваете то, что произошло в Киеве?… Click here to continue reading this article

President Putin’s 4th March 2014 Speech on Ukraine in English

The President of Russia met with media representatives to answer a number of their questions, in particular with regard to the situation in Ukraine.

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, colleagues,

How shall we do this? This is what I’d like to suggest: let’s have a conversation, rather than an interview. Therefore, I would ask you to begin by stating all your questions, I will jot them down and try to answer them, and then we will have a more detailed discussion of the specifics that interest you most.… Click here to continue reading this article

Is this the real reason Putin has secured Crimea?

Today, prime Minister Medvedev in his meeting had this to say:

Last December we signed a few documents that have not been amended or cancelled by anyone. This includes the project to build a transport corridor via the Gulf of Kerch.

This is an important issue. Naturally both Russia and Ukraine are interested in a reliable and inexpensive link between the Taman Peninsula and Crimea that will help them open additional trade channels and develop joint investment projects. So in order to continue acting in this direction I’ve signed a Government directive on transferring the functions of the customer to a joint stock company that will deal with the relevant issues.

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